Love, money, death. Or a prenuptial agreement?

Love, money, death. Or a prenuptial agreement?
Love, money, death. Or a prenuptial agreement?

What doesn't a person go to for love? Wanting to keep a loved one, we are ready to give him a lot. This property of the human psyche is used by people who have turned love into a way to make money.

Love, money, death. Or a prenuptial agreement?

Scammers, squeezing money under the motto "you love - prove it", it is difficult to recognize while you have rose-colored glasses on your eyes. In addition, usually such people are very good at playing on human weaknesses and complexes.


The immortal phrase of the classic well illustrates the behavior of people who are ready to believe even in dubious facts. Unfortunately, the complexes do not bypass either men or women, becoming a favorable environment for deceivers. “If a person has a sexual inferiority complex, it is very difficult for him to establish normal close relationships with the opposite sex,” says Marta Belokon, a counseling psychologist. For example, an elderly businessman who experiences constant stress is unlikely to be able to demonstrate to a young woman his solvency in bed. And if an “ideal partner” appears on the horizon, extolling his sexual power, then it may happen that for the sake of gratitude he is even ready to marry her. Of course, this will happen if a man cannot assess the situation with a sober look and is not able to be critical of himself, that is, he takes such assurances at face value.

As it happens

Aleksey, a we althy man in his forties who has a problem with potency, and Anna, a young sexy provincial, seriously approached the legal side of formalizing their relationship and concluded a marriage contract with a notary. It included a clause stating that if the husband initiates the divorce, he must pay the other half 100,000 euros. If the marriage is dissolved at the initiative of the spouse, then she will remain in her own interests. The young lady was not in the mood for marriage in every sense with an elderly "daddy", but she was not going to give him her young years for free. Anna decided to push her husband to divorce in order to get the “bonus” due. For a year and a half, during which the spouses were officially married, the young wife spent a maximum of a month and a half with her husband. Instead of a marital home, she preferred to live in luxury hotels in foreign resorts, or on a visit, not making herself felt for months. The awakened spouse realized that he was in the hands of a swindler. Alexei's patience came to an end, and he turned to lawyers. It cost a lot of effort for lawyers to prove that this marriage was fictitious and to challenge the prenuptial agreement. Numerous vouchers, air tickets were presented at the trial, proving that the spouses did not live together, as well as testimonies of witnesses that they did not run a joint household. The plaintiff's arguments forced the judge to declare the marriage invalid and release the parties from fulfilling their obligations under the concluded marriage contract.

Complexes have no age, so young people can also become victims of marriage swindlers. A child who grew up "under the hood" of overly caring parents, and in adulthood will pay attention not to the inner world of another person, but to his outer shell: children are bought for bright toys. Therefore, he can easily fall under the feigned charm of a swindler with a spectacular appearance: a beautiful "wrapper" clouds the mind.

The hallmark of a swindler is always mercantile interest. Svetlana Sharova, a lawyer at the Sanktaleks law firm, a member of the Moscow City Bar Association, advises at first the owner in love not to register a new “lover” on his living space for a long time. Giving him money in debt, you should also not be shy, and offer to draw up a deal on paper. By the way, the lawyer says, just the offer to go to the notary, like litmus paper, shows the true intentions of the swindler. If a person does not agree, referring to employment, or comes up with other reasons, this should alert the other half.


“Despite the fact that today a woman works on an equal footing, and sometimes even more than a man, if she is not married by the age of 30, then society labels her as a “loser,” even if she has achieved such heights that men never dreamed of,” says Marta Belokon. And successful business women begin to feel their inferiority, there is a fear of loneliness. In order to “adapt” to existing stereotypes, they are sometimes ready to succumb to the courtship of men with a dubious reputation, marriage swindlers. And the one, having hooked such a “golden fish”, swindlers do everything to prevent it from breaking.

As it happens

26-year-old Elena successfully managed her own small company, there was a lot of work, there was sorely not enough time for her personal life. The girl was pleased with the attractive, and her friends and mother wondered why she was still alone. Elena developed a complex, she began to think that she would remain an old maid. Once in a cafe, a charming young man approached her. Having made a joyful face, he turned to her with the words: “Elena, my name is Dmitry, we met at one of the parties, Sergey introduced us to each other.” Elena had several Sergeyev acquaintances, but she could not remember where and when she saw Dmitry. He embarrassedly explained: “We all got drunk there.” The girl felt ashamed, she allowed the young man to sit down at her table. They started talking, Dmitry said that he was a lawyer, co-owner of a small company. Young people began to meet, Dmitry almost immediately confessed to Elena in love. However, he did not insist on a close relationship, saying that he was taking her too seriously. Elena liked his compliments, the only embarrassing thing was that he did not introduce her to his friends and family, did not allow her to come to the office for him. He also did not make an official offer, pleading with serious problems at work. Finally, Dmitry said that he was under investigation - they say, he was framed by a client. He said that he needed to save his property and offered Elena to transfer his apartment to her. For this, he asked her for a receipt that in six months she would transfer her property to him (Elena had a 3-room apartment in the center, inherited from her parents). The girl suspected something was wrong and stopped communicating with Dmitry. Soon her apartment was robbed. The police stated that the perpetrators knew the mistress's routine well.

“Cases of “marriage” fraud, when people, for various reasons, delay the registration of marriage, but at the same time actively use the generosity of their “future spouse”, for example, constantly borrowing money from him while living in his living space, are very common”, Advocate Svetlana Sharova admits. But, as a rule, only individual cases that have reached the court can be won by lawyers. It is extremely difficult to prove the fact of fraud, the interested party can rarely find witnesses who would confirm its correctness. A swindler can be held liable if the victims through his fault find each other and their appeals are combined into one lawsuit.

