The truth about men. True, right?

The truth about men. True, right?
The truth about men. True, right?

Think you know everything about men? After reading this article, you will see the opposite.

The truth about men. True, right?

Aleksey Mikhailovich Zudin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Leading Associate of the Department of Vascular Surgery and Angiosexology, Moscow Medical Academy. THEM. Sechenov

What is the difference between good and great sex for a man?

Here you can talk for a very long time. In fact, despite the fact that I speak as a man, good sex is when he enjoyed it, and great sex when he and she enjoyed it. This is exactly how this situation looks from the point of view of an adult man who strives not only to receive complete satisfaction himself, but also to deliver it to his half. It is also very important for every man that he likes his partner. I do not know of such cases where a man said that the sex was great, while the partner was unattractive. Of course, there are forced sexual relations, but this is rather an exception to the rule. For great sex, one more important condition is necessary: ​​men really like it when they see that they excite their partner.

So does it matter to a man what his partner looks like?

Yes, absolutely! A great many scientific works have been carried out on this topic. Who loves with the eyes, and who loves with the ears - this has been known for a long time. And if sexual behavior is divided into several phases - attraction, the actual sexual intercourse and the achievement of discharge, restoration and re-excitation - then the act of excitation, and hence the sexual intercourse, in a man begins precisely with the visual perception of his partner. That is, if a man does not like a woman, then there can be no question of any sex, unfortunately.

Which women do men like best?

This is what you like!

And you?

I tried many times to formulate for myself who is more attractive to me - it did not work! I'm a big man, but I like petite women. By the way, there is no news in this - most often opposite charges are attracted to each other. For example, my grandfather, he was two meters ten centimeters tall - a uniformed grenadier, in fact, that's what his grandmother called him. And Grandma was a petite woman. And they lived in a happy marriage for almost 50 years.

It depends on the temperament of the man. Sexologists in their practice usually divide men into two groups - into "nerds" and "Caucasians". “Nerd” is the one in relation to which a woman should be active, and “Caucasian” is someone who is proactive himself. Most often, intelligent and educated men fall into the number of "nerds". They are pleased when a woman is active herself. And in general, we men are much more enslaved creatures than it might seem. And there are very few such lieutenants Rzhevsky, who, without any courtship and preludes, can approach a woman and strike up a conversation with her. And yet, speaking based on experience from my practice, I think that a modern woman should be more active. That is, men like active women in most cases, but in each case, of course, everything happens individually. True, most often it is difficult for a man to adequately relate to an active woman in bed. This is due to the fact that there is a conflict between what you want and what is given by the family, what was instilled in him in childhood. Most often, a man, seeing a liberated woman, immediately begins to think about how this woman behaves with other men, drawing a conclusion not in her favor. And it's very difficult to find this fine line between the one and the other, but I think it's possible. Emancipation without vulgarity will be perceived by any man as normal.

Do men exchange details of their intimate lives?

More like! Men are generally creepy trepachi. This is pure truth. Although it is believed that women most often exchange such impressions. Let's take such a primitive example. Some hero Vasya comes out and says: “I recently persuaded our entire basketball team to cohabitate.” In general, this is a natural demeanor for a man. Can anyone remember a woman walking in and saying the same thing? I don't think there are any. In general, men discuss everything in their team, with relatives, friends, this is a fact!

Why do men love oral sex so much?

Because - it's a completely different feeling between oral and vaginal sex. It's no secret that men are madly in love with their penis. Therefore, when a man makes love to a woman in this way, there is a kind of demonstration that she loves him just as much as he does. Although I admit that such thoughts do not even occur to men. This happens at the level of innate primitive reflexes. If you caress him like that, kiss him, then this is definitely love.

Are there men who only love oral sex?

Yes, of course! But this is already some kind of superego. Since I love him so much, that's the only way I feel good. Most often, such men are crazy about themselves and received very little affection in childhood. Sometimes this is a real manifestation of aggression. At such moments, a man feels himself the master of the situation, experiencing special pleasure from the fact that a woman is subordinate to them.

Yes, the vast majority. No wonder there are so many jokes about group sex. Almost everyone dreams of it, but not everyone has the circumstances to try it. Most often, such fantasies arise due to the fact that a man wants to prove to himself and others that you can hoo with one, and two, and three, and at the same time. I want to say that we analyze this retrospectively, so at the moment when such fantasies are born, the thought of proving something does not arise. Psychologists believe that this is just one of the options for self-affirmation.

So this is a completely natural process?

And what can be in fantasies unnatural?

Why do men love looking at female figures so much?

