Learn to take care of your back

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Learn to take care of your back
Learn to take care of your back

Recommendations for the prevention of back pain are given by Anatoly Ivanovich Bobyr, candidate of medical sciences, defanotherapist.

Learn to take care of your back

Prevention and treatment of back pain

“Most patients come to me with back pain. Most of the time this could have been avoided. But, unfortunately, we are not accustomed to taking care of our he alth of the appearance of the disease. The same thing happens with back pain. But the main thing in this matter is prevention and exercises for back pain. Learning to take care of the spine is not only possible, but necessary. It only takes 15 minutes a day and your desire.”

Determine the state of your musculoskeletal system

  • To determine the initial changes in the spine, check how evenly developed the muscles of the neck. If one of the muscles is denser than the other, then most likely you already have osteochondrosis or even a displacement of the vertebrae.
  • Another easy way. Lie on the floor, relax. If you managed to raise your leg 70 degrees, then everything is fine with your back, if not, then you should see a doctor.

Exercise for back he alth

  1. The hands are placed on top of each other over the chest. On exhalation, monotonous pressure is applied with simultaneous and uniform tension of the muscles of the chest, back and legs.
  2. One hand is lowered down, the other is placed on the ilium. While holding your breath, press your hand on the body, tensing the muscles from the side of the pressing hand.
  3. We grab the right shoulder with the left hand, pressing it as much as possible in the frontal plane, the muscles of the right side are tensed. Do the same exercise on the other side.
  4. We put not completely closed hands on the back of the neck, covering it. The exercise is performed by slightly stretching the neck and pressing on it.
  5. The hand clenched into a fist is placed on the area of ​​the sacrum, the other hand is on top. While holding the breath, apply pressure while simultaneously straining the back muscles of the legs and torso.
  6. Lie on your stomach, arms along the torso, raise its upper part without lifting your legs off the floor. The exercise is performed strictly on the exhale, the back muscles are tensed as much as possible.

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