101 decor ideas for apartments, houses and cottages

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101 decor ideas for apartments, houses and cottages
101 decor ideas for apartments, houses and cottages

Sometimes we all want to update and refresh the interior. And for this it is not at all necessary to start repairs.

101 ideas for decorating your home

Sometimes we all want to update and refresh the interior. And for this it is not at all necessary to start repairs, there are many simple and affordable ways to turn your home into the home of your dreams


1. A room where you both work and play can often feel too cluttered, so try to make do with the bare minimum of furniture, opting for simple cabinets and sofas.

2. When you do not have enough space for a separate study or library, try to intelligently combine the functions of the rooms. For example, it is better to connect a library with a living room, since they are intended for general use, and besides, keeping books where they sleep is very harmful. And a home office can be set up in the parents' bedroom if the children are still small and do not use a computer.

3. To make a multifunctional room look harmonious, use unifying techniques. For example, cover work chairs with the same fabric as the sofa.

4. If you work in the living room, then due to the abundance of wires and office equipment, it may look too "office". To prevent this from happening, complete the decor with a secretary cabinet, which completely fits a computer, printer, all papers and CDs.

5. Use sliding panels, partitions, curtains to separate the workplace from the rest area.

6. In very narrow rooms, pay attention to the floor pattern - it is better if these are transverse stripes that optically expand the space.

7. Do not forget to emphasize the main purpose of the room: a living room with an office is, first of all, a living room, so the sofa, armchairs, coffee table will become central in it - everything that creates an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

8. Try to make your home office cozier, use stationery accessories made from natural materials - wicker baskets for paper, wooden glasses for pens, small vases for scissors and rulers.

9. Rearrange the furniture in the living room: turn the sofa and coffee table along another wall or push them to the middle of the room.

10. Using as many different baskets as possible is the best way to deal with clutter and decorate your home at the same time.

11. Turn a tiny dark room into a walk-in closet - wallpaper it, put a bar with hangers, hang a small mirror.

12. Play up boring doorways - paint the architraves, make a border on them using the “napkin” technique, or glue old photographs and beautiful pictures, and then varnish them.

13. Show your kids how proud you are of their accomplishments by making a flip calendar out of their drawings and hanging it where you can see it.

14. Bouquets of fresh flowers throughout the house - a pleasure available to us in spring and summer.

15. If you like light interiors but still want to “colorize” it a bit, try using light, special multi-color lighting systems are now sold in stores - find the option that suits you.

16. Create the appearance of a collection - group several of the most common framed cards with similar themes (for example, photos of flowers or butterflies) on one wall - it looks very stylish and thoughtful.

17. Give an old wooden table or office a touch of class by painting it high-gloss white with enamel spray paint.

18. Add luxury to your living room by hanging pleated curtains running the length of the wall. Raise the curtain rod as high as possible and tuck the fabric a little on the floor - it looks extremely impressive.

19. Highlight the doorway by hanging a row of small pictures above it.

20. Paint the ceiling lavender or baby blue. This will add air to the room and visually increase its height.

21. In a house where a large family lives, you always need a lot of storage space - use the wall surface correctly - buy high cabinets with mezzanines or hanging shelves.

22. When creating a new image of the room, think about how it will look in the evening. For example, a laconic minimalist interior can look too cold and gloomy, so add "warming" details to it: small light bulbs, floor lamps with soft light or candles to make the room more welcoming in the evening light.

23. Arrange an original photo gallery: paint all the frames with gold and silver spray. You will get a finished decorative composition.

24. In small multifunctional living rooms, use furniture on wheels - it will allow you to easily change the look and purpose of the room.

25. Stained glass vases and bowls scattered around the room catch the light and spread colorful sunbeams throughout the room.

26. Advice for owners of small apartments: hang large mirrors - they reflect light and make rooms larger and brighter.

27. You can visually increase the height of the ceiling with the help of curtains and vertical striped wallpaper. Use tall narrow cabinets and compact upholstered furniture. Try to hang the cornice at the highest possible height.

28. Often it is very difficult for us to choose accessories - we doubt whether they will be combined with each other, whether they will fit furniture, wallpaper. A simple solution: choose one leading color, like burgundy, and pick up a lot of decorative gizmos in the same range, and when burgundy gets bored, switch to another color. Let's say green.

29. In small apartments, use the space above the doors - there you can make open shelves for decorative gizmos or books.

30. Dress up the cushions of a boring plain sofa with new covers in fabrics with different textures and patterns.

31. If there are dark places in the room that visually hide the space, hang a large mirror that will reflect the light into this dark corner.

32. Replace conventional switches with dimmers (switches with current regulators) - this will allow you to set any degree of illumination of the room, depending on the mood.

