When a sore throat takes you by the throat

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When a sore throat takes you by the throat
When a sore throat takes you by the throat

What should I do if my child has a sore throat?

When a sore throat takes over the throat

“Mom, my throat hurts” - this seemingly insignificant, at first glance, childish complaint is a serious cause for alarm. Unfortunately, for many mothers, a slight reddening of the throat is not at all an argument to leave the child at home and not take him to school or kindergarten. But in vain…

How to treat a child's throat

The whole truth about tonsils or you need to know this…

Glands (or palatine tonsils) we need in order to neutralize the infection that enters the body with food, water and air. This is the first protective barrier of our immune system. However, if there are too many harmful bacteria, and the body is weakened (physical exertion or nervous tension), then the tonsils stop doing their job, become inflamed, swell, become bright red … and a sore throat begins. When a sore throat is a sore throat or how to recognize the enemy…

A child has a sore throat: how to treat

  1. If the temperature is 37C - 38C, general malaise, poor appetite, red tonsils. Your child has the mildest form of sore throat (catarrhal) What should I do? In this case, herbal decoctions will help: calendula - 1 tbsp. pour a spoonful of dried flowers with 1 cup of boiling water, boil for 10 minutes. An effective decoction of chamomile (it is prepared in the same way as a decoction of calendula), sage - 4 hours. Spoons of crushed leaves, brew 2 cups of boiling water, then simmer for 30 minutes. Gargle with these decoctions every half an hour. Decoctions wash the throat, at the same time soothe the affected tonsils. We have already written that it is not necessary to bring down a low temperature, enabling the child's body to fight the infection without outside help.
  2. If the temperature immediately rises to 39C - 40C, the submandibular lymph nodes increase, the child, due to severe pain, cannot not only eat, but swallow saliva, the tonsils are red, but with a uniform grayish coating, then he has a more severe form of angina (lacunar) What to do? In this case, it is suitable: an infusion of garlic - 100g of chopped garlic cloves is poured into 1 glass of warm water and insisted for 4 hours, or prepare a rinse from an equal amount of lemon juice with honey. Rinse every 15 minutes. These products will help wash off the purulent plaque, which will immediately reduce the temperature.
  3. If the temperature is high - 39C -40 C, yellow formations the size of a pinhead, like a "starry sky", are visible on the edematous tonsils, then your child has follicular tonsillitis, also one of its severe forms. What to do? In this case, it is necessary to prepare a solution of 1 teaspoon of s alt, 1 teaspoon of soda and 5 drops of iodine. This remedy washes away plaque, at the same time cauterizes abscesses on the tonsils. The temperature, as well as in the previous case, drops as it gets rid of plaque.

In all cases, onion inhalation helps a lot - cut 4 large onions and place in a jar, breathe onion vapor 5-6 times a day. Volatile onion enzymes have antibiotic properties, kill microbes and do not destroy the immune system. If you are looking for how to treat a child’s throat in a few months, be sure to consult a doctor and do not self-medicate. "Grandma's recipes" are certainly good, but sometimes the doctor remains adamant that the tonsils need to be removed.

"To delete or not to delete?" - that is the question

The fact is that with the flow of blood, the infection from the tonsils spreads throughout the body. And the tonsils are connected with 97 organs, and such important ones as the heart, kidneys, liver … Therefore, neglected tonsillitis can cause inflammation of the lungs, kidneys, and even lead to heart attacks. But, didn’t those of you whose children were offered an operation to remove the tonsils experience doubts: “Won’t the child get sick further?” Yes, you are not mistaken, there is some truth in this. And yet the doctor delivers a verdict: "The scalpel is the only way out."

If you find all or most of the following signs in a child, contact a specialist immediately:

  1. Appetite disorder
  2. Paleness
  3. Fast fatigue, decreased performance
  4. Frequent headache
  5. Cervical lymph nodes permanently enlarged
  6. Joint pain
  7. Bad breath.

I don't want to get sick

Keeping a child from a sore throat is not difficult, just don't let him eat a lot of ice cream, protect him from drafts if possible, don't let him drink cold drinks, don't let a sweaty child go outside.

Remember about such important things as hardening (rubbing in the evenings with a damp towel), good nutrition and walks in the fresh air. It is important to know that tooth decay and gum disease can also be a source of angina. And remember that prevention is better than cure.

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