Diet for the face

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Diet for the face
Diet for the face

A beautiful woman needs only one chin, and the rest must be urgently disposed of. And you can do it yourself with the help of a diet for a beautiful face. The main thing in this case is a clear sequence of actions and perseverance.

Diet for the face

Diet for a clean and slim face

What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone, meet an old friend, or see your favorite actress on TV? Of course, on the face. We study people from the top down, and the main role in the impression a person makes on us is played by his face. A thin face reduces you a few kilograms in the eyes of others, and a full one, on the contrary, adds. There are no diets that would affect only one part of the body. But, if you follow certain rules, your face will lose weight in the first place. The double chin will disappear, the skin will look cleaner and he althier. The first results will appear in a few days, and this will be a great incentive in the fight against extra pounds.

Step 1 - Drink at least 2 liters of water a day

If you drink too little, your body automatically goes into saving mode and tries to retain as much precious moisture as possible. As a result, the fluid is "deposited" and causes swelling of the face, arms and legs. If you drink enough, excess moisture is excreted from the body. The most useful mineral water without gas or green tea. Of course, coffee, diet cola, and juices also provide hydration, but these drinks are high in calories.

Step 2 - Eat fresh fruits and vegetables at least three times a day

Vegetables and fruits also contain a large amount of liquid. In addition, they are rich in fiber. And if you eat an apple or a carrot salad between lunch and dinner, you will be full, which means you won’t reach for cakes. Let your desktop be a plate of fruit, not a bag of cookies. And do not think that fruits get fat because they have a lot of sugar. There is a lot more sugar in desserts. And to be honest: have you ever seen one woman get fat from oranges?

Step 3 - Eliminate Alcohol from the Facial Diet

Any alcoholic drink - be it wine, beer or expensive cognac - dehydrates the body. And the lack of moisture, as we now know, leads to edema. Not to mention that alcohol is one of the most high-calorie foods in the world.

Step 4 - Take more calcium than usual

If you get at least 1.2 mg of calcium every day, you lose weight faster. To do this, it is enough to drink 3 glasses of milk or eat 800 g of cottage cheese. Calcium is also abundant in fish. Treat yourself to canned sardines or bone-in salmon, and you'll get the calcium you need. And you can combine business with pleasure: almonds, peanuts and dried fruits also contain calcium. In addition, a sufficient amount of calcium makes PMS less noticeable. Eat more dairy products. And it is not at all necessary to choose fat-free foods: animal fat in reasonable quantities is necessary for a person. The daily requirement of fats is 90 g, including vegetable fats - at least 25 g.

Step 5 - Eliminate 250 calories every day and burn 250 calories

To lose half a kilo, on average, you need to burn 3,500 calories. Try to get rid of 500 calories a day, and very soon you will notice changes - first in the face, and then in the figure. We divide these 500 calories in half: 250 need to be burned through physical activity, and 250 - “cut” from the menu for the day. You can burn 250 calories during a 30-minute brisk walk or a 20-minute intensive exercise. And the easiest way to eliminate 250 extra calories from the menu is through desserts. Replace ice cream with frozen yogurt, chocolate cake with low-calorie pudding, candy and cookies with dried fruit.

Step 6 - Less S alt in the Facial Slimming Diet

The more s alt you consume, the greater the risk of edema. Most s alt and preservatives are in semi-finished products. And there is also an opinion that soy sauce is much he althier than regular s alt, but in fact it causes swelling exactly the same as table s alt. In addition to semi-finished products, the risk group includes: all s alty oriental dishes, canned soups and vegetables, canned fish and meat, chips, s alted nuts, raw smoked snacks. Know that avoiding s alt also normalizes high blood pressure.

Step 7 - Strength Training

If you lose weight only through diet, the skin inevitably becomes flabby and begins to sag. Therefore, the diet must be combined with strength training. This is how you keep your muscles in good shape, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn while moving. Facial exercise is a massage, and weight loss must be accompanied by a course of massage.

Facial gymnastics

  • Stretch your lips as much as possible, tighten your muscles as much as possible and pronounce the letters I, A, U.
  • Open your mouth wide and roll your tongue as far as possible.
  • Sit right in front of the mirror. Pull in your cheeks, then puff them out. First one, then the other. Smile with one half of your mouth, lowering and raising the corner of your mouth. The same with the other half. Exercise is useful for thick cheeks.
  • Sit up straight, look at the ceiling with your neck extended. In this position, turn your head so that you look at the ceiling above your right shoulder. Turn your head forward, lower your chin to your right shoulder. Same thing the other way.
  • To avoid puffiness in the morning and bags under the eyes, do not leave greasy cream on your face all night. It is best to remove the excess of the cream with a cosmetic tissue or cotton wool 30-40 minutes after applying the cream.

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