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Feng Shui style interior
Feng Shui style interior

Change and start a new life - many of us sometimes have such a desire. There is a Chinese saying: "If you want to change your life, you need to move a few items in the house." Shall we check?

Feng Shui style interior

Change and start a new life - many of us sometimes have such a desire. There is a Chinese saying: "If you want to change your life, you need to move a few items in the house." Shall we check?

Secret powers of things

Feng Shui - the Chinese art of organizing space - has more than three thousand years. And, although the word itself seems incomprehensible and mysterious, the main idea of ​​​​the teaching is very simple - people's lives become happier if their home is in harmony. There are many treatises, schemes and philosophies devoted to the ability to equip an ideal home. Sometimes they are not so easy to understand. But do not be so quick to assert that the ideas of the East cannot be accepted in our culture. Answer a few questions first.

  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you went to a house?
  • Have you noticed that some thing in the house annoys you so much that you want to put it out of sight?
  • Is there an object in your house that usually attracts the eye and improves mood?
  • Do you have a talisman now or at some time in the past?
  • Do you have a place in the house that you like more than others and where you prefer to relax?
  • Do you take photos with you when you travel?
  • Does it happen that in the new room provided to you (office at work, hotel room, train compartment) you immediately try to change something to your liking?

If you answered yes to at least three of the above questions, then, apparently, you have already felt how important the surrounding space is for you. And, therefore, you can safely use feng shui in order to take a fresh look at the world. Feng Shui is complex and simple at the same time. It suits everyone - and those who doubt, and even those who do not believe in him at all. Try out the ancient Eastern theory in practice! You don't lose anything anyway. Even if you do not notice global life changes, your home will become more beautiful, and this in itself is already a big plus.

Basics of the basics

The Chinese are sure: everything that surrounds us is alive. Trees, sunlight, objects, buildings and even devices have living energy - qi. It can be useful, light, invigorating, and then we feel good and free in this house, surrounded by these things, or it can be hard and unfavorable, and then something in our life goes wrong. What will be the qi energy depends on the structure of the house, on the location of the rooms in it, on the ratio of the objects in each room. Also important is our personal attitude to everything that surrounds us, including the most ordinary, everyday household items. Habitual things can be sources of energy. And since everything in the world is interconnected, the energy can change from any movement and relationship. Change is an essential part of life and should be used to your advantage.

There are no small things in life

The Chinese believe that absolutely everything matters in the organization of space. “Any small thing entails a big one,” says an ancient Chinese proverb. Here, for example, is the front door. It would seem that the main quality for her is strength. But in feng shui, the door is much more important than creating security. Qi energy enters the house through the door, so you need to watch the door - lubricate it so that it does not creak, and wash it so that there are no stains. The locks should work properly, and nothing should be placed next to the door that would make it difficult to open. Where do you dry clothes? On the balcony? And the window is completely closed? From a feng shui point of view, this also affects the energy of the house. After all, windows are the second gates of energy, thanks to them there is an exchange of internal and external energy systems. In summer, when the sun shines for a long time and brightly, some dimming (for example, with the help of blinds) is even useful, but in winter, when the daylight hours are short, blocking access to the solar stream means depriving your home of life-giving energy. What do you have in the bathroom, in the toilet? If you constantly hear the sound of dripping water, call a plumber - water should not flow, your energy, money and he alth flow with it. For the same reason, water cannot be opened for a long time, it is unacceptable for it to flow unnecessarily. Look at the mirrors too. Are they big enough? What condition are they in? It is bad if the mirror is not high enough and you are not fully reflected in it. The mirror must be free of stains and scratches and must not distort the image.

We will audit

Things that make us happy increase good energy. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with only things you love. Look at all your possessions and think: “Do I need this thing, do I like it and does it serve its function?” And if it suddenly turns out that some object not only does not provide any benefit, but also creates additional problems, immediately part with it. It often happens that whole piles of things gather dust in closets and on balconies, taking up space or even making it difficult to pass through. In the same way, they interfere with the positive energy of your home, creating obstacles in its path and poisoning it. Incidentally, the Chinese were the first, but by no means the only ones, who noticed the beneficial power of such a “cleansing” - many peoples and at all times had a custom to get rid of unnecessary things. In medieval Europe, for example, on New Year's Eve, bonfires burned in many cities - the townspeople threw unnecessary things into them so as not to interfere with finding happiness next year. So feel free to get rid of the trash and surround yourself with only your favorite things!