As it happens

50-year-old Svetlana divorced her alcoholic husband and decided that she should put an end to her personal life. In addition, her mother was seriously ill - the doctors insisted on hospitalization. Svetlana visited her in the hospital and met Mikhail there. He was 7 years younger than Svetlana, introduced himself as a psychologist working on one of the television channels. True, no one visited the connoisseur of human souls, and compassionate Svetlana began to carry food not only to her mother, but also to him. Several days passed, Mikhail admitted that he was in love with Svetlana.

His gentle words spilled like a balm on the woman's wounded soul. Despite all the efforts of doctors, her mother died. Mikhail, after being discharged from the hospital, came to Svetlana and said that he would live with her. “You need support, and I want to be there for you in such difficult days,” he said. He told about himself that he finds himself in a communal apartment, since during the divorce he gave everything to his ex-wife, from whom he has several adult children. Svetlana raised twins herself, and Mikhail's story touched her very much. In addition, he was so courteous, and outwardly looked like her beloved Nikita Mikhalkov. An elderly woman was bribed by his charm, besides, no one ever sang songs specially for her with a guitar, and Mikhail sang. She began to consider him as a future husband, but Mikhail was in no hurry to propose. He began to pull money from Svetlana under various pretexts: to sort things out, to pay off debts. He said that as soon as he de alt with creditors, they would get married. They lived together for three years, in total he borrowed ten thousand dollars from her. Moreover, Mikhail did not disdain to borrow little things from Svetlana's girlfriends - Svetlana meekly repaid her debts. He told her about his constant problems: either his car broke down and he needed money to fix it, then they threatened to kill him if he did not repay the debt, etc. Moreover, the woman began to notice that the money was disappearing from her wallet, - she did not think of Mikhail, she decided that her grandchildren were stealing it. Finally, Svetlana ran out of money, and she was forced to refuse Mikhail's next request. He quickly packed up, left "on a business trip" and disappeared. A year has passed, Svetlana watched some kind of talk show on TV. Among the spectators speaking from the hall, I was surprised to recognize Mikhail. He talked about the fact that a year ago he had a three-year affair with a woman who pulled money from him, and when they ran out, she left him without regret. Svetlana had a heart attack.


Lawyers note that in recent years, compared with a period of five - ten years ago, the number of fictitious marriages has decreased. In the capital, the coveted Moscow residence permit and living space have always been a tasty morsel for swindlers, but with the introduction of the new Housing Code, the spouse who settled in the apartment has practically no opportunity to stay in it after the dissolution of the marriage - according to the law, during a divorce, the former spouse is discharged at the address where it was previously registered. If this provision had appeared earlier, many cases that ended tragically for property owners could have been avoided.

As it happens

53-year-old Vladimir, a former captain of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, divorced his wife and moved to live with his mother. After her death, he began to drink, but in moderation. Once, while buying beer at the market, I met an Armenian saleswoman named Anaid. She was 10 years younger than him. Having learned that Vladimir lives alone in a 2-room apartment in Sokolniki, she immediately took him into circulation and surrounded him with increased attention. The former military man boasted to his neighbors about her gifts: a thick “golden” chain, a signet ring. After a very short time, Anaid moved in with her new acquaintance as a legal bride. She did not agree to his persuasion to live "just like that", insisted on formalizing the relationship. Vladimir surrendered after three months, despite the opposition of friends and neighbors. For marriage, they even received special permission from the Armenian embassy. Almost the next day after the marriage, Armenian relatives of Anaid came to Vladimir's apartment, in the amount of 9 people: a father, a daughter from his first marriage with her husband and two children, and a son with his wife and two children. Anaid received a Moscow residence permit, registered her father in Vladimir's apartment and left the market. Her relatives were overstayed, Vladimir began to strain it and he sent them home to Armenia with a scandal. True, they were absent for a short time and soon arrived again. Vladimir told Anaid that he was going to file for divorce. Very soon, the neighbors began to observe that cheap vodka was being dragged into the apartment in boxes - Vladimir himself was no longer seen sober. He never filed for divorce. A few months later, Anaid suddenly left. When she returned, for some reason she did not open the locked door with her keys, but immediately turned to the police. The arrived militiamen broke the lock and found the lifeless body of Vladimir in the apartment. The inconsolable widow immediately re-registered his apartment.


“The most durable marriages are, as they say, in their own environment,” says Marta Belokon. - Future spouses, as a rule, have common acquaintances and many opportunities to track the behavior of the "second half". But holiday romances are best left at the resort. On vacation, people are less aware of responsibility for themselves, and they are able to do stupid things. Resorts are a favorite place for "hunting" marriage swindlers. You should not follow their lead and transfer a non-binding romance to everyday life. May it remain your fondest memory." If a person has adequate self-esteem, he is also unlikely to fall for the bait of a scammer who is used to playing on human complexes. If you feel that the complexes are stronger than you, then you should contact a specialist - a psychologist or a sex therapist, and not believe in a miracle that an unfamiliar person promises, for example, to cure frigidity.

Agreeing to an "unequal" marriage, you need to play it safe and conclude a marriage contract. This service costs an average of 700-1000 dollars. The contract indicates how much capital each of the spouses had before marriage, stipulates the “material compensation” that the ex-wife will receive if the husband initiates the divorce, and / or vice versa. With regard to common property, the wording is often used that an apartment, a summer house, a car, etc. after the divorce, they will remain with the party in whose name they will be acquired and registered.

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