Give the children a holiday

Give the children a holiday
Give the children a holiday

We are happy to share our ideas on how to successfully celebrate the beginning of the year with the children.

Give the kids a holiday

The organization of the New Year's celebration is both a very pleasant and very responsible event for all parents. We want to guess all the wishes of the children, to make their holiday truly fun, joyful and memorable. We are happy to share our ideas - how to successfully celebrate the beginning of the year with the children.

Prepare gifts

Find out in advance what your children want from Santa Claus, and stock up on gifts ahead of time, and don’t run to all the surrounding shops on December 30th. Modern children are distinguished by exceptional curiosity, and they are usually very concerned about the question of how exactly a letter will get to a magical addressee. So parents are forced to invent sufficiently reliable ways to send these messages. Toddlers can leave the sealed envelope on the windowsill under the open window or use the freezer as a mailbox. The disappearance of the message in the morning looks quite convincing to them. Older children are more skeptical - invite them to communicate with Santa Claus using the Internet, leaving him a message on the website In a few days they will receive an answer and New Year's wishes from the virtual Santa Claus. Every year more and more new sites (both Russian and foreign languages) appear on the net, offering to chat with the old sorcerer on-line. It is enough to type his name in any search engine.

The main task of parents is to explain to the baby that Santa Claus is unlikely to be able to give him all 100 gifts that he dreams of, so you need to decide what is most desirable for him. Explain that you should not rely on exorbitantly expensive toys - after all, children all over the world order gifts and someone may not have enough.

Involve the kids in home decoration

Create a festive mood

First, ask the children to get involved in planning the preparation of the New Year's Eve, because they have their own ideas about what the "right" holiday is, and with all your love for them, you can read other people's thoughts. In this way, you will not only gain a pretty impressive staff of assistants, but also be able to please everyone.

Don't overdo it

Try to reasonably reduce the number of holiday activities. Running without a break from one guest to another, your children will only get tired, soon they will not be able to enjoy their vacation and will leave the holidays in a state of nervous and physical exhaustion. Remember, this is not the last, but only the first weekend of the year.

Safe Holidays

  1. Before you hang electric garlands on the Christmas tree, check them for frayed wires or burnt out light bulbs.
  2. Spray the branches of a live Christmas tree regularly to keep the needles moist so they don't fall off and dig painfully into your little ones' bare heels.
  3. Make sure the tree won't tip over, secure it on a stand or dig it deep into a bucket of sand, tying it to nails driven into the wall if necessary.
  4. Place the tree far away from radiators and fireplaces (real or electric).
  5. Hang small or very fragile toys and food-like decorations - plastic apples and berries - as high as possible so that small children cannot reach them.
  6. Be sure to cut the lower branches - small children can get hurt by needles.

If you decide to invite Santa Claus

When you choose a company to invite Santa Claus, first, pay attention to its experience. Secondly, it must be a real firm, and not an "individual worker" who can be both very good and very bad. Look at the photos of Santa Clauses, shooting programs. The qualifications of Ded Morozov are already visible in the level of training of operators who accept applications by phone - do not hesitate to ask them a variety of questions. In a serious company, you will be given comprehensive information on the program, on who works for them, who is more suitable in your case. The cost of visiting Santa Claus directly depends on what day he comes to you - the farther from the New Year, the cheaper, of course. The most expensive visit is the one that will take place directly on New Year's Eve. In addition, the cost also depends on the program itself, on its duration: if Santa Claus comes to the family for half an hour, this is one price, and if he stays for a long time, it’s completely different.

Irina Lebedeva, Director of the Father Frost Service "Morozko"

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