This is again from the opera of visual perception. That is, I look and fantasize, which means I get excited. By the way, in this regard, the answer to the question of why so many men like to watch lesbian pornography. In fact, everything is very simple - because there are no competitors.

Is it hard for a man to be monogamous?

To whom it is difficult, to whom it is not! Moreover, in my practice, both monogamous and polygamous are approximately equally divided. Here is a very interesting observation. Polygamous men tend to be more monogamous with age. Having realized in this way at a young age, in adulthood they begin to value what they already have - a stable and established relationship. Conversely, those men who had the right monogamous relationships, in adulthood, gravitate towards polygamy. This is what we call "gray hair in a beard - demon in a rib."

Is it important for a man to have a slender figure of his partner?

For a married couple who live well for many years, appearance ceases to matter over time. People get used to each other so much that changes in appearance no longer matter as much as in youth; for such couples, family ties are more important. And for people, say, of premarital age, of course, it is very important that his chosen one seems to be the standard of beauty not only to him, but also to those around him. And here we become dependent on the accepted standard of beauty. It never occurs to anyone that the standard of thin women is set by homosexuals. It's no secret the sexual orientation of the heads of model houses. The physique of modern beauties is more like body subtraction, but this is the standard, which means we will love these. This refers to the problem of induced motivations, a vivid example of such motivations is advertising. And subconsciously, a man strives for what he likes, but at first he obeys what television teaches him to do. The subconscious pushes them into the arms of a he althy woman, adapted to childbearing. Even in Ivan Efremov's book "The Razor's Edge" it is written that a man strives for the concept of O. A woman must be breastfeeding, because there is zero probability that she will not have milk in order to feed the born cub. The hair should be long to keep the baby warm, and the pelvis should be wide enough to avoid problems during delivery. And it works at the level of some genetically incorporated mechanisms. That is, a woman, it seems to me, should not be either too full or too thin. Moderation in everything.

What does a man think about during sex?

Nothing! If a man thinks about something - this is another of the great mathematicians said - then the erection immediately disappears. At this moment, fortunately or unfortunately, one organ thinks. We are definitely not burdened with thought processes at this moment. The entire thought process is left behind. And if he suddenly goes, it is only to make his head turn off completely.

What do men worry about the most in bed?

It will work or it won't, although if you worry, it probably won't work. Being set to fail often leads to failure. The next reason to worry is whether his penis is big enough and whether it suits his partner, whether she likes it. Of course, it may seem that this topic is not very relevant for an adult man, but in fact, all women, just like men, are different, which means that it is almost impossible to please them with a standard set of devices, which is why men worry about this, like youths. Very often, men are concerned about the authenticity of the female orgasm. Indeed, for most men, an orgasm experienced by a woman is an indicator of his solvency as a lover.

Is there one thing that men carefully hide from us?

Most often, men hide from women the fact that they really need them. No man admits to his partner that she has a certain power over him, including emotional power. Still, probably, men hide love affairs on the side. That at that moment he would have watched football with great pleasure or done something more useful if the initiative came from a woman. But if the initiative comes from him, then he has absolutely nothing to hide.

MYTHS AND REALITY: what you need to be prepared for

Since ancient times, everyone knows the increased sexuality of the southern peoples. This constant craving for sex, for example, Georgians, is reflected in hundreds of anecdotes. It is also believed that the Italians are the best lovers, and the Negroes with "this" are much better than the hottest representatives of the white race. Is it really so? Are sexual abilities and race related? Serious scientific research shows that there are far more enduring myths in this area than truth.

MYTHBlack men are more generously endowed with manhood than white men.

REALITY In reality, everything is far from being so simple. Although in a calm, unexcited state, for the most part, representatives of the black race do have some advantage in relation to the genitals, but it almost disappears in an excited state. But the fact that Africans are more active in sex than other races and nationalities just has a scientifically confirmed basis. Sex among the peoples of Africa is more naturalistic, the inhabitants of this continent have much less psychological barriers in the realization of sexual needs. They are not bound by all sorts of ethical barriers, unlike us, so sex with them is more interesting and maybe even more educational to some extent.

MYTH An Italian lover is every woman's dream.

REALITY There is another legend among women. She says that the most incendiary in sex are Italians. In fact, it turns out that the "ardent" Italians in bed are not sexual giants at all, but, on the contrary, gentle and thin "fountains of love", which, moreover, dry up very quickly. The Italians also did not confirm the myths about their love exploits and showed a result of 119 sexual contacts per year.

MYTH A northern man in bed is a completely useless thing.

