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Everything will be smooth
Everything will be smooth

It would seem that there could be something special about an ordinary iron? Meanwhile, modern models have many new features that promise to make our lives much easier. Leading specialist of M-Video Igor Tatarenko tells what parameters should be considered when choosing an iron.

Everything will be smooth!

It would seem that there could be something special about an ordinary iron? Meanwhile, modern models have many new features that promise to make our lives much easier. Leading specialist of M-Video Igor Tatarenko tells what parameters should be considered when choosing an iron.


The speed of the initial and reheating of the iron depends on this important indicator. The maximum power consumption of modern devices is 2400 watts. It is recommended to choose an iron with at least 1400 - 1500 W.


This is the most important part of the device in direct contact with the tissue. Inventing more and more complex combined materials and coatings, manufacturers are trying to take into account the coefficient of slip, the prevention of sticking and scratching. It is quite difficult to understand the variety of options and their numerous names, it can only be noted that most modern models have a high slip coefficient, are resistant to sticking and scratching. The latest developments of manufacturers are embodied in the most modern models.


Most irons use mechanical control in the form of a conventional temperature controller, which everyone can use without exception. However, the latest models do not have such a regulator - a new electronic control is used here, which allows you to accurately set the temperature by simply pressing the "+" and "-" keys - like the volume on the TV remote control. All information about the state of the iron and the heating temperature is displayed on the liquid crystal display.

Steam humidification

Steam output is measured in grams per minute. This figure can reach 50 g / min. - These are the most powerful irons. But the optimal steam output is 30 g/min. Without exception, all irons are equipped with the “steam boost” function, when a powerful ball of steam escapes for a short time when the button is pressed. Some irons have a so-called "turbo" mode, when steam is thrown out with increased supply, and continuously while you hold the key. This mode allows you to effectively smooth out too much wrinkled space on the fabric. One useful feature is vertical steam, which makes it possible to iron curtains and suits.

Anti-drip system

Normal steam supply usually occurs at high temperatures. However, at low temperatures - for example, when setting the mode for delicate fabrics, not all water has time to turn into steam and some drops fall on the fabric. Irons equipped with a blocking anti-drip system cope with this problem quite successfully.

Water tank

When buying an iron, pay attention to the volume of the water tank. The optimal volume for home irons is 300-350 ml. This is quite enough to not replenish the supply of water for quite a long time. It is much more convenient to use those models where water can be poured into an iron standing vertically.

Cleaning system

Manufacturers have long been trying to cope with the problem of scale, inventing various cleaning systems. A few years ago, many models were equipped with removable cartridges that had to be bought and replaced from time to time, which was extremely inconvenient. Today, almost all irons have built-in anti-calc systems designed for the entire life of the iron. This significantly reduces the formation of scale, but does not completely solve the problem, so some companies additionally equip their models with a self-cleaning system that allows you to forcefully clean the iron.


If your ironing board is not equipped with an outlet, try to choose a model with a sufficiently long cord - 2 - 2.5 meters. For an iron with a short cord, you will have to additionally buy an extension cord. In addition, it will be better if your iron has a cord ball attachment.


Some models of irons "can" automatically turn off: if the device is on the soleplate, it will turn off after 30 seconds, and if on its side or vertically - after 8 minutes. As a rule, irons are equipped with an automatic shutdown indicator light, but some models also have an audible alarm that will not allow you to leave the house forgetting to turn off the iron. It is convenient to use a thermally insulated nozzle, which is equipped with a number of new models. It greatly increases the safety of the iron - especially important if you have children, and also allows you to immediately put it in the closet after work.

Steam ironing systems

This is a brand new type of home appliances. It differs in that the steam is formed not in the body of the iron, but in a separate steam generator connected to the iron by a hose. Such devices are convenient in that steam is supplied intensively without interruption. The steam machine is suitable for those who iron large amounts of laundry or sew at home.

Simple tips

  • You can significantly reduce scale build-up by only filling your iron with purified water.
  • Please note that the use of descaling agents is prohibited in the vast majority of models. Use these tools only if the instructions do not prohibit.
  • If you often iron dark fabrics such as men's trousers, choose models with a special nozzle that allows you to iron things so that they do not shine.
  • Before you buy an iron, hold it in your hands - evaluate how comfortable it is for you. The hand should lie freely on the handle and reach all the keys. It should be neither too heavy nor too light, otherwise ironing will require extra effort.

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