How to keep the kids busy at the party

How to keep the kids busy at the party
How to keep the kids busy at the party

Many parents are terrified of children's holidays - they don't know what to do with their little guests.

How to keep the kids busy at the party

Many parents are terrified of children's holidays - they don't know what to do with their little guests. It's very simple - remember your favorite games and share them with your children.

INVITATION - an anticipation of the holiday, an absolutely wonderful state that you and your child will definitely have while preparing for this event: drawing up a party plan, buying prizes for the winners of competitions, choosing treats. One of the most pleasant pre-holiday worries is making invitations for guests with your own hands. You will need: thick colored paper, scissors, a beautiful ribbon, felt-tip pens and an hour of free time.

Start of the holiday: getting to know each other

  • Mr. X. The owner, secretly from everyone, appoints one of the guests as Mr. X, puts a small gift in his hand and announces that Mr. X will give the jewel to the seventh person whom he will shake hands with. In the end, everyone will get to know each other.
  • Broken phone. The children stand in a circle, and one of the players quickly whispers a difficult phrase into the neighbor's ear, which is passed on. The last player says what he heard. A lot of fun, and the guests begin to lively chat with each other.
  • Ring. Everyone stands in a row and stretches out their palms with a “boat”, the host tries to discreetly put a small object in the palms of one of them. The task of other players is to guess who the owner of the ring is and prevent him from "going out onto the porch".
  • Charades. The guests are divided into two teams and take turns acting out pantomime scenes in which they try to depict words from a hidden phrase, for example, the title of a book or a cartoon.

Active games in the midst of the holiday

  • Blind Man's Bluff. The driver is blindfolded, and everyone scatters around the room. The task of the driver is to catch one of the children and identify him, the task of the players is to confuse the driver as much as possible.
  • Three-legged racing. Pairs of players stand on the starting line. The right leg of one is tied to the left leg of the other, after which an incredibly fun "three-legged" race begins.
  • A live knot. The leader leaves the room. All the rest stand in a circle, join hands and intertwine, forming a "living knot". The host must unravel it, giving verbal instructions to each player. The main thing is that the circle does not break.
  • Dancing - dancing - dancing. Be sure to give the kids the opportunity to just fool around with the music.

Quiet games at the end of the holiday

  • Fanta. A wonderful way to combine play and gift giving. Small identical bags are hung on a rope, in which each child will find a small souvenir and a funny task that he must complete. After all, he chose it himself!
  • Entertaining drawing. There are a lot of options for such games - from the image of a non-existent animal to drawing a cow with its eyes closed. Tip: Buy pastels in plastic cases to keep your hands clean.

WHO can help you

GUEST ARTISTS. The appearance of clowns or fairy-tale heroes causes incredible excitement in the children's team. Another option is to dress one of the relatives who can entertain children for a long time in a costume.

TEACHER-ANIMATIONS. If you decide to arrange a holiday in a children's cafe or club, then you can count on the help of animators who can find a common language with any children and know how to keep them busy all day.

BOOKS-ADVISERS. The main assistant to the mother, the organizer of the children's holiday, is specialized books. From games and magic tricks to home decorations, treat recipes and original homemade gifts for guests, you can draw a lot of ideas from them for planning the whole event.

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