10 ways to save money on insurance

10 ways to save money on insurance
10 ways to save money on insurance

How to save money on purchasing insurance, which, as we all hope, will not be useful to us at all? There are a number of ways you can save money if you know about them.

10 ways to save on insurance

What do we expect from insurance? First of all, for the payment to take place - quickly and without unnecessary problems, to be closer to home, and even better, for a company representative to come for all the formalities directly to our office or home at a convenient time for us, and of course the price of the service is important, because nothing tangible - tangible, except for a beautiful form of the policy, we do not receive in return. How to save on the purchase of insurance, which, as we all hope, will not be useful to us at all? There are a number of ways you can save money if you know about them.

1 Good insurance history. Keep policies and contracts for all periods of insurance, because the presence of an insurance history, especially a break-even one, en titles you to a discount from 3% to 10%, for example, the CMTPL tariffs by law include a discount for break-even driving - 5% for the first year of insurance and 10 % for 2 years of accident-free insurance.

2 Franchise application. Franchise - that part of the loss that the insurance company does not pay. When applying for a policy using a franchise, the discount on insurance will be from 5% to 40%. And the greater the value of the established franchise, the more tangible discount you can get. However, do not rush - you need to carefully weigh everything: you should save insurance costs in this way - because it turns out that with minor losses you will not be able to apply to the insurance company for payment, but will take these costs on yourself. On the other hand, this is very convenient, because with small losses you can avoid a bunch of formalities related to paperwork for an insured event and deal with the problem on your own, and even for a large loss that the family budget cannot cope with on its own, ask for help from an insurance company.

3 Installments. Many insurance companies provide a discount from 2% to 5% when paying for the entire policy when concluding an insurance contract. This is understandable: after all, there is a risk - the client will ask for an installment plan and not pay the next installment, the insurance company will lose the expected contribution, and here - all at once! Standard types of installments - either two payments of 50% each, or quarterly installments for four equal payments of 25% of the total cost of the policy. Installment plan allows, if not to save money, then to distribute expenses over time, which is important and sometimes necessary for the family budget. Some insurance companies provide their clients with the opportunity to pay the premium in installments without charging an additional premium, but in this case it is important for the client not to forget to make the next payment on time, otherwise the policy will be canceled by the insurance company.

4 Install security features. Additional protection never hurts, and if the insurance company is sure that you value your property and intend to protect it, you will certainly be given an additional discount. You can convince the insurance company of your careful attitude to property only by taking care of valuable things, for example, installing a modern anti-theft system on a car, purchasing high-quality winter tires, installing a reliable iron door and a video surveillance system in an apartment. When inspecting the insurance object, the representative of the insurance company will definitely pay attention to these nuances and offer the thrifty owner a well-deserved discount.

5 Experience and age of drivers under auto insurance. Driving experience plays an important role in car insurance. If among the drivers who will drive the insured car, all are over 22 years old and have more than 2 years of driving experience, you can safely expect that the policy will cost less than for beginners.

6 Choice of risk list. You can identify those risks that you are especially afraid of and insure them. For example, do not insure car theft, but protect yourself only from an accident. But in this case, the discount will be no more than 20%, and worrying about possible losses will not let you sleep peacefully at night, so this way of saving may not be the most reasonable, because none of us can know for sure what risks threaten our property.

7 Search for corporate program. If you are an employee of a large company, be sure to ask your administration - for sure, among the long-term partners of your company there is an insurance company that will not only protect the interests of the employing organization, but also offer profitable tariff plans for its employees. And this is not only a profitable way to save money, but also a reasonable approach to choosing an insurance company, because if the insurer has good relations with your company, then the employees of the company should not have any problems when paying, and in which case you can always complain to the management!

