Why are men more confident than women?

Why are men more confident than women?
Why are men more confident than women?

Confident people are just as doubtful as everyone else. But they can cope with themselves, overcome weaknesses and direct energy in the right direction. And here we have a lot to learn from men.

Why are men more confident than women?

Men are physically stronger

Women, on the contrary, are aware of their weakness. And that is why it is difficult for us to argue with men. When they have an aggressive light in their eyes, the genetic memory works against us. We know that if he hits, we will be weaker. How to be? First, remember that even predators only attack those who show their fear. Secondly, do not forget that all those millennia, when men practiced hand-to-hand combat techniques, women honed the art of persuasion. And it's a sin not to use this art.

Men are better in control

A woman is inherently more emotional, her feelings easily break through to the surface. As a result, the opponent notices at what point you began to worry. Then he deliberately pisses you off, after which he hits you in the most painful place. To avoid this, learn to control yourself in public. Watch for gestures, facial expressions, voice. When you are worried, breathe deeply and do not commit rash acts, for which you will later be ashamed. Your task is to hold out until the moment you get to the house or another place where you can give free rein to feelings. And then scream, sob, beat the dishes and beat the punching bag. Negative emotions cannot be kept in oneself, they must be thrown out. But confident people do it away from prying eyes.

And don't forget about one big female advantage. Society imposes on a man the need to control himself. The one who does not succeed is a rag and a mattress. You are a woman and you don't have to be strong. On the contrary, very often seeming softness and pliability allow you to twist ropes from harsh men. No one expects you to be able to gather your will into a fist in an extreme situation. But if you can, it's a huge power.

Men are result oriented

Men are not afraid to offend

Women, on the contrary, it is very important how they look in the eyes of others. They want to be liked by everyone and everyone, they want to be admired, to be loved. And as a result, they agree to do what they do not want at all, so as not to offend colleagues or friends. We don't want to be too pushy and impose our point of view. But being confident and being rude are not the same thing. The main thing is how you defend your point of view. Do it politely and reasonably, and then there will be no offended. And then, remember once and for all: you can not please everyone. Even if you really want to.

Men prefer to forget about failure

Men are career focused

How to restore self-confidence

  • Pay attention to all your victories, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones. Praise yourself and reward yourself, at least with a cake or a trip to a beauty salon.
  • Make a detailed list of your strengths and accomplishments. Mark in it what others envy the most.
  • Remember the pleasant. If things aren't going well today, think back to a situation in which you excelled. And try to keep that victorious mood.
  • Never act in the heat of the moment. If your nerves are on edge, focus on what is not related to the problem. Count all the flowers on the wallpaper. Try to remember the text of a poem or song - from beginning to end and better in a foreign language. Have you calmed down a bit? Now we can get back to business.
  • In a stressful situation, find an outlet for negative emotions. Go in for sports, clean the apartment or just take a walk for a few hours. When you are physically tired, there is simply no strength for self-discipline.

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