Don't delay until tomorrow…

You don't have to wait for some big event - renovation, moving, New Year's holidays, spring cleaning and even Monday - to start the change. Take it and do what you decide right now. It’s clear that you are busy, there is no time or energy … But it’s better if you just put your favorite painting on the shelf than waiting for your husband to find half an hour to drive in nails and hang it on the wall. Or put in a conspicuous place the original crystal bauble gathering dust in the far corner of the sideboard. You don’t have to wait for a big holiday to show your favorite service to guests - use it right today if you are in a good mood (and if you are in a bad mood, then get it all the more - beautiful and beloved things change the surrounding energy, which, in turn, has a positive effect to your mood).

New look at home

Dining room and kitchen. The Chinese consider the dining room the heart of the home and pay great attention to its arrangement. First of all - bright, but not striking lighting and calm, pleasant music during joint dinners. The table matters. It should be round or oval, and the tablecloth on it should be white or cream. It’s good to hang a few still lifes on the wall, but such that there are no images of meat or, moreover, of killed animals - only vegetables, fruits, flowers. And it is also in the kitchen that you need to keep a small red bag with money - this will increase we alth and improve relationships.

Living room. It is considered a very important room in the house, the well-being and authority of the family depend on it. No tall objects or plants should be placed near the entrance to it, as they delay the flow of positive energy. The floors in the living room should be made of wood, they can be covered with a beautiful natural carpet. A chandelier with horns pointing upwards and a flowerpot with bamboo have a good effect on the energy of the room. Furniture should be arranged so that it forms a closed space. It draws people to you. The living room should not have old things (they have a lot of alien, not always positive energy) and high cabinets.

Bedroom. Mandatory condition - it should be located as far as possible from the entrance to the house or apartment. If there is another room opposite the bedroom, then it is better to put a large plant or a small piece of furniture between them, otherwise the energy flows get lost and quarrels arise between households. If you hang a lamp next to the bed, choose a small one, but directed upwards. The Chinese believe that relationship problems between spouses can be caused by the fact that the bed is divided into two halves. Adherents of Feng Shui consider bedside tables next to the bed to be completely unacceptable, especially if they are with sharp corners, since everything sharp activates negative energy. This can be corrected, for example, put a flower that hangs exactly in the corner of a cabinet, bedside table or table.

Nursery. There should be more light and air here, but at the same time the room should not be too spacious. Remove large mirrors, especially if the child does not sleep well. Place bright pictures on the walls that can be changed periodically. In general, in the children's room, changes should occur more often - the child is growing rapidly and needs additional energy.

Trust yourself

"You need to learn Feng Shui with your eyes and hands, head and heart." This means that knowledge alone is not enough - you must connect all your imagination and intuition. If you do everything right, but at the same time do not experience any joy from the process, then you are unlikely to achieve the desired result. Feng Shui prompts and advises you, but does not dictate. Guided by logic and knowledge, do not forget about feelings. And then success awaits you.

Practical Feng Shui

In the room where you spend most of the day, it is important not only to correctly arrange the pieces of furniture, but also to choose the most favorable combination of shapes.

BEDROOM: The main place in the bedroom is, of course, the bed. The arrangement of furniture here can be successful or not, depending on where and how the bed is placed. A good option for the layout of the bedroom is the location of the bed in the far corner of the room, diagonally to the door. But the door should not "rest" against the bed - otherwise the flow of negative energy rushes to the sleeping person. It is better to choose beds with backs - they give completeness and provide the sleeper with support. The backrests can be of different shapes and materials, but wood or fabric is preferable.

Shapes and colors in Feng Shui

The shape and structure of furniture and decorative items in the house in the Feng Shui system are important. So, the correct forms, the presence or absence of angles can be favorable or not. Auspicious shapes are quadrilaterals, circles and ovals: simple and regular geometric shapes. Irregular shapes, triangles and compositions with an excess of angles are considered unfavorable.

Red and all its shades are good for wall decoration (carpets) or window decoration (curtains) in the south.

