Let's go on vacation together?

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Let's go on vacation together?
Let's go on vacation together?

During the holiday season, the owners are faced with questions: whether to take a pet with them, whether to leave it in the city, how to prepare for overexposure in a pet hotel or travel.

Let's go on vacation together?

During the holiday season, the owners face questions: whether to take a pet with them, whether to leave it in the city, how to prepare for overexposure in a pet hotel or a trip. If you do not want to torment your pet on the road, and there is no one to leave it with, then you can give it to a zoo hotel. On average, a day of overexposure costs from 200 rubles. When choosing a hotel, find out the conditions of detention, inspect the enclosures, ask who will take care of your animal. The staff of the hotel must include a veterinarian. To soften the animal's feelings from this temporary separation, you need to fill the pet's hotel enclosure with the usual things: a home cat tray, favorite toys, bowls, blankets, any item in your wardrobe - the smell should remind him of home.

If you take your pet with you on a trip, you will have to get a container and let the animal get used to it. If your animal has not traveled by car before, then it is advisable to drive it for short distances before a long trip. In cars, some cats feel more comfortable if they sit in a carrier. Dry food is especially convenient when traveling, but only if your pet eats it constantly. During the trip, feed your pet as usual, but it is better to give the main portion in the evenings or immediately upon arrival at the place. Don't forget to bring drinking water. It is necessary to make a stop every two hours of the journey so that the animal can move freely. Do not let your dog stick his head out of the car window while driving, as dust particles can get into his eyes, nose or ears, causing inflammation.

On the train or train, try to go in the evening or early in the morning, when it is not so hot and crowded. Keep small dogs and cats in a carrier. Large dogs must be muzzled and on a leash.

Both for the zoo hotel and for travel, you must prepare a pet passport with marks on timely vaccination and deworming. At the time of delivery of the pet for overexposure to the zoo hotel, he must be he althy.

Before traveling, the animal must be examined by a state veterinary clinic and receive a special certificate that it is he althy, no more than three days before leaving home. This document is issued only if the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and a number of other viral diseases. From the date of the last vaccination, no more than a year and at least a month (for primary vaccination) and 14 days (for all subsequent ones) should elapse when traveling only within Russia. If you are going to Ukraine or other CIS countries, then find out the rules for importing animals to avoid difficulties in obtaining a certificate and when crossing the border.

In a new place, monitor the he alth of your pet. And at the slightest sign of discomfort, contact your local veterinarian.

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