How to plan a summer cottage?

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How to plan a summer cottage?
How to plan a summer cottage?

A country-style garden is perfect for both small plots and entire country estates.

How to plan a summer cottage?

Country-style garden is perfect for both small plots on the traditional six acres, and entire country estates. Retaining its practical value, at the same time it will give the whole family a great place to relax and chat with friends.

How to plan a small lot?

Alternate areas densely planted with bushes and trees, such as near a gazebo or pergola and a sunny open lawn with bright flower beds - this creates the impression of spaciousness. Turning paths with new views also visually expand the garden.

Pergola, gazebo

Most often this is a favorite vacation spot for the whole family, so it needs to be decorated with flowering plants for the entire summer season. In addition to flowers and beautiful shrubs that surround the gazebo, plants in ceramic pots, as well as in old buckets and barrels, will look great. The more non-standard, hand-made details - for example, instead of arbor posts, you can use logs with unpeeled bark - in your country-style garden, the better, in other cases they may look out of place, alien, but not here. In this case, all the details must be harmoniously interconnected.

How to choose a place for a pergola? Pergola should not stand in the way and interfere with you when you walk in the garden, and also be a spectacular connecting element for the entire garden space. A pergola should not obscure a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape from you. In addition, it can be used to visually expand the interior, creating an outdoor "room". Decide whether you want the pergola to support the plants: its stability will depend in part on the number of plantings planned. Climbing and creeping plants soften the appearance of the pergola. creating a certain privacy and pleasant shade.

Home Pond

Every summer resident dreams of his own pond. Especially if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe site allows him to dig something more or less significant. However, after a year, many owners are trying to quickly bury this breeding ground for mosquitoes and the source of the fetid odor. To make your pond really look beautiful and it was pleasant to relax next to it, you need to follow a few simple rules:

1 Concrete and ceramic tiles are better for a pool than for a natural body of water. Make banks of clay and natural stone, plant shrubs around so that in summer there is shade and the water does not overheat.

2 Plant water-loving plants such as iris, coltsfoot, peppermint, nolana, and sponge to strengthen the banks of the pond. The roots of plants will consume excess organic matter from the water and will not allow it to “bloom”. And the seeds of cereals will also be an excellent food for fish.

3 The banks should be gentle, otherwise the frogs will not like the pond, and they, along with the fish, are the main consumers of mosquito larvae. The depth in the pond should also not be the same everywhere: fish and frog young grow well in shallow water, and without a deep-water part, the pond will quickly become shallow in summer and freeze in winter, and then all its flora and fauna will die.

Flower beds on the ground and in the air

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