Summer separation from beloved animals

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Summer separation from beloved animals
Summer separation from beloved animals

Of course, it is better to take the animal with you, but this is not always possible. What to do?

Summer separation from beloved animals

What is a summer vacation without traveling? Absolutely everyone wants to relax, change the situation, but what to do with four-legged ones? Of course, it is better to take the animal with you, but this is not always possible - today it is almost impossible to go abroad with your beloved animal on vacation, and you are faced with the need for temporary separation from your beloved animal

You can of course attach the animal to relatives or friends, providing them with detailed instructions for caring for your pet. If this option also fails, there is only one way out - a hotel for animals, where, firstly, the animal will be provided with professional care and supervision by a veterinarian. And secondly, any hotel for animals with which you have entered into a service agreement is responsible to you for the well-being and he alth of its guests.

Hotels for animals - a new phenomenon, so many are wary of it. Of course, there is a certain risk, which is why you should be very careful when choosing a pet hotel:

  • Ask owners who have already learned the need for a temporary separation from their pet. It is better to choose already checked hotels.
  • If the search for a place for a temporary residence of a dog or cat is carried out using a directory or the Internet, then it is worthwhile to exercise maximum caution here. Check, first of all, the fact of the presence of the hotel: very often hotels that have actively declared themselves in the animal overexposure market turn out to be insolvent after a few months. Either due to the fact that the conditions of detention are poor, or because of too high prices for accommodation.
  • Experts advise not to rush into a decision. It is better to look at several zoo hotels in advance, find out the conditions for keeping the animal, especially pay attention to the cleanliness of the enclosures in the hotel and the number of staff, and only then make a choice.
  • The hotel staff must include a qualified veterinarian..
  • You need to book a place in a good hotel in advance. This service is paid in many hotels, from 300 to 500 rubles.

Important to remember

  • Any hotel will require you to provide a veterinary passport for your pet, which must contain all necessary vaccinations.
  • When “moving in”, the animal must be examined by a veterinarian.
  • The service contract is concluded on the basis of the owner's passport, and all the preferences, habits, behaviors and nutrition of the guest are entered in a special appendix to the contract.
  • A good comfort for your pet in a new place can be a bowl, favorite toy or item of your wardrobe - the smell should remind him of home..
  • Experts advise to be cautious about training proposals: illiterate training can spoil a young dog, and confuse an adult for a long time. Therefore, if you are not sure of the trainer's qualifications, then it is better to refuse such a service.
  • At the time of delivery of the pet for overexposure to the zoo hotel, he must be absolutely he althy.

Animal hotels:

Hotel of the dog training center "Ordyntsy"

Accommodation in a hotel for a small dog will cost its owner 300 rubles per day, medium-sized dogs - 450 rubles, accommodation for the largest guests costs 600 rubles. The maintenance of a puppy is estimated, regardless of the breed, at 500 rubles. The price of a "room" for a cat is 270 rubles per day. Address: Mosk. region Leninsky district, Desna village.

Tel: (495) 546- 95−38 (9715), website:

Cynological Center Khors

Prices in Horse are somewhat lower than in Horde: 400 rubles per day in a hotel for dogs; 300 rubles in a hotel for cats.

Address: Podolsky district, Klimovsk, pos. Ms.

Tel.: (495) 996-77-02, website:

Zoo sanatorium of veterinarian Anna Solokhina

The average price for a dog is 300 rubles per day. Delivery of the dog to the destination by zootaxi is free of charge.

Address: Moscow region. Yegoryevsky district, pos. Novogorye, 29.

Tel: (495) 761−20−16 Website:

Prices may vary according to some circumstances, such as the need for special nutrition or the availability of your own food, care features or training sessions.

Will they be able to adjust to their new place of residence?

Psychological rehabilitation of animals arriving at the hotel takes several days: 2-3 days for dogs, 3-5 days for cats. Experts note that the internal state of a dog or cat is directly dependent on the mood of the owner: in the event that he is nervous or crying when parting, then the animal may fall into a state of anxiety. Therefore, watch your emotional mood during the transfer of your pet for overexposure!

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