Tipping etiquette

Tipping etiquette
Tipping etiquette

Tip tradition is popular in all countries. Tipping is customary to encourage service workers. But in what situations and how much money is expected from you?

Tea etiquette

Tipping is a deeply voluntary matter, you can refuse them if the quality of service does not suit you. This can be rude behavior of the service staff, insufficiently quick response to your requests, short cuts when ordering, interruption of the haircut, make-up procedure by personal phone calls

In a restaurant

The rules of etiquette require the visitor to offer the waiter 10% of the total order. The amount of the tip depends on the quality of service and the type of establishment you are in. For example, in a restaurant with a buffet, 10% is more than enough. In a gourmet French restaurant, the amount may be higher. In the countries of Eastern Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria) it is customary to give no more than 5%, and in Tunisia one dollar is enough. Sometimes the tip amount is included in the cost of the service and is indicated on the menu or on the bill (in this case, the bill contains the entry tips included for English speakers, service compris for French speakers and trinkgeld inberifen for German speakers), so no additional reward is required. If the tip is included in the bill, and the service did not suit you, then you cannot do without explanations from the restaurant management. In this case, choose what is easier for you: still give a tip or sort things out.

In the hotel

Tip to the porter depends on the amount of your luggage, which he delivers to the hotel and hands over to the porter. As a rule, his services cost $1-2. However, if you contact the doorman with a personal request (for example, to call a taxi or explain the route you need), the tip amount will increase to $3-4. The porter who will pick up your luggage and bring it to your room can be given $1-2. It is customary to pay a maid who cleans up the room $ 1 a day, and usually leave the money on the pillow, otherwise the maid simply will not take it.

In a taxi

Tipping a taxi driver is 10% of the fare. If the driver helped you load your luggage, you can increase the amount.

On the tour

If you use the services of a guide, after the tour is over, it is also customary to thank him. The size of the tip here is completely arbitrary, it all depends on how satisfied you are with the work of the guide. On a group trip, everyone can donate $ 1-2 per person. In addition, it is customary to leave some money for the bus driver.

In a beauty salon

For employees of beauty salons in Europe, tips are included in the cost of services. If you want to further encourage the master, feel free to add 10 euros on top of the bill.

Tipping can seem like a waste of money: the service is done and if you are on vacation, you will most likely never meet the waiter again. However, if the service suits you, then a tip is a courtesy. Another thing is restaurants or beauty salons where you often visit. Leaving a small amount on top of the bill, next time you can count on a warm welcome


You and tips

• Leave a tip after you've been paid in full.

• In beauty salons, spas and hairdressers, it is better to tip directly to the masters who served you, and not transfer money through third parties.

• It is not customary to tip the owners of establishments where you are. It is considered extremely impolite.

• It is generally not customary to tip employees in closed private clubs, as it is believed that the salaries of employees in such establishments are high enough and do not involve incentives.

• It is better for personal sports trainers, psychologists and psychoanalysts to give nice gifts on holidays than to tip.

• If for some reason you are very dissatisfied with the actions of the waiter, you should not make a scandal in the restaurant. In order for the culprit to realize his mistakes, it is enough to tip him in change.

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