Yellow is considered one of the powerful colors. Not suitable for everyone, and if you feel the “heaviness” of yellow, shade or completely replace it with white.

"Christmas" light red is considered the color of successful undertakings. It is good to use to decorate the living room.

In purple both beginnings are present - yin and yang. If you like it, feel free to use it in the design of rooms.

Green represents the element of Wood, it symbolizes the growth of all living things.

Blue color (Water element) is especially favorable in the eastern corners of the house or on the east or northeast wall, it can be a carpet or a picture, better in combination with green.

Plants that bring good luck

Flowers and plants will bring good luck to the home if arranged correctly.

  • He althy plants and flowers are auspicious, but feng shui experts advise avoiding flowers with thorns and thorns in the eastern part of the house.
  • Real flowers in a vase are beautiful, but as soon as they begin to wither, they should be disposed of. The process of decay attracts harmful energy into the house.
  • A branch of a pine tree symbolizes longevity, and a few stems of bamboo tied with ropes give us a very valuable ability to endure any worldly storms.
  • In order for the money tree to "work" for its intended purpose and attract we alth to you and your loved ones, it is best to plant it in the eastern or southeastern part of your house.
  • If you find it difficult to keep plants at home, you can put artificial ones with silk leaves. But real flowers are still preferable.

Feng Shui Talismans and Symbols

Feng Shui symbols serve as a kind of talismans that attract success in various areas of our lives and at the same time protect against failure. So, an ancient Chinese coin, which is distinguished by a combination of round and angular shapes, personifies a favorable unity, the harmony of earth and sky. It serves as a talisman of good luck, we alth and prosperity. A ship (1) loaded with "gold" coins will help you make a successful career and increase your we alth. The fish, which is held on the shoulders of a smiling oriental sage, will attract good luck in business and creativity. The ba-gua mirror is considered a powerful tool for influencing family relationships, strengthening ties between relatives and friends. The famous three-legged toad (2) brings we alth and prosperity. And for luck and happiness in a love relationship, a mandarin duck (3) and a pendant with red peppers (4) are “responsible”. Bells are an important tool for cleansing the space in the house and harmonizing the energies in it. They activate the life-giving, and neutralize the harmful.

Russian Feng Shui

In Russian folk traditions there are beliefs that are somewhat similar to Chinese ones, despite the difference in our cultures. For example, the custom is to attach brooms (panicles) upside down at the entrance to protect themselves from evil guests. Or those bells. According to Russian belief, their ringing has magical powers that drive away evil spirits and harmonize the space. There are many amulets, symbolic objects that bring good luck and prosperity to the house. It is believed that a horseshoe attached to the wall with “horns” up is for good luck. Products made of birch bark, hung on the wall in the kitchen or living room, symbolize the warmth of the hearth. Crystals and stones stored in the house neutralize negative energy. And the most powerful and useful amulet of the hearth is raw rock crystal. If you keep it on the windowsill, it absorbs and enhances the energy of light and joy.

Child and Feng Shui

For the harmonious development of a child's personality, it is important to properly arrange a children's room, and first of all - the places where the child sleeps, plays and studies. The most favorable direction for the nursery is the east. The nursery can be designed in brighter colors, but taking into account the individuality of the child. If your little one is active and groovy, he will be comfortable in a room decorated in soothing colors, with white, blue and blue. A calm and quiet child will suit brighter colors, juicy red and green. Favorable for the children's room are the "colors of the earth" - ocher, beige, light brown, terracotta. Put a figure of a good elephant next to the baby's bed - it brings good luck. And in front of the door it’s good to hang a picture, let the child choose it himself.

The magical power of the aquarium

Aquariums, according to Feng Shui experts, activate the energy that brings we alth. The main thing is to arrange them correctly and make sure that the water in them is always clean, and the fish are he althy and well-fed, but not overfed! It is not recommended to put the aquarium in front of the front door and in the kitchen. It is best to place it in the north, east or southeast. The most favorable fish are gold or red (these are the colors symbolizing money). You can also keep black fish - they symbolically absorb the negative energy that penetrates the house. There must be nine fish or any multiple of nine. Live fish in your home or office attract we alth and prosperity.

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