Music boxes of the 21st century

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Music boxes of the 21st century
Music boxes of the 21st century

Remember the cassette players that were the ultimate in our dreams? Today, children prefer the "figure", where you can "download" music from the Internet or get a "soap" from a friend. It's time for us to figure out these "tricks" in order to take part in the discussion of a new purchase in a qualified manner.

Music boxes of the 21st century

Remember the cassette players that were the ultimate in our dreams? Today, children prefer the "figure", where you can "download" music from the Internet or get a "soap" from a friend. It's time for us to figure out these "tricks" in order to take part in the discussion of a new purchase in a qualified manner.

All modern digital players can be divided by media type into three groups:

  • CD and CD/MP3 players where the CD is the media;
  • MP3 players with built-in flash memory or miniature hard drive (hard drive);
  • MD players with MD.

CD and CD/MP3 players

Allows you to use the world's most widely used media - a regular CD. Advantage - ease of use and compatibility, disadvantages - relatively large dimensions and weight: after all, the player cannot be smaller than the disk itself with a diameter of 12 cm. However, modern manufacturers have learned how to pack the device into an ultra-thin case - up to 13 mm.

CD/MP3 players, in addition to conventional CDs, "understand" discs on which music is recorded in MP3 format. They look like ordinary CDs, but they do not hold 74-80 minutes of music, but an order of magnitude more. Modern CD/MP3 models can also play CD-R (recordable) and CD-RW (rewritable) discs. Another useful innovation - anti-shock - a few megabytes of buffer memory, through which music is broadcast without jumps when shaking the device. Simply put, the system memorizes a fragment of a melody ahead and issues it from memory, and not from disk.

MP3 players

All MP3 players appear before us in the form of a "box" into which music must first be "downloaded" from a computer, which is done using the cable and software included in the package. In this case, it will not be possible to simply take your favorite disc with you - first you will have to upload it to your computer and convert it to MP3, and only then transfer it to the player. However, for those who are “on you” with a computer, there are unlimited possibilities for creating a musical selection that will fit in a shirt pocket.

The most compact of all existing models - MP3 players with flash-memory, the volume of which can be up to 512 MB, which is approximately equal to 8 hours with standard sound quality. They are small and comfortable - they do not have a moving disk, so they are not afraid of any, even the most merciless shaking.

But this is not the limit of modern technology. There are MP3 players based on hard drives that allow you to store much more information - up to 8 GB or 90 hours of MP3 music! However, this type is more suitable for the most advanced music lover who, for the sake of music, is ready to put up with the relatively large size and relatively high price of this “machine”.

MD players

These players combine the simplicity of the good old "cassette" with the convenience and high quality of digital audio. The media used is a minidisk - a small plate similar to a computer floppy disk. Minidisc in standard mode holds up to 80 minutes of music, just like a normal CD. However, the minidisk is more compact, it can be rewritten an unlimited number of times without loss of quality, you can edit the recordings, and all this without a computer. To record music on an MD, it is enough to connect it, for example, to a CD player. But the MD player is also "friends" with the computer, which allows you to record music on an MD ten times faster.

  • All types of digital players can have a built-in tuner with the ability to listen to FM radio broadcasts. And players with a recording function will allow you to record your favorite song directly from the air at the touch of a button.
  • The latest generation of MP3 players allows you to record any audio signal, which makes it possible to use such players as a voice recorder.

  • The presence of a line-out will allow you to correctly connect the player to a car audio system or to a music center.
  • Digital format allows you to listen to music or any data in any order, set the sequence of songs or files, repeat any passage at different speeds. Therefore, your child can listen to educational programs, such as a foreign language course, interspersed with music.


Digital player is a portable audio playback device that uses digital audio material as a source.

MP3 is a digital audio format. Thanks to special algorithms for processing information, MP3 makes it possible to “cram” a long sound time into a relatively small file volume. Analogs - WMA, OOG and others formats that use similar compression algorithms and are also supported by many modern MP3 machines.

CD-R - recordable CD - an empty "blank" on which you can write music or data once

CD-RW - same as CD-R, but rewritable


The new digital players from Panasonic - SV-MP31VGC-S and SV-MP21VGC-S, are equipped with built-in memory of 256 MB and 128 MB, respectively. The players embody all the possibilities of modern digital audio technology: they can work in voice recorder mode, have an FM tuner with the ability to record, and, finally, can be used as a self-instruction manual for learning foreign languages. For this, the following functions are provided: repeat from moment A to moment B, automatic repetition at certain intervals per second, 3 playback speeds, as well as comparing your own voice in the recording with the original and re-checking pronunciation. They support MP3 and WMA formats. The novelties are super compact: their size is only 42 x 60 x 22 mm and weighs 44.5 g with batteries, they can be worn around the neck with a special lanyard.

Recommended price: up to 5,300 rubles. (SV-MP31VGC-S) and up to 4,000 (SV-MP21VGC-S)


The new iRIVER iMP series is the thinnest MP3\CD player in the world. Its thickness is only 13.7 mm and its weight is only 145 grams. The iMP-550 is equipped with the new Xtreme EQ multi-frequency equalizer, 15 minutes of anti-shock, and a built-in FM radio, and a special coating protects the player from bumps and scratches. Using the line and optical outputs, the player can be connected to any audio system. Continuous playback for 55 hours will allow you to enjoy your favorite music for a long time without recharging the batteries. A convenient four-band wide LCD display shows all the necessary information about the currently playing composition. The player is equipped with various playback modes: from repeat and play one or all songs to repeat the marked range within the track.

Recommended price: up to RUB 5,490


SAMSUNG's ultra-slim MP3/CD player MCD-CM600 S/B is capable of reading ASF formats, which features 30% smaller files and better sound quality. The use of advanced SRS WOW technology releases high and low frequencies that may lose clarity when digitally compressed. The menu of the "international" player speaks three languages ​​- English, Russian and Korean. Also among the functions of this machine is the ability to add lyrics to the music file.

From a practical point of view, this player has the "advanced anti-shock" characteristics provided by the VEOS universal anti-shock system, which combines the advantages of buffer memory and a quick recovery system.

Recommended price: up to RUB 5,800


The next generation Hi-MD WALKMAN series players offer 1 GB of memory for recording music, visuals and computer data. With their small size, these units have the highest memory capacity among MD players - Sony's ATRAC3plus technology allows you to record up to 45 CDs on a single MD. These players also provide recording speeds hundreds of times faster than playback speeds, ripping a CD in as little as 40 seconds. Hi-MD WALKMANs are versatile because they can store computer, photo and video data along with music files. Standing out among the WALKMAN family is the super-slim and lightweight MZ-NH1, which comes with a full range of accessories, including a USB stand and 3-line LCD remote control with jog dial.

Recommended price: up to RUB 5,000

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