33. A cozy living room is not complete without a good carpet. Our choice is a soft carpet with a low tightly twisted pile from a trusted manufacturer. The main requirements - the carpet must be beautiful, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

34. Books create an impression of comfort in the room - do not hide them in blind cabinets - hang several open shelves in the living room, and those books that you are currently reading can be left on the coffee table.

35. In large rooms, try not to use a lot of small decorations - they get lost and give the impression of a mess. Two or three large items of original design - a sculpture, a vase, a painting - look more advantageous and emphasize the volume of space.

36. Of course, no one will renew the floor every season. But, if you want a change, rugs and paths will help. This is a very trendy way to freshen up a room or divide it into zones.

37. Pale colors visually enlarge the living room. In addition, using bright details, you can highlight certain parts of the room, diverting attention from those areas that you would like to hide.

38. If you want to draw attention to a piece of art, such as a sculpture or a floor vase, set it to custom lighting.

39. When choosing a painting to decorate a room, do not focus on its artistic value. Much more important is the shape and color. The main task of painting in the interior is to bring together and harmonize the entire design of the room.

40. An interesting variant of the game with color - paint only one wall with a certain color, and the whole room - walls, furniture, flow - in different shades of this color.

41. Delicate natural tones will make the interior more cozy and homely - they do not become obsolete as quickly as actual bright colors or flashy fashionable designs, and they do not tire the eyes as much.

42. If you are a happy owner of a beautiful view from the window - frame it as a work of art. Hang simple, sleek curtains that won't draw attention away from the scenery outside.

43. Pretty candlesticks look best when placed in small groups.

44. Want to spice up a neutral design room a bit? Make a colorful island, for example around the sofa. Bright pillows, a few colored accessories, pots of green plants - this contrast will not tire the eyes, but will really enliven and make everything around expressive.

45. Unconventional design: paint three walls, and paste wallpaper on one - it will play and will be the soloist in the room.

46. The easiest way to change the interior is to repaint the walls, but for this you need to strain once and prepare the surface well for the first painting. It's not easy, but then you can change the look of the room as often as you like.

47. Change your attitude to artificial flowers - they are back in fashion. Collect them in a dense bouquet and place in a vase, completely hiding the stems.

48. Are your couch's best days behind you? Cover it with a beautiful throw or sew a slipcover to hide any scuffs and damage and add new color to your living room.

49. Express yourself: Decorate a piece of wall with your favorite poetic quote - using a fine brush or a special lettering stencil.

50. If you have to sleep in the living room, hide the TV in a closet so that the room turns into a bedroom at night.

51. Home plants enliven the interior, take care of beautiful pots for them. This is a great decor item.

52. Is it too radical for you to lay a bright carpet in the living room? Then buy a small rug or runner.

53. Rethink your wall decor with an open shelf and arrange unusual accessories and framed photographs on it.

54. If you decide to decorate the living room with a mirror, hang it low enough so that the furniture is almost completely reflected in it - then there will not be an impression of a “slaughtered” space.

55. Hide your computer wires all over your room with a special case that can hold up to six cords at once.

56. Buy design books for even more useful and simple ideas.

57. A great eco-friendly décor idea is to place a large wooden bowl of green apples on a coffee table or wide shelf. Beautiful, natural, fragrant.


58. Don't forget that a table lamp is not only a functional element for lighting and reading, but also a great decorative item to decorate the bedroom during daylight hours.

59. A high headboard is a great way to fool our eyes. It makes the ceiling taller and makes the bed stand out more.

60. In the bedroom, try to combine fabrics of different textures - silk and velveteen, glossy and matte. This produces an impressive effect, expanding and visually saturating the space.

61. Add some romance with a white mosquito net canopy on a round frame above your bed.

62. Make the bedroom more feminine - use as many ribbons, laces, bows and flowers as possible in the decor.


63. Despite the prevailing opinion, the wooden floor in the bathroom is quite appropriate. It needs to be covered with a special varnish - it's quite expensive, but durable and really chic.

64. By mixing old and new items in the interior, you will create eclecticism, but by adding one new detail to the old or, on the contrary, one old to the new, you will make your interior truly chic. For example, hang an antique mirror above the sink in a modern bathroom.

65. Think of the bathroom as a complete room - start with decorating. Hang a picture or a large photograph on a free wall. The main thing is that it must be framed very securely so that the fumes do not fall under the glass.

66. Turn your bathroom into a spa. Hang fluffy towels, buy natural soaps, wooden accessories and wicker baskets.

67. If your bathroom has a window, it is best to decorate it with metal blinds. They go well with shiny chrome faucets and accessories.

