I started all over again

I started all over again
I started all over again

Sometimes something in life does not suit us, but we do not dare to admit it even to ourselves. Only a few are able to take risks and start from scratch. Here are the stories of women who are not afraid of change.

I started all over

I left my husband and adopted two children

Elena Kostyleva by the age of forty had everything a woman can dream of - a loving husband, children, interesting work, friends. But Elena abandoned her settled life in order to adopt the children of her dead sister. Cousins ​​Lena and Ira were closer than relatives in childhood: the girls' families lived in one big house in the village of Povedniki, not far from Dolgoprudny. Then the village was demolished and the girls' parents left. Lena got married, gave birth to a daughter and a son, lived in Moscow, worked in an antique shop. Irina remained in Dolgoprudny and worked as an accountant at the chemical plant. Ira did not have a relationship with her husband, and she raised two sons almost alone, took care of her mother. Suddenly, Ira was gone. Lena did not have time to say goodbye to her sister: when she urgently arrived in Dolgoprudny, Ira had already died. Irina's husband, the father of 6-year-old Maxim and 9-year-old Zhenya, three days after his wife's funeral went to live with another woman, the boys stayed with their sick grandmother. Lena, without hesitation, decided to adopt her nephews. Her loving husband said, "I don't play these games," and refused to help. Then Lena left alone for Dolgoprudny and started from scratch: she took nothing from her old life, except for her own children, who unconditionally supported her. At first it was very difficult, there was not enough money. “I was sitting in an empty, cold apartment with bare walls, crying and praying,” Lena recalls. The boys were very upset by the death of their mother and cried at night. And then the adult daughter of Lena Kostyleva helped. She came almost daily and just talked to the boys. “She did a fantastic psychological job. It was easier for her to talk to the children than for me,”recalls Lena. And gradually everything began to improve: Lena was offered help by a variety of people. When the once beloved husband returned three months later, Kostyleva could not forgive the betrayal. Days, months passed. Patience and a little effort. On the anniversary of Ira's death, Maxim, unexpectedly for himself and everyone around him, called Lena mom. Relations with the father of the boys gradually built up, Lena made new friends, among whom there are real men. True, Lena is silent about her personal life and only smiles mysteriously: “Of course, everything will be. And I think it will be good!”

Moscow does not believe in tears

Olga Ermysheva left the small town of Kirovo-Chepetsk to conquer the capital. Before that, she raised two children, worked in the local library in the arts department, and sang in the church choir. It was her element. But after the restructuring, everything changed. The husband left to work in the North, the daughter moved to Moscow to her husband, the once beloved city began to drink too much. It became clear that something had to change. Olya made the decision to move to the capital in one night, leaving everything: her favorite job, friends, home. Renting an apartment in Moscow itself turned out to be beyond her strength, and Olya settled 43 kilometers from the capital. For the first six months she was a housekeeper and speaks about this without a shadow of disgust: “I am a believer, for me such work is an act of humility. Of course, it was hard, it seemed, I can’t think about anything but rags and cleaning products, but I always believed that it was temporary. Olya recently found a more prestigious job as a manager of a company that deals with intellectual services, and Olga's task is to find a potential client and conclude an agreement. Recently, Olga has signed 5 contracts and became the record holder of her department. Olga seems to live for today, not forgetting to think about the future: she dreams of working on the radio and singing in the church choir again. And she is proud that she found the strength to take a decisive step.


According to research by psychologists, up to 45% of people admit that they would like to change something in their lives. But no more than 5-7% try to make an important decision and start life from scratch.

I stopped being a housewife

For several years Ekaterina Repkova was a housewife. She was happy to take care of children, home and husband and did not even think about continuing her career. And suddenly one day I decided to go back to work. “My career started early and quite successfully. I graduated from MGIMO with a degree in jurisprudence and worked in an investment company, then I de alt with arbitration cases. It was all very interesting." Serious changes were imminent in Catherine's life after the wedding: her husband was offered a long business trip to Australia, and Katya left everything - her favorite job, friends, relatives and went with him. “In Australia, I became an absolute housewife in the most traditional sense of the word: raising children, taking care of my husband and doing household chores.” After returning to Russia, little has changed. Ekaterina did not make plans for the future and was not going to go to work. The turn in the usual life happened unexpectedly. “Once an old acquaintance met me and unexpectedly made an offer to become an assistant to the head of a large company, and it was necessary to give an answer urgently. I could not consult with my husband, he went on a business trip and there was no connection with him. I was worried about the children, who at that time were only two and four years old. If I agree, they need a babysitter. How can they do without me? After weighing all the pros and cons literally in one day, Katya made up her mind. “I went to work, and the pace of life changed dramatically. I work from nine to seven, sometimes later. At first it was especially difficult: the nanny looked after the children, and the household chores remained with me. Worrying about children drove me crazy, but I could not call home every minute and find out how they ate, slept, walked. And yet life has become not only more intense, but also more exciting. “In a new capacity, I have become much more interesting to both children and my husband. They ask me how things are at work, what acquaintances have appeared. My husband has a successful career, a busy life, and now I understand that talking only about children was pretty boring. He really liked the changes that have taken place in me and in my life.”


  • To invigorate life, a little thing like a new hairstyle is enough.
  • The best way to understand yourself is to remember your dreams in detail. In addition, it will help you realize secret desires.
  • To decide on an important step, imagine in detail the advantages that await you if you are lucky. This will make it easier to believe in yourself.

I broke out of the golden cage

At 20, Yulia got into the golden cage that many beautiful girls dream of. She married a handsome, rich, intelligent man who spoiled a beautiful wife. “I wanted to be independent since childhood. That's why I became a model, this area allows you to earn money for education and become independent. Many women revolve in this environment only to find a rich husband, and more often just a sponsor. But this situation, to put it mildly, is unpleasant for me.” Once, after the show, a handsome young man approached Yulia to get acquainted. “Usually I rejected such offers, but this time I literally drowned in the eyes of a stranger. It was love at first sight. Six months later we got married. The paradox is that my husband was a young, handsome man, not burdened with material difficulties. It turned out that I met the prince that others only dream of. After marriage, Julia entered the institute. “My husband did not approve of my desire to study and work. He was a we althy man, and I could have whatever I want. They both turned out to be strong people, and neither wanted to give in. Soon the marriage cracked. Despite her husband's ban, Yulia went to work: first she took up advertising, and at the same time she mastered the insurance industry. "When I started working, people around me saw only appearance - and I had to constantly prove what I was capable of." Julia broke up with her husband, but she was in no hurry with an official divorce: in the depths of her soul she still hoped that he would be able to accept her independence. And then one day they nevertheless agreed to meet at the registry office, which once included happy and in love, in order to put the final point this time. The meeting turned out to be a bit comical. “I arrived at the divorce in a new car, and my husband came on foot. His reaction could be filmed." And although Yulia no longer wanted to prove anything to her husband, she felt like a winner. “Not in relation to this person who actually did nothing wrong to me, but a winner over my past, which I was able to reverse and change my life the way I wanted it.”

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