How to wrap a gift?

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How to wrap a gift?
How to wrap a gift?

Properly arrange a gift - an extremely important thing. We'll show you how to wrap gifts.

How to wrap at?

Properly arrange a gift - an extremely important thing. The original packaging can enhance the effect of a luxurious present or turn the presentation of a simple souvenir into an unforgettable event.

Irregularly shaped items require special soft packaging that echoes their curved lines, drapes beautifully and does not deform the gift inside.

How to wrap a gift

Most often we pack gifts in boxes of different sizes. To decorate them more festively, there are two ways: to ennoble the box itself, turning it into a kind of flower, or simply wrap it in beautiful paper, decorating it with a bow.

How to arrange a gift: flower box


Idea: Tape or wrap the box carefully with newspaper and then tie it with silk or lace ribbon. This combination, strange at first glance, looks very impressive and original.

And a bow on the side…

How to arrange a gift for a man

Simple gift wrapping rules

Advised by Irina Zolontseva, Chief Designer at OLVA

When making a gift yourself, try to follow the rules that all experts in this field strictly follow:

  1. Always fold the paper 1 cm on all sides, otherwise the recipient may get hurt while unpacking your gift.
  2. When you wrap a gift in paper, remember: the covering side is only the right one! This is a requirement of etiquette.
  3. If you use ribbons, cut them at an angle.
  4. Never stick wrapping paper directly on a gift or the box it comes in.

There are so many wonderful ways to please your loved ones with a beautifully wrapped gift. Our idea will appeal to everyone - both children and adults. It is not difficult to perform and is suitable for a gift of any significance. On a wide strip of textured gold cardboard (you can buy it in the stationery department), you use a breadboard knife to cut through graphic Christmas trees. Wrap the present wrapped in white tissue paper with this strip so that the Christmas trees remain only on the front, and gently fold them up. Done!

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