REALITY Another myth that our women firmly believe in. A recent sociological study showed that Estonians, Swedes, Finns and Norwegians are not even cold-blooded towards women at all, but are real hot guys. Most often, they throw themselves headlong into hugs, even without protective equipment.

MYTH Americans know a lot about sex, their sexual literacy can even be envied.

REALITY Thanks to Hollywood products, our compatriots got the strong impression that Americans are very sexy, depraved and even prone to all sorts of perversions. However, the depravity of Americans is a myth. As studies have shown scientists, most often married men are engaged in sex. And by their nature, they are most often monogamous, so it will be difficult to drag an American into bed for no apparent reason. In addition, in sex they are traditionalists. 96% of them prefer regular vaginal sex in the "missionary" position.

MYTH The French are the most gallant and gentle gentlemen in the world.

REALITY The leaders in the love competition are indeed the French! They have an average sexual activity of 167 sexual acts per year. In addition, the French are considered the most gallant lovers. These are the men that women adore.

MYTH Russian man says little, but does a lot.

REALITY What about our men? We are most often dissatisfied with them. And in vain - for Russian men, the average rate of sexual contacts is quite high and amounts to 137 sexual intercourse per year. Not a French record, of course, but I must say that the same Italians are inferior to our men in sexuality by 15 percent! The Russians bypassed the Turks, Azerbaijanis, and Armenians in this indicator. Unfortunately or fortunately, Russian men talk less about sex, but engage in it more.

MYTH A Caucasian man is an unsurpassed lover in every way.

REALITY Representatives of these nationalities among many of our women, oddly enough, are popular. Apparently, these women were captured by another myth that Caucasians are the most liberated and self-confident lovers. Of course, no one takes away the palm from them in an active and exciting foreplay, but as for the process itself, there is only one thing left for them - burning kisses that distract the partner's attention.

MYTH The stiff Englishman is cold in sex.

REALITY According to sociologists and sexologists, the British are not such bad lovers as many women used to think. They are very gentle and courteous with a woman. True, only a blonde can be an object of courtship for an Englishman. They sincerely believe that blond women look softer and calmer, and therefore they are most often preferred.

According to the results of dozens of sexological studies conducted in different countries of the world, the average duration of sexual intercourse does not depend at all on the proximity of lovers to the equator or the pole and is 3-5 minutes. Most women believe that men prefer fast sex, however, according to one survey, 50% of men believe that quality sex should last at least an hour. Another thing is that it is not always possible to implement the desired…

The best time for men to have sex is MORNING. According to chronobiologists, at 7 o'clock in the morning the activity of male sex hormones exceeds the norm by 20%, and at 9 o'clock - by 50%. This excited state fades somewhat by 10 o'clock and rises again by 11 o'clock. The ideal time for making love is 4 o'clock. It is at this time, in terms of physiology, that both the man and the woman are ready for sex.

How often do men use prostitutes

• Regularly 1.9%

• Not regularly, occasionally 8.9%

• Once, maybe twice 12.7%

• Have no experience but don't mind trying it 28.9%

• I have no such experience and I'm not going to try 47.6%


· Despite the endless stress that haunts men, they have become much more likely to have sex, unlike their fathers and grandfathers. Over the past 40 years, the number of sexual encounters every man has tripled.

· Since about the mid-seventies of the last century, experts have recorded an annual drop in the number of sperm in the average man by about 1% per year and a deterioration in their mobility by 0.5%.

· Potency-enhancing drugs help men with erections, but do not promote conception. These drugs inhibit the activity of spermatozoa, which adversely affects their ability to fertilize.

· A man thinks about sex or anything related to it every 8 minutes on average.

· The real romantics are men, not women. From a survey in which 700 lovers took part, it turned out that by the fourth date 20% of men fell in love, and only 15% of women. By the twentieth date, 45% of women were still unsure of their feelings, and only 30% of such men were.

· The initiators of the gap are also predominantly women. Men are more difficult to end relationships. Men are three times more likely than women to attempt suicide after breaking up with a partner.

· The best aphrodisiac for a man over 40 is sauerkraut. The experiment showed that 90% of men were able to have sex daily and up to 30 minutes after they started eating sauerkraut three times a day.

· According to phone sex workers, the most popular fantasies among male callers are: 37% - domination, 23% - sex with schoolgirls, 15% - anal sex with a woman, 9% - sex with two women, 5% - dressing up in women's clothes, 4% - sex with an older woman, 3% - sexual orgies.

· It is believed that the less clothes a woman wears, the sexier she looks (mini-skirts and transparent tops are especially good). According to studies, the most sexy women's outfit men consider the usual tight-fitting blouse, a long skirt with a slit and high heels.

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