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Big wash

Buying a washing machine is a serious matter. After all, it should serve you for many years. Leading specialist of M-Video Anton Mozhaisky advises how to choose the right washing machine.

Big Wash

Buying a washing machine is a serious matter. After all, it should serve you for many years. Leading specialist of M-Video Anton Mozhaisky advises how to choose the right washing machine.

Types of washing machines There are front-loading and top-loading machines. With a vertical load, the laundry is laid from above, and with a front load - from the side through a transparent hatch.

Dimensions For top-loading machines, the standard dimensions are: height - 85 cm, width - 40 or 45 cm, depth - 60 cm. For frontal: height - 85 cm, width - 60 cm, depth - from 32 to 62 cm. For frontal machines, the recommended depth is from 40 cm or more. In various models, the actual depth may differ from the declared one by 2-7 cm due to the control panel, hatches, hoses on the rear panel.

Loading volume Loading volume in modern machines ranges from 3 to 7 kg. All manufacturers indicate the load, referring to dry cotton. Please note that the volume indicators for synthetics and wool are an order of magnitude different from those for cotton. For example, the load for synthetics is half the load for cotton, and for wool it is one third.

Spin Modern models offer a spin from 600 to 2000 rpm. The actual spin efficiency is determined by a value called "residual moisture content". If you want to more accurately determine the spin efficiency, specify this parameter, since each model has its own indicators. A difference of 5% between the residual moisture of one model and the residual moisture of another will mean that 50 ml more water remains in each kilogram of laundry. That is, when the machine is fully loaded (5 kg), the difference can be 250 ml. The optimal spin speed for household machines is 1000-1200 rpm.

Washing, energy consumption and spinning class Washing, energy consumption and spinning quality ranges from A to G, where A is the best indicator. The parameters are indicated on the energy efficiency sticker on the machine body.

Control The mechanical control of a washing machine familiar to many is becoming a thing of the past. In modern models, new electronic panels are used - sometimes it is push-button control, sometimes control using one convenient switch with sectors. Modern machines are equipped with digital displays, and the latest models are equipped with text displays, including Russified ones. The display shows the main washing indicators: information about the status and parameters of the program, the degree of load of the machine, the end of the program, error tips, etc.

Functions In addition to the set of standard programs, some manufacturers offer new useful functions. For example, "hand wash wool" is a program that allows you to wash wool items labeled "hand wash only". There are also machines that are equipped with an even more delicate function - "hand wash silk". Many models, along with the prewash program, offer a "soak" function. You can soak your laundry right in the machine before washing. "Extra rinse" is important for those who suffer from allergies, and for young children - the program allows you to more effectively rinse out things from detergents. If the machine is equipped with a "stain" programme, dry stain removers can be used. An important and useful feature is the "start delay". It is possible to program the start time of the wash for the night when electricity prices are lowest. Most parents will appreciate the child lock feature.

Leak Protection The most common cause of a leak is a broken hose. Top models come with full leak protection with a lifetime warranty. The system is triggered by electronic water sensors inside the machine and double hoses with solenoid valves. Owners of machines that do not have this function can be advised to buy an additional special hose with leakage protection. n


LG WD-12340 ND Silver Nano Load type: front Washing and energy class: A Spin speed: 1000-1200 rpm. Load: 6.5 kg Dimensions: 60/44/84.2 cm 8 special functions, including medical washing Silver Nano technology (drum coating with silver particles that provide an antibacterial effect) LCD display Direct Drive motor system Saves washing time Price: up to RUB 24,950

SAMSUNG EcoSilver Machine Series Load type: front Washing and energy class: A Spin speed: 1400/1200/1000 rpm. Loading: 6 kg (B series); 5.2kg (R series); 4, 5 kg (F series) Overall dimensions: from 40 to 55 cm Interactive Russified display Child lock Nano Silver technology (drum coated with silver particles, antibacterial effect) Rinsing system (cloth coated with silver nanoparticles, protection against bacteria) Reduced noise level Price: up to 17500 rub.

GORENJE WA 65205 Load type: front Loading, energy consumption and spin class: A Spin speed: up to 2000 rpm. Load: 6 kg Dimensions: 85/60/60 cm Touchscreen dialog display with selectable language Child lock Double glazed door Start delay: up to 24 hours Aqua Stop anti-leak system Quiet operation (Super Silent+) Built-in service diagnostics Tank and drum stainless steel with backlight Price: up to 40,000 RUB

SIEMENS WIQ 1432 Load type: front Washing and energy class: A Spin speed: 400-1400 rpm. Nominal load: 6 kg Overall dimensions: 85/60/59 cm Interactive Russified display with backlight Chrome hatch with double glass; child lock Aqua Stop anti-leakage system Possibility to reload laundry at any stage Fuzzy-Control system (water and load sensors) Individual mode of drum movements for different fabrics Hand wash and stain programs Price: up to 31 170 rub.

ELECTROLUX EWN 1220 Load type: front, comfortable tilt drum Washing and energy class: A Spin speed: 1200 rpm. Load: 5 kg Overall dimensions: 85/60/62 cm Fuzzy Logic keypad control (control of water consumption, foaming, all program parameters) Enlarged hatch with double glass Anti-Flood overflow protection system Efficient washing of a small amount of laundry Direct Spray technology (water injection directly on the linen) Skip function (“skip the program stage”) Price: up to 20,000 rubles

ARISTON AVTF 109 (Newtime) Load type: vertical Washing and energy class: A Spin speed: 1000 rpm. Load: 5 kg Dimensions: 85/40/60 cm LCD display with backlight Electronic control of water consumption, temperature, program execution Large hatch Possibility to open the lid during washing Silent machine (SuperSilent) Super Wash technology: class A washing without soaking Easy Block: automatic parking of the drum with the hatch up The program "hand wash wool" Price: up to 15 426 rubles

ASKO Compact W421 Load type: vertical Washing class: A Energy class: B Spin speed: 400-1200 rpm. Loading: 3 kg Dimensions: 39.5 /60/67 cm Fuzzy Logic digital display (sensors for water consumption, temperature, program execution) Child lock "STOP" position: automatic parking of the drum with the hatch up Express wash: 25 min. Hand wash and wool wash Anti-crease setting: 2 hours Allergy setting (Super Rinse): 7 rinses Made in Finland Price: up to RUB 16,990

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