Comfortable air

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Comfortable air
Comfortable air

Modern air conditioners cool in summer and heat in winter. They also know how to purify the air and saturate it with oxygen. For help, we turned to Olga Antropova, sales consultant for household appliances at M.Video.

Comfort air

The comments of Olga Antropova, M.Video household appliances sales assistant, will help you choose the right air conditioner

Question: What is the difference between wall mounted air conditioners and mobile air conditioners?

Answer: Wall-mounted air conditioners include split systems, which are divided into external and internal units. The outside is warm, while the inside generates cold air. Due to the fact that the blocks are separated, the air conditioner works quieter, besides, advanced air purification technologies are most often used in these systems, they can work for heating. A mobile air conditioner is a single unit on wheels that can be moved from room to room. We must also mention the window type of air conditioners, which is also a single unit, but not mobile, but mounted in a window opening.

Q: How difficult are different types of air conditioners to install?

О.: Split systems require the most qualified installation - it is better to entrust their installation to a specialist from a service center authorized by the manufacturer. But unlike a window air conditioner, which occupies part of the window, when installing a split system, a hole with a diameter of 5–7 cm is drilled in the wall. Any carpenter from the public service can install a window air conditioner. A mobile air conditioner does not require installation, its advantage is that it can be moved and transported. To remove warm air, a flexible hose up to 1.5 m long and 12–15 cm in diameter is used.

Q.: What is the cost of electricity with the installed air conditioner and how do they depend on the capacity of the system?

A.: Fears that more powerful air conditioners require special connections are unfounded. The air conditioner consumes much less electricity than its own power. An air conditioner with an average power of 2.5 kW, which is enough to cool a room with an area of ​​​​22-25 meters, consumes only 1 kW / hour. Inverter split systems are the most economical, as they are able to automatically adjust the performance of the air conditioner. They quickly cool/heat the room, using full power at first, gradually reducing it as the temperature approaches the set temperature. Then the split system with an inverter begins to maintain a more economical mode of operation with minimal energy consumption.

Q.: What additional features do modern air conditioners have?

О.: Modern household air conditioners do not just cool, they are full-fledged climatic complexes that can purify the air, ionize and even saturate with oxygen. Filtration systems typically include a coarse filter that traps large particles and hair, and fine filters. They can be charcoal and trap odors, allergens, bacteria and viruses. State-of-the-art catechin filters not only trap the virus, but destroy it. Some models are equipped with enzyme-based antibacterial filters or electrostatic filters with Silver Nano coating. There are air conditioners with a built-in oxygen generator: it is installed on the outdoor unit of the split system and, using a special technology, filters oxygen molecules, which then enter the room.

Simple tips

Before you buy a split system, you need to fill out the so-called selection sheet and make a sketch together with a store specialist. To choose power, consider the parameters:

  • volume of the room (a value equal to the area multiplied by the height of the ceiling);
  • location and size of windows;
  • number of people permanently indoors;
  • heat sources - TV, computer, microwave.

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