IQ test for your pet

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IQ test for your pet
IQ test for your pet

Are you curious to know how smart your pet is? Then we offer you to take this simple test and determine the intellectual level of your four-legged friend.

IQ test for your pet

1. What will your dog do if you unexpectedly cover his head with a towel?

A. Within 10 seconds, throws off the towel, gives you a dismissive look, and walks out with his nose held high.

B. Will try to get rid of the towel and, after 30 seconds, will be very proud of himself.

V. You will be very surprised why the lights were turned off so suddenly. He decides that it's time for him to take a nap, starts nodding right with a towel on his head.

2. Place three inverted cups on the floor. Under one of them put a piece of something tasty. Lead the cat or dog to the cup where the treat is hidden. Take your pet out of the room for a few seconds, and when she returns, observe her behavior

A. With direct fire, your pet will approach the “correct” glass, turn it over and take possession of the tidbit.

B. He looks around in confusion, sniffs all three glasses and looks back at you plaintively, asking you to tell where the bait is.

Q. Doesn't want to go back to the room at all, as if he forgot about the yummy.

3. Slightly rearrange the furniture in the room. What will your handsome man do when he enters there?

A. Immediately head to your favorite spot on the couch, armchair or chair.

B. Somewhat embarrassed, however, he will quickly determine the new location of his favorite sofa.

Q. Will be completely confused as if you dragged an unfortunate animal into a completely different house.

4. Place the carrier in front of your cat that she usually wears to her veterinary appointments. What will she do?

A. Will quickly disappear from view and hide under the bed more securely.

B. Will show a clear interest in carrying, but not to the point of climbing into it immediately.

Q. Satisfied, climbs into the carrier, absolutely not worrying about what consequences this may lead to.

5. At an odd hour, approach the front door as if you were about to go for a walk. What is your dog's reaction?

A. Will run to the door first, only seeing you heading for the exit.

B. Approaches the door, but with caution and some confusion.

W. He won't even notice that you left the room, addicted to playing with your favorite bone.

6. Your cat is after a mouse. What does he do?

A. With one jump, he overtakes the unfortunate rodent from the first time.

B. Makes several unsuccessful attempts to grab the mouse, but refuses to give up.

B. Jumps onto a chair and waits for the menacing animal out of sight.

7. In front of your cat/dog, hide the bait under the sofa. What will he do?

A. Runs both paws under the sofa at once and instantly pulls out a treat.

B. Will try to put both paws and nose in there in an attempt to get to the bait.

V. Will look longingly at the sofa in the hope that the yummy will jump right into his mouth.


  • Most of the answers are "A". Congratulations - your pet can easily complete a Ph.D. at the Canine Science Academy!
  • Most of the answers are B's. Yes, he's not seven spans in the forehead, but he can be given five points for effort - for that he deserves a sugar bone.
  • Most answers are "B". There is no point in denying that this dog is neither Mukhtar nor Commissar Rex. But he will not have to risk his life in pursuit of drug dealers, and he will always be sincerely devoted to you and only you.

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