Money & school

Money & school
Money & school

Even free education these days isn't really free. Parents should include the "school" column in the family budget and plan expenses.

Money & School

Education of a child requires certain costs, even if he studies in a public school. It is clear that the costs in public and private schools are fundamentally different, however, to call one type of education free and the other paid can only be with numerous reservations. Parents should include the “school” column in the family budget and plan expenses for the school year in advance


Parents choosing a private school for their child usually have a clear idea of ​​how much they will have to spend per month on their children's education. The prices of educational services in different regions are different, and within the same city too. In Moscow, for example, the price range is from $700 to 2,100 euros per month. It is clear that the offers for this money are different. Some private schools are rather modestly equipped, after school hours they cannot offer anything unusual to their pupils, in others they have well-equipped classrooms, a swimming pool and a riding school in the afternoon. As a rule, in all private schools, in addition to the monthly fee (from and to), there is a so-called initial contribution, in some it is annual. Private schools do not require additional funds during the school year, the only thing you need to know in advance is which circles and sections are included in the school fee, and for which, if you want to send your child there, you will have to pay separately.


You can't do without expenses in a public school. At the beginning of the school year, it seems that everything you need for classes has already been purchased and you can take a break from school expenses, but it immediately turns out that this is not so. What do you have to pay for? Firstly, for protection, these fees have been legalized for several years. Secondly, the so-called classroom needs. For kids, these are gifts for their birthdays and on the eve of various public holidays, prizes at class and school events, organized purchase of workbooks in subjects, etc. Parents agree on the amount together, at parent meetings, a report on the funds spent should be announced there. Middle and high school students also have their own holidays, contests, which require funds. Thirdly, most schools have boards of trustees, and parents transfer money to the school account every month, an average of 500 rubles, and these funds are distributed across many items - from the purchase of necessary equipment to the payment of additional educational services not provided for by state funding, for example additional hour of English. Of course, no one can oblige parents to donate money, another thing is that with the transparent financial activities of the school, adults understand that the money goes to improve the conditions for the education of their own children, so you just need to take into account this expense item.


For help, tutors are turned to for many reasons, regardless of the age of the student. These classes are not free, and often seemingly free education is actually very expensive. When planning this item of expenditure, you need to carefully consider the best way to solve the problem: how much the child needs, how many additional teachers he needs, and whether the price of the lesson justifies itself. Depending on the purpose of the extra classes, a tutor can be found among university teachers, as well as among full-time students or a retired neighbor, and in some cases you can win not only in costs, but also - and more importantly - in the results of these extra classes. Even if your child is far from graduation, remember that the graduation class will require enormous funds. In addition to the amounts collected for the graduation party, etc., you need to be prepared for completely different expenses for additional classes, and the more prestigious the higher education institution, the more expensive the quality preparation for admission will be. Usually, tutoring in preparation for a university does not cost less than $ 50 (and sometimes even 100 euros), and you need to take exams in four subjects - so you can pre-calculate the approximate costs and, if you don’t see another way, you need to know about such expenses in advance. The cost of tutoring services depends on a personal agreement and on the purpose of the lessons and can differ greatly from the average in one direction or the other. The price of one lesson primarily depends on with whom and what subject the child is studying.

Tutor: 1 academic hour:

  • Student: 150-200 rubles
  • School teacher 200−700 RUR
  • Retired teacher 150-300 rubles
  • University teacher 30-70 euros.
  • Teacher of the desired university 50-100 euros.


School life, like ordinary life, is eventful. Birthdays and visits, excursions and trips, lost replacement shoes and skis urgently needed for physical education - all this requires expenses. Breakfasts, pocket money, all sorts of writing and stationery trifles add up to a figure that can surprise every parent. Try recording school expenses for a few months and you'll have an idea of ​​how much you have to spend on your children's education. Try not to save on sightseeing trips. They play a huge role not only in intellectual development, this is an excellent school for the development of the cognitive activity of schoolchildren and just a wonderful time spent with classmates. Creating a comfortable learning environment for children, getting them a quality education includes a lot, there are no trifles, and perhaps this is the best investment in the future!


  1. attend parent-teacher meetings regularly and get first-hand information;
  2. feel free to find out what the money is spent on at school, you have to tell about it;
  3. discuss weekly pocket money with your child and stick to mutual agreement;
  4. teach your child to be frugal;
  5. involve children in the discussion of the family budget, this will help understanding in the family.

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