68. Have multiple light sources in the bathroom - one for bright lighting, another for intimate light around the mirror.

69. Pay attention to the color of the bathroom - it is desirable that the curtain, rug and towels match each other in color and design.

70. Replacing a bathroom faucet with a more modern model is not difficult and not very expensive, but the effect of the upgrade is huge.

71. Let the kids be the designers and put special bathroom appliqués on the plain tiles.

72. The bathroom is a great place for fresh flowers, just try to choose plants that need very humid air.

73. If you keep washing powders and bottles of detergents and cleaning products under the sink, buy a plastic box with a tight lid and put all the jars and bottles in there. It's both more hygienic and neater.

74. Give your bathroom a touch of sophistication: Buy small glass bottles from decorators or antique shops and pour all your tonics, lotions and gels into them. Your shelf under the mirror will look like a 50s Hollywood movie boudoir.


75. Good lighting is a must for any kitchen, but don't just focus on the work area. Highlight the dining table with soft light - this will add coziness to the evening meal.

76. To compensate for the small size of the kitchen will help a large number of reflective surfaces - glass, glossy enamels, metal.

77. In a small kitchen, it is better to use utensils with curved edges. They make our eye move along a complex trajectory, and we psychologically perceive space as more extended and deeper.

78. Create a new image of the kitchen - sew chair covers. Browse decor books and find the one that suits all your requirements among the many models of covers.

79. The best way to protect your dining table is with plastic plate pads, they are back in style and on sale, so you can always find something just for your decor.

80. A bit retro - do not buy a full-fledged headset. Equip the kitchen with open shelves and cabinets without doors, and close them with thick curtains. Stylish and very comfortable.

81. Remove beautiful large plates from the cabinets and hang them on the wall. Nothing will prevent them from being removed from the nail at the right time and used for their intended purpose.


82. Frame several children's drawings in good baguettes and hang them on one wall - you will be surprised how worthy and finished works of children's works can look.

83. Make a graffiti zone - paint a section of the wall with special matte blackboard paint. Let the children draw.

84. Turn the curtains into a treasure chest - sew multi-colored pockets on the fabric, in which kids can store all the little things they need.

85. Give the kids an adventure: buy a carpet or carpet from a special series: lined like a race track or with a plan of a mysterious castle.

86. Paint the ceiling in the nursery blue and draw the sun and clouds, or even better - attach them on threads, cut them out of thick paper and color them in.


87. Divide the narrow corridor into the actual entrance and residential areas. Lay out 1-2 meters at the threshold with ceramic tiles. Incoming people will clearly see the line that you don't have to step on with street shoes, plus tile is easier to care for than parquet or laminate flooring.

88. Buy a new entrance mat - with an original pattern, bright and cheerful.

89. In a small apartment, change the swing door to the room for a sliding one - you will take a few centimeters from the corridor, but give the room almost 1.5 meters of free space.

90. If you have old built-in wardrobes in your hallway, replace all doors with shutter doors. It is both beautiful and functional - fresh air constantly gets into the mezzanines and closets.


91. Black and white photographs, whether yours or last century movie stars, are a great way to style any interior. Insert them into frames of various shapes and hang them along the wall - it seems that this is a family collection that has been collected over the years.

92. If you are going to repaint something in the house, buy a base paint that is suitable for all surfaces: in case you want to update something else along the way, then you will only have to spend money on the right color and additional brushes.

93. You dream of a new bed, but it's too expensive. Saving Tip - Buy a used metal headboard from a thrift store and have it refurbished, or have your husband make a plywood frame and then upholster it in luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, or faux suede.

94. Cheap and effective: update the walls in the nursery by buying a bright border with large patterns and sticking it directly on the old wallpaper or cutting out individual motifs.

95. Instead of spending money on buying new fronts for a boring kitchen, refinish them with a very affordable self-adhesive film or paint on plastic.

96. Decorative pillows are a great decorative element. They don't have to match the color of the sofa - it's better to enliven the room and change them into fun multi-colored covers.

97. Do not throw away old wooden chairs - now it is a very fashionable interior detail. You just need to sand them, and then paint them in bright rich colors, or use white paint and a sponge to achieve the effect of aging.

98. A good solution for a bathroom is to finish it all with the simplest white tiles, and to avoid the impression of sterility, dilute the whiteness with accessories in warm shades.

99. Give your old refrigerator a new lease of life by repainting it in a fresh, cheerful color with a special paint that is sold in good hardware stores. Nothing needs to be sanded or sanded - degrease the surface and apply paint. Very fast and easy.

100. Decorate your bathroom curtain - buy colorful ribbons and attach them to the rings on the outside.

101. Draw attention to the windows - buy new original curtain rod tips.

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