8 Comprehensive insurance. If you have set yourself the goal of reducing insurance costs, but at the same time you need a policy for not only a car, but also a home insurance policy or accident insurance, be faithful to your insurance company, and it will reciprocate - a discount for comprehensive insurance and gifts to a regular customer will not keep you waiting! In addition, large companies, in order to maintain long-term friendship with their customers, include them in the mailing list and notify them of seasonal discounts, special promotions and prize draws. You can not only save money, but also get nice gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

9 Online insurance. Modern technologies could not pass by insurance - some large insurance companies have opened online stores on their official websites, where you can independently study the catalog of insurance products and select the desired policy. A potential client can fill out an online form - provide the information necessary for calculating the tariff, after which the consultant of the insurance company will send a commercial offer. When ordering a policy via the Internet, the client has the opportunity to save 5-15% of the cost of the policy, depending on the type of insurance, and you can also save time on a trip to the insurer, because usually when ordering insurance via the Internet, a free policy delivery service is offered to the client home or office. Keep in mind that it is necessary to prepare the necessary amount of cash in advance to pay for the policy, since credit cards are usually not accepted by representatives of the insurance company when leaving the client.

10 Get extra services. Sometimes, with the same cost of an insurance policy in different companies, the client receives completely different lists of services for the same money. Somewhere only basic service, and somewhere a whole range of pleasures. Some companies offer additional services to the auto insurance policy to attract customers - evacuation of damaged cars, departure of an emergency commissioner to the scene of an accident, discount cards for other types of insurance, discounts for repairs and maintenance at partner technical centers of the insurance company. Many customers, especially novice drivers, attach great importance to the service of the emergency commissioner's departure. Undoubtedly, the presence of such a service will give us confidence that in case of trouble, knowledgeable people will help us. Be prepared for the fact that emergency commissioners - like ambulance doctors - have seen a lot and show not too much sympathy, although they always know what to do in a traffic situation and really provide real help. Caring insurers temptingly offer a simplified auto insurance loss settlement procedure, including obtaining certificates from the traffic police for the client, driving the car to a technical center on their own, and even sometimes providing a replacement car, which is especially important in winter.

Our tips

Keep in mind that there are some mythical ways to save money on insurance. Such methods will not only not help you save your property, but will also exhaust your nerves, so be careful and be sure to take our advice into account.

  • Unbelievable discounts on everything. Unfortunately, there are still unscrupulous insurance companies on the market that can offer policies at 50% off - it's like a liquidation sell-off. But what is good for a boutique retail chain is by no means suitable for the insurance business. You should not use such offers, because in this case, apart from a beautiful policy and promises, you definitely will not receive anything. Be careful when saving on insurance - after all, this is exactly the case when the miser pays twice!
  • Discounts for OSAGO. An insurance company can only provide discounts provided for by applicable law, so if you are offered an OSAGO policy at a noticeably lower price, you should be more careful about such an offer. However, if in the offices of the insurance company you were offered a gift with the policy, do not be afraid of a catch, in order to attract customers, many insurance companies include such expenses in their budget.
  • Cheap policy for voluntary medical insurance. There are clinics where appointments with a doctor are made only at a personal visit, there is no telephone dispatcher - you know, this was done in order to reduce the number visits to the doctor - who will go to the registry just to make an appointment, and the probability of getting an appointment with the right doctor on the same day is extremely small. Doctors of paid clinics - like masters in car repair centers - will offer various diagnostics that are not related to the type of disease, but they will not harm you, but you will have to pay money for them, since in most cases a limited list of services is included in the insurance. The medical policy offered as a social package in large companies, as a rule, is only a formality - it does not cover most of the main reasons for visiting a doctor. And this is understandable - with extended coverage, the employer company risks losing a valuable employee who regularly leaves the office for a set of free procedures.
  • Cheap car theft and damage insurance policy. An insurance company may offer a very low car theft insurance rate, but it may be stated in the contract that the insurance indemnity will be paid only if the car is stolen from a guarded parking lot. Obviously, if you figure it out, then such a policy is unlikely to protect your interests. The reason for the cheapness of a car insurance policy against damage may be the condition of car repair in a garage service, and even with the installation of old spare parts. For a new luxury car that needs to be serviced by an authorized dealer, such repairs are like death. At the same time, the promises of unqualified insurance agents have no legal force, and in the event of an insured event, you will be left alone with the insidious insurance company, which will certainly use its right to underestimate the payment, or even refuse to pay compensation at all.

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