How to save up for a vacation?

How to save up for a vacation?
How to save up for a vacation?

To save up a decent amount for a vacation, it is not necessary to deny yourself pleasures all year. You can save on almost everything, even on taxes and he alth insurance, and in a completely legal way. And most importantly, you won't have to change your lifestyle.

How to save for vacation?

40,000 rubles out of thin air

To save up a decent amount for a vacation, it is not necessary to deny yourself pleasures all year. You can save on almost everything, even on taxes and he alth insurance, and in a completely legal way. And most importantly, you won't have to change your lifestyle


  1. Drink what is he althy. By replacing cola and juices with drinking water without gas and homemade fruit drinks, you will not only save money, but also take a big step towards improving your body. A 5 liter canister of water costs the same as a 2 liter can of cola or a 1 liter carton of juice. And for a family of 3, it will last for a week.
  2. Cut down on expensive alcoholic beverages. The safe amount of alcohol for a woman is 150 ml of wine or 500 ml of beer per day.
  3. If every day you smoke one pack of cigarettes, which costs 30 rubles, you spend 10,950 rubles a year. Quit smoking and the money saved will allow you to travel to Prague for a week.

Save RUB 15,000


A good garden does not necessarily require large financial investments. But in the backyard, as in everything, there are things that you can save on, and those that you can’t save on.

  • Instead of buying one big plant or seedling, buy three small ones. Firstly, they are cheaper, and secondly, they take root much better and grow faster. A plant that you planted small will overtake and overtake a large seedling.
  • Collect your own seeds. If you have had a successful harvest, collect the seeds, dry them properly and put them in paper bags. Next year you will be able not to spend money on buying seeds and save at least 300 rubles.
  • Granulated seeds (each seed is covered with a nutritious shell) do not justify the high price. Buy seeds and fertilizer separately.
  • Don't skimp on tools. Buy only the best inventory, made from durable and high-quality materials. Such tools will last a very long time and as a result will be much more profitable than cheap ones.

Save RUB 1,500


As you know, every working citizen of the Russian Federation pays income tax, which is withheld from the salary. But in some cases, you can expect very tangible benefits.

  1. If you bought an apartment or a residential building that costs more than 1 million rubles, then up to 130 thousand rubles can be returned to you from the amount of income tax you paid.
  2. If you spent up to 38 thousand rubles on your education or the education of minor children, 13% of this amount can be returned from the income tax you paid (but not more than 4,940 rubles).
  3. If you spent up to 38 thousand rubles on your own treatment or on the treatment of your spouse, children or your parents, you can also be refunded up to 4,940 rubles. To receive the above benefits, you need to contact the tax office and provide supporting documents.

Save RUB 9,000


  • Feel free to check your long distance bills and call the operator! It is in the calculation of those who pay without looking, they send erroneous invoices.
  • If you have Internet access at home, use IP-telephony services. Phone cards can be bought at internet card sales points. Calls to European countries will cost you 4 cents, calls within Russia are even cheaper.

Save 300 rubles. per year


If you don't have enough time to cook, you often buy ready-to-cook food, which costs significantly more than raw food. On the weekend, prepare dinners for the whole week, arrange in plastic containers and freeze. After work, you will only have to defrost and eat.

Save 300 Rui. per week


Each insurance company has its own discount system. But not every agent communicates this to customers.

  1. If you renew your insurance contract (it can be car insurance, real estate insurance, accident insurance or medical insurance), you can count on a discount of 5 to 10%.
  2. Any company is interested in new customers, and if you switch to another insurance company, you should also ask for a discount (about 5%).
  3. Some companies have so-called commercial discounts. For example, you agree to put a logo sticker on your car and pay 5% less than others.
  4. If you insure a car and you are over 22 years old, and driving experience is more than 2 years, you can count on a significant discount - up to 20%.
  5. He alth insurance can be very beneficial. For example, when you buy insurance for a dental clinic, you pay about $150 a year. This sum insured covers an average of $2,000 in treatment.

Save RUB 4,000


  • In shops and supermarkets, first of all, pay attention to the goods that are displayed on the upper and lower shelves. As a rule, cheaper products are placed there, and the most expensive ones are displayed right at eye level.
  • Expensive fortified foods (various cereals, cereals, curds, baby biscuits) do not justify themselves. Better buy regular products and separately - good domestic multivitamins.
  • It is believed that large packages are more profitable to buy than small ones. But it is not always the case! It often turns out that two small packages are cheaper than one large one. Check before you buy.
  • If you shop for groceries, don't miss out on new brands and promotions. When a product enters the market, it usually costs less than competitors' products.

Save 300 rubles. per month


Some stores publish discount coupons in magazines, newspapers and websites. Other stores participate in discount programs. Cut out all the useful coupons you see and design all the cards you can get for free. One day they will come in handy. And if not, it's not a shame.

Save RUB 15,000


  1. Replace ordinary light bulbs throughout the apartment with energy-saving ones. An 11W energy-saving light bulb gives about the same illumination as a regular 60W light bulb. It turns out that you will spend 5-6 times less on lighting an apartment than usual. Of course, an economical light bulb costs much more than a regular one, but it usually lasts for several years, and your costs will pay off in about six months.
  2. When buying home appliances, try to choose models in the price category you need, which belong to category A in terms of electricity and water consumption. As a rule, such models are also somewhat more expensive, but in the end they justify themselves. Especially if you take into account that in the future water meters will be installed in city apartments.

Save 200 rubles. per month


  • If you are going to buy appliances, do not choose the newest models that have just appeared on the market. As a rule, after a few months they will cost significantly less. It is most reasonable to choose a model that came out shortly before the very last one. So you will buy equipment that is quite modern, but at the same time you will not overpay for novelty or super fashionable design. For example, expensive fashion models of mobile phones in the first three months can fall in price by 3000-4000 thousand rubles. and more.
  • When choosing a technique, we often strive to purchase a model that has as many functions as possible. Try to take a sober look at things: what exactly do you need? Will you use a microwave grill if you already have an oven grill? Most likely not, which means that you can save money on the microwave and buy a simpler model.

Save RUB 3,000

BLANKS for future use

If you have a large enough freezer in your fridge, you can save a lot on groceries.

  1. When gathering mushrooms and berries in the summer, freeze the excess. And besides, freeze everything that grows in your summer cottage - currants, strawberries, cherries, carrots (chopped or grated), greens, etc.
  2. In autumn, when vegetables are the cheapest, you can buy and freeze peppers, eggplant, cauliflower.
  3. If you buy large pieces of meat or fish at the market, bargain and get a discount. At home, divide the food into several parts, arrange in bags and freeze.

Saving RUB 1,000


  1. If you are going to buy something new for your house, first get rid of something old. For example, when buying a new coffee table, sell the old one. This can be done by placing an ad in a local newspaper or using websites such as
  2. Sell or trade books you have already read and movies you have watched, as well as children's things in the same way.
  3. If you feel like your apartment is littered with unnecessary things, clean once a month and put in a box what you do not use. If during the year not a single thing was needed, feel free to get rid of the box. If it works, sell it. If not, donate to an orphanage or nursing home.

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