Do you know what your man needs?

Do you know what your man needs?
Do you know what your man needs?

Take this quiz and find out how well you know your crush…

Do you know what your man needs?

Imagine this situation: after a hard day at work, your husband comes home tired and broken. To cheer him up, you offer to dine in a cafe and take a walk. He refuses angrily: it is much more pleasant for him to drink beer at home and watch TV. You are upset. He is annoyed. Conclusion? To please the man you love, offer what he likes, not what you would like in a similar situation. The better you understand what a man needs, the easier and more pleasant it is for him to be around you

1Inviting friends to dinner, you…

  • A. cook your man's favorite dish;
  • B. wear what he likes best;
  • B. the whole evening you entertain the whole company so that the man is interested;
  • G. be sure to praise your husband in front of everyone: “Look what a wonderful closet he made himself!”

2It's your man's birthday. You will give him…

  • A. concert tickets of his favorite musician;
  • B. three new shirts - he really needs them;
  • B. a new, comfortable drill - you know that he has been looking at it for a long time;
  • G. book a table for two in a nice romantic restaurant.

3Coming back from work, you…

  • A. say "Hi" to each other and get down to business;
  • B. gently kiss your husband;
  • B. ask how his day went and listen very carefully
  • story;
  • G. try to surprise a man with something pleasant - a new dish or an unplanned trip to the movies.

4During sex you…

  • A. ask your husband what he would like, and then gladly fulfill the request;
  • B. relax and just go with the flow - you do not limit yourself;
  • B. take the first violin;
  • G. try something unusual and then share your impressions.

5 Husband is tired at work and angry at his boss. You…

  • A. ask what exactly happened and offer solutions to the problem;
  • B. take him for a walk - let him unwind and forget about troubles for a while;
  • B. listen carefully to all his complaints and sympathize;
  • G. take a man to the bedroom to relieve tension in the most effective way.

6To defuse the tension after an argument with your husband, you…

  • A. joke, because laughter is the best medicine for negative emotions;
  • B. rent a movie from a video store and order a pizza for a relaxing evening at home;
  • B. curl up next to a man and snuggle up to him as close as possible - you are one;
  • G. working together with children - it always cheers you up and calms you down.

7 Your husband's school friend is seriously ill, and your spouse takes it to heart. You…

  • A. take care of all the routine things to save your man at least from the daily burden;
  • B. force your husband to get tested and begin to carefully monitor that he leads a he althy lifestyle and eats properly;
  • B. try to spend as much time as possible together;
  • G. do everything in your power to distract your husband from sad thoughts, and every day you come up with a new cultural program.

8In the evening, before you go to sleep, you…

  • A. ask your husband if he is comfortable;
  • B. remind your spouse of what needs to be done tomorrow;
  • B. smack your nose and say goodnight;
  • G. hug him: you always fall asleep cuddled together.


Calculate your most common score, identify your strengths and find out what your man lacks in marriage.

1 A - 2, B - 3, C - 4, D - 1.

2 A - 4, B - 2, C - 1, D - 3.

3 A - 1, B - 3, C - 2, D - 4.

4 A - 2, B - 4, C - 3, D - 1.

5 A - 1, B - 4, C - 2, D - 3.

6 A - 4, B - 2, C - 3, D - 1.

7 A - 1, B - 2, C - 3, D - 4.

8 A - 2, B - 1, C - 4, D - 3.

Do you often see the number 1?

What do you give a man. First of all - reliability and confidence in the future. Whatever you do together, he can always count on you not to let you down and do everything you promised. You and your husband are on an equal footing, you have common goals, and psychologists say that friendship between spouses is the best basis for a strong marriage.

What he lacks. You are friends and associates, and this has its pluses and minuses. The main disadvantage is that such relationships can quickly become too predictable. And if a man loves adventure, he will inevitably start looking for them somewhere else.

How to get even closer. It's good when you have everything planned and laid out on the shelves. But sometimes try to deviate from plans and just enjoy life. Without spontaneity, sex loses its charm.

Do you often see the number 2 ?

What do you give a man. Attention, care and tenderness. The man you love feels like a king, he is comfortable with you. You anticipate all his desires and blow the dust off him.

What he lacks. Most likely independence. Gradually, a man gets used to the fact that you indulge all his whims, begins to take care for granted and begins to behave with you like a capricious, spoiled child. Including in sex.

How to get even closer. Give the man freedom of action. Of course, you need to take care of your spouse, but it is hardly worth nursing him like a baby. Let him make decisions and act independently. After all, this is what it means to be a man.

Do you often see the number 3?

What do you give a man. You are not just a wife, but a lover. Next to you, he feels desirable, attractive, sexy. Your touch makes him the happiest of mortals.

What he lacks. Of course, physical intimacy is very important, but sex is not the only component of marriage. And even the most passionate man sometimes just wants to talk heart to heart.

How to get even closer. Be close not only physically, but also emotionally and intellectually. Be interested in what is happening in a man's life, talk to him, listen to him. And, of course, don't forget to share your own experiences.

Your most common number is 4 ?

What do you give a man. Spontaneity, adventure, feeling of lightness. If in the middle of the night he suddenly breaks down to go fishing, you pack a dry ration and go with him. If his favorite band performs in the city, you do not hesitate to buy tickets for a concert. With you, he never knows what to expect next and never ceases to be surprised.

What he lacks. It's great if you share the interests of a man. But, when you spend too much time together, he increasingly begins to miss his free time. In addition, if you perceive life as a continuous celebration, he may feel that you simply ignore the problems and are not able to solve them.

How to get even closer. Do not try to always be in a good mood to please a man. If he is going through difficult times, you should not play the role of a clown who is constantly having fun and amusing others. Offer him support, sympathy, a heart-to-heart talk. Or at least just be quiet together.


Experiencing an orgasm at the same time is the dream of many couples. And while you may not be able to peak at the exact same moment every time, there is a technique that can help make sex more harmonious.

Option 1: You both experience orgasm during intercourse, but one partner tends to experience it faster than the other. Agree on some kind of sign that you can give each other when you feel the approach of orgasm. It can be a movement, a gesture or a word. Your goal is to make sure that the slower partner achieves maximum arousal during foreplay. Then proceed to sexual intercourse, while carefully monitoring your sensations. As soon as one of the partners approaches orgasm, he gives the second a prearranged signal - the very sign that you agreed on. At this point, you need to pause so that the "faster" one of you can wait for the "slower" one. By listening to each other's feelings, you can not only achieve an orgasm at the same time, but also learn to feel your partner more subtly.

Option 2: you don't orgasm during intercourse, but are very sensitive to oral and manual stimulation and peak during foreplay, after which it's the man's turn. Both partners need to achieve maximum arousal during foreplay, and the "slower" partner at this moment should be on the verge of orgasm. Move on to sexual intercourse, focusing on each other's sensations.


Medical research proves that regular sex is good for he alth. Those who have sex once or twice a week are almost twice as likely to suffer from colds. During sex, antibodies are produced in the human body that successfully fight infection. If oral sex ends with ejaculation, along with sperm, the woman's body receives a lot of useful substances, including calcium, zinc and magnesium. Namely, these substances are considered by dentists to be the most beneficial for dental he alth. According to research, women who have sex with a regular partner without a condom are happier than those who rely on condoms: this is also due to the beneficial substances contained in the man's semen.

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