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How to keep your child safe during outdoor activities?

sports summer

Children spend most of their time outdoors in summer. Rollerblading, skateboarding, and cycling are popular forms of recreation. However, a child's favorite hobby is not always safe. Proper sports equipment and caution will help to avoid many troubles


Skateboarding is a matter of the brave and dexterous. If children from the age of 4-5 can ride roller skates, then the board is a hobby for older children. Experts recommend not to get on a skateboard for children under 8 years old

How to choose a skateboard for a child:

  • The skateboard is selected according to the height and weight of the child. There are five models of skateboards: the 1st, 2nd and 5th are designed for an adult up to 80 kilograms, and the 3rd and 4th are for children and teenagers up to 40 kilograms.
  • Pay attention to what material the board is made of, the highest quality ones are made from Canadian maple.
  • Remember that each board has an expiration date, it is better to buy a board of the current year. The longer the board is stored, the more it will warp.
  • The surface of the board must be flat. Checking this is easy: lift the board and look at the end of it, so all the surface irregularities are visible.
  • Pay attention to the track (fixing the wheels to the board), it is better to choose an aluminum track with steel bars, the board will be light but strong.
  • The wheels should not be too hard, no more than 90A - this will ensure a comfortable ride.
  • An important element is bearings, for a child it is better to choose bearings ABEC-1 or WEIGHT-3.

How to wear:

  • Sporty, non-restricting clothing.
  • Shoes should be chosen with a flat wide sole - for maximum grip with the board. Shoes must be true to size. Some well-known brands, such as Globe, offer special shoes for skateboarding.


Rolling is not only a popular form of recreation, but also a real sport. Recently, the popularity of roller skates has increased so much that even 3-4-year-old kids get on roller skates.


  • develops coordination, endurance, quick reaction, harmoniously develops all muscles,
  • contributes to the overall strengthening of the body.


  • traumatic sport,
  • quality inline skates are quite expensive.

Things to buy:

Roller skates

The Raider retractable rollers or the simpler and cheaper version of Plasma are suitable for a child. There are two sizes - S and L (each expands to four positions).

Protection. Note that common roller skating injuries are hand (35%), elbow (20%), knee (20%), forearm (12%), upper arm (10%), lower leg (6%), skull (5%), back (5%), foot (4%)

When choosing videos for a child, please note:

  • On shoes. They should be light, durable, with good ventilation. For a child, it is better to choose a soft boot,
  • On wheels. Choose soft, polyurethane, they create a comfortable ride and are safer on uneven pavement,
  • Bearings are the most important part of roller skates. It is on their quality that the speed of skating and the durability of the rollers themselves depend. ABEC-7 bearings are of the highest quality, but they require more careful handling, as they are afraid of dirt. Bearings ABEC-3 or ABEC-1 are quite suitable for a child,
  • For protection: knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, helmet. Please note that any protection is designed for only one fall.

If your child really wants to learn roller skates at a very young age, and his foot is smaller than even the smallest size roller skate, then you should not deny him the pleasure. Two or three "extra" sizes on children's skates practically do not affect the quality of skating and will not interfere with the baby.

Safety rules

  • Never let your child rollerblade on the street, even if it seems empty to you.
  • It is better to start skating in specialized skateparks under the supervision of an instructor.
  • Teach your child to fall correctly: under no circumstances should you fall back, in this case, the main blow will be on the head. If you lose your balance, grab your knees and try to fall on your side.
  • Do not let your child ride on wet surfaces, on uneven pