Male body. Instructions for use

Male body. Instructions for use
Male body. Instructions for use

Where and how to touch a man to please him? And what should not be touched in any case? This is what you wanted to know but were too embarrassed to ask.

Male body. Instructions for use


  • If a man has beautiful well-groomed hands, tell him about it. If not, say they are strong or gentle. Men love compliments too. And they like to hold hands.
  • Men have a very low pain threshold. And if women's nipples are unusually sensitive, then men's nipples are so sensitive that caresses can be painful. Maybe he will agree if you kiss, lick, or bite your nipples very carefully. Or maybe not. Ask him about it!
  • Gently stroke his arm at the fold line. Such a touch is unlikely to cause him mad passion, but it will be very affectionate and pleasant.
  • Any man will love a back massage, especially if it's a prelude to sensual sex. Many men like it when a partner in a fit of passion squeezes his back or even scratches.
  • Gently run your fingers along his sides, back and waist. He will be a little ticklish, but very pleased.
  • There are many nerve endings on buttocks, which means that petting will be very pleasant. A man will love it if you stroke his thighs. But touching the anus is far from pleasant for everyone, so proceed with caution. And don't forget about another very sensitive area - between the anus and the testicles.
  • Yes, a real man should have squares press. And of course, each of them dreams about it. But they are not! Do not tease a man and most importantly - do not grab the folds on his stomach!
  • The inside of the thigh is very sensitive, for some reason this is often forgotten. A few gentle touches and he will beg you to rise a little higher.
  • Touching testicles can be both very pleasant and very painful. And do not be offended if a man is wary of such caresses. But if you are admitted into the holy of holies, know that you are trusted endlessly.
  • Penis men are not only the main erogenous zone, but also the basis of the male ego. So, give him royal honors, but be very careful not to hurt the man.


  • On the ear beloved man is so nice to whisper tenderness, passion and other nonsense. And also - lick, bite softly or blow, which will immediately send small brisk goosebumps down the back of a man.
  • Many men like it when a woman gently touches their face, "drawing" every line. Lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the face. Sexologists believe that during a long relationship, desire is dulled just because people stop paying attention to caresses.
  • Run your fingers through the hair of the man. Scratch, stroke your hair. The main thing is not to get carried away, otherwise he will curl up and fall asleep right in your arms.
  • Ancient sages said that the brain is the sexiest organ. Know that men are excited not only by touch, but also by words, smells, images. Talk about sex, sexy lingerie can drive anyone crazy.
  • The neck is a very sensitive area. It can be kissed, bitten, gently stroked. But be careful. A man over 18 walking around with hickeys on his neck is not a very attractive sight.

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