How to help your pet in the heat?

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How to help your pet in the heat?
How to help your pet in the heat?

The heat is especially hard on dogs. We've put together some helpful tips to make life easier for your pets.

How to help your pet in the heat?

Save from the heat

In the summer, the most common reason for calling the vet is overheating. The heat is most dangerous for dogs, cats, oddly enough, are more resistant in this regard. The most difficult thing is dogs with a short muzzle - pugs, bulldogs. Because of the short neck, it is more difficult for them to cool themselves, and the tidal volume decreases. In second place in terms of the number of overheating - long-haired dogs.

Symptoms of overheating:

  • sluggishness,
  • temperature increase,
  • shortness of breath,
  • nausea.

What to do:

  • If it is not possible to call a doctor, cool the dog yourself, moisten the head, ears, paws with water. And not immediately with ice water, but first with cool water. When the doctor arrives, he will conduct a whole anti-shock therapy with injections.
  • Most often, dogs suffer when a dear owner leaves them locked in the car in the sun or in the shade, forgetting that the shade can go. As for cats, they should be transported in a container, and pieces of ice wrapped in cloth at the bottom of the container or a heating pad with cold water will help the animal not to overheat.

Rex, swim?

Bathing in ponds will bring great joy to your dog in the hot season, but can lead to trouble. Last season, the veterinarians received a lot of dogs who fell ill after swimming in the reservoirs. Mosquito larvae and other harmful insects swim in lakes and ponds, located even very far from the city. The larvae enter the dog's blood through the wound. If it enters the heart through the vessels, the dog dies. In all other cases, the animal can be cured.

What to do:

  • Before bathing, carefully check if the dog has cancer. If wounds are found, it is better to refrain from bathing until the wound is completely healed.
  • Bathing is allowed only in flowing waters and where there are no ducks (danger of parasitic diseases). If the water is clean, then water procedures will only benefit - the development of the muscular, respiratory and nervous systems.

Tick Rescue

Piroplasmosis is a very serious disease carried by encephalitis ticks. If you do not seek qualified help in time, the dog dies from piroplasmosis in 3-5 days.

Symptoms of piroplasmosis:

  • nausea,
  • blood in urine,
  • indigestion
  • numbness of limbs
  • refusing food

What to do:

  • Don't forget to vaccinate your dog against piroplasmosis - you can't do without the help of a veterinarian.
  • A flea and tick collar is your dog's best friend. Wear it very carefully - it is treated with special preparations.
  • Once every 3 weeks you need to carry out a preventive course of treatment with sprays and tablets (drontal, frontline).

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