Calendar to do before the New Year

Calendar to do before the New Year
Calendar to do before the New Year

A little less than a month is left until the main night of the year, how not to get lost in the festive time trouble and adequately prepare for the celebrations so as not to forget anything? That's right, everything should be planned in advance!

New Year 2020: to-do calendar

4 weeks

Make a list of all the things you need to complete before the holidays.

  • Where and how?

Plans can change at the last moment, but it's better if you decide a month before the holiday where and how you will celebrate it.

  • Budget

So that the holiday does not end with a lack of money, think about how much you can spend on gifts, entertainment, your outfit, the celebration itself, etc.

3 weeks

  • Letter to Santa Claus

What would the husband and children like to receive as a gift? It's time to start searching. It also helps to make a list of everyone you are going to give gifts to.

  • Festive table

If you intend to invite guests, it's time to plan your holiday table. If you've been invited by friends, find out how you can get involved.

  • Children

Check with the school or kindergarten the date of the New Year's party to prepare carnival costumes. Buy tickets for Christmas trees and children's holiday performances.

  • Holiday outfits

Choose an outfit for yourself and help the head of the family decide on clothes for a corporate party. As a rule, men want to look no less elegant on it than women.

2 weeks

  • Unforeseen Gifts

New Year's holidays promise many meetings. Consider small souvenirs for new acquaintances.

  • Don't forget about yourself

Haircut and hair coloring, pedicure. Let your holiday begin now!

  • The holiday is coming!

Time to decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the house.

1 week

  • Unusual ideas

Perhaps we should start a family tradition? It can be the annual creation of unusual Christmas tree decorations, the selection of the "Hero of the Year" from family members, the preparation of a festive wall newspaper …

  • Gifts for grandparents

Choose an evening with the kids to make gifts for grandparents.

  • First grocery shopping

For the New Year's table, you can buy something that does not spoil - canned food, sweets, drinks, frozen foods.

5 days

  • Check your plans

Check the calendar: have you forgotten anything important? There is still time to correct annoying mistakes.

  • Breathe the holiday

You can decorate a live Christmas tree or at least decorate the apartment with a few spruce branches to make it smell like a holiday.

3 days

  • Beauty Salon

Manicure, moisturizing face mask and body peeling. All these procedures will take you about 3 hours, but it will be nice if you can carve them out!

1 day

  • Grocery shopping

Once again, carefully check whether all the products for the New Year's table are purchased. Ask your husband or older children to go to the store to make the last purchases, which usually include fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and fish, and cakes.

  • Control check

Finally, check your New Year's calendar for the last time to make sure your pre-holiday business is over.

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