How to wash jewelry and how to care for jewelry at home

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How to wash jewelry and how to care for jewelry at home
How to wash jewelry and how to care for jewelry at home

Over time, from contact with the body, a layer of fat and dead skin cells accumulates on jewelry … Favorite jewelry needs careful care. Check out our practical tips on how to clean jewelry at home.

Wash them immediately. How to properly care for jewelry?

How to clean jewelry

The best way to clean jewelry is with a toothbrush (or cotton buds) and regular dishwashing liquid. Some jewelry stores also sell special ultrasonic cleaners and cleaning fluids that literally eat away dirt. This is the most effective way, but, unfortunately, not all jewelry will be able to withstand it. Hard gemstones, like diamonds and sapphires, are quite strong, but you should still check with the dealer or jeweler first. The safest way to clean is with a soft, damp cloth. By the way, now there are special rags for these purposes. And with the help of gin, you can polish already cleaned jewelry and restore their former shine, but not remove dirt.

Hard Gems

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and garnets - you need to clean very carefully so as not to damage the setting. To remove dirt, use a new toothbrush, warm water and a cleansing detergent. Use a deep bowl or small basin to avoid accidentally dropping your jewelry in the sink.

Distressed Gems

Opals and emeralds are very capricious and require especially careful care. Fragile and brittle, they are covered with small cracks that allow water to pass through. To smooth out irregularities, they are usually impregnated with a special oil lubricant. Therefore, when cleaning jewelry, it is strictly forbidden to use water or solvents. It is better to contact a jewelry store for professional help.

How to clean silver jewelry

As you know, silver quickly fades and loses its original appearance. To restore shine, rub your jewelry with a piece of cloth or brocade. There are also special products for polishing silver, but they are not suitable for all jewelry (it is better to first consult with the seller or jeweler).

How to clean gold jewelry

This noble metal tends to lose its flawless luster pretty quickly, becoming dull and coated. First, try cleaning your jewelry with a toothbrush in warm, soapy water. If not, use a special gold cleaner. It is sold in large jewelry stores.


Pearl jewelry is luxurious and noble, and requires proper care. The beads themselves, due to their round shape, usually do not get dirty, but the silk thread on which they are strung gets dirty quickly. In order to clean a pearl necklace, every three years it should be strung on a new thread, tying knots. If you need to clean such jewelry, you can't do without the help of a professional.


Platinum is a durable and reliable metal that does not require serious effort and expense. Just use warm soapy water or a special gold cleaner.

Advice from our grandmothers

  • Silver and gold brooches, chains and rings can be cleaned with a hot solution of soda ash (linen) - 1 tbsp. spoon for half a liter of water. A piece of zinc is placed in a glass beaker or an enameled mug, the items to be cleaned are poured on top with a hot solution. Take out and wipe with a piece of suede.
  • Metalchior decorations just clean with tooth powder or paste and then wipe dry with a woolen or brocade cloth. By the way, cupronickel is an alloy of copper, iron, zinc and nickel.
  • Ivory and amber jewelry can be washed in warm soapy water and then dried. If your ivory jewelry is discolored or stained, soak it in a mild bleach solution for 10 minutes, then wash and rub gently with a flannel.
  • Gold jewelry is best dipped in soapy water for 15-20 minutes, and then cleaned with a toothbrush. Gold chains are best cleaned in a plastic or glass bottle with soapy water: put the chain in, close the bottle tightly and shake well several times. After five minutes, repeat the procedure, remove the chain and spread it on a woolen cloth, blot without rubbing or stretching the chain.
  • You can polish silver gizmos with a paste of equal parts of baby soap and white chalk. Dissolve the soap in water, heating it, then add the chalk while stirring and prepare a homogeneous thick mass. Rub it on items (rings, bracelets, medallions), polish well with a soft cloth, and then wipe with a clean cloth (velvet, wool, flannel).

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