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Interior for lovers
Interior for lovers

Not everyone wants to see rats at home. And in vain…

Interior for lovers

Rats have an extremely extraordinary mind for such small creatures. Zoologists say that rats are even smarter than dogs and cats: they quickly navigate “in situations”, easily remember intricate routes and solve logical problems. Not without reason, in the list of sacred animals according to the eastern calendar, the Rat is in first place.

Where to start?

First of all, let's deal with the breeds. Rats are standard, curly (Rex), big-eared (Dumbo), hairless (Sphinx), downy (with a short undercoat), tailless (Manx), satin (with very soft and silky fur). The range of colors and markings is extremely wide because rats are favorite animals of amateur breeders. You can buy a rat only after he is six weeks old. How to find "your" rat? Put your hand on the cage with the rats. The animal that runs to the hand first and stays next to it is clearly interested in friendship more than anyone else.

How to care?

It is best to have not one rat, but two at once - it will be easier for two rats to adapt to human society. Communicate regularly with pets: feed from your hands, sit on your shoulder. But do not let them roam unattended around the apartment: rodents will not be able to pass by wires and furniture without biting off a little bit of every little thing they like. The average lifespan of a rat is two years.

If you still decide to have only one rat. then a cage the size of a small TV is quite suitable. The volume of the cage must be at least five liters. As bedding, cat litter (silica gel, wood or corn) or sawdust can be poured into the bottom of the cage. A small wooden house-constructor or a straw nest is useful for a rat to sleep. A great idea for arranging a cage is a bright plastic labyrinth. But rats don't run in spinning wheels - the tail gets in the way.

What to feed?

Shelves of pet stores are full of boxes of grain mixtures for rodents. In addition to grain, the rat needs to be given fresh vegetables and fruits every day, and boiled meat every other day. But sweets are strictly prohibited: sugar in animals causes diarrhea and “itchiness” all over the body.

Did you know that…

"Just show the rats which button to press once to open the box of nuts, and they will immediately repeat the trick on their own, each time choosing the correct button! - says Lianna McLeod, author of books on the proper maintenance of pets. - For comparison, a dog needs five to ten repetitions to memorize, and a cat generally needs to be taught for half a day!”

In Europe decorative rats are still more popular than in Russia. According to statistics, most of the tame rats per capita live in Germany.

Celebrity Rats

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has become very attached to the rats her son keeps. With one of them, Diglett, Jamie even posed for a photo shoot for People magazine. Rat Diglett poses on the shoulder of his beloved mistress.

Rupert Grint,who plays the role of the red-haired Ron Weasley in the films about the wizard Harry Potter, bought himself two rats, imbued, like his hero, with a love for rodents. Recall that in the first three scenes, Ron is accompanied everywhere by his rat Scabbers).

The famous Kim Basinger keeps not only cats and dogs at home, but also ducks, fish, rabbits and rats. One day, Kim's little daughter, Island, brought home a couple of rats. “She took the rats from a living corner in the kindergarten and handed them to me with the words: “Mom, I won you rats!”, - says the actress. - I could not refuse such a “win”. there was always a lot, it was about rats that I knew very little: how to communicate with them, how to care for them … But everything turned out to be simple! Do you know what I like? Sitting at the computer and feeling how your rat comfortably settles on your shoulder. These are wonderful animals!"

Angelina Jolie was given a rat by her ex-husband, the famous hooligan Billy Bob Thornton, who loved all sorts of shocking surprises. Harry was one of those gifts. However, known for her love of animals, Jolie received Harry with gratitude.

Singer Pink also likes to work for the public, so a few years ago she took two rats, Thelma and Louise, on her musical tour, which immensely pleased teen fans and provoked the press. “They are coming with me as my closest friends,” Pink told reporters without hesitation. “My rats are awesome and on tour they will be my biggest asset!”

Clint Eastwood,turns out to be a big rat-lover too. “You know, I don’t want to talk about how cute these rodents are and stuff like that,” says 77-year-old Clint. “I’ll just tell you one important fact: I clean the cages for my rats myself and I don’t consider it shameful! Love is easiest to prove with deeds, not words.”

Decorative rats also live with musicians of the Gorod 312 group. Not so long ago, due to the illness of her beloved Bean, guitarist Masha canceled the concert, saying that she herself should take care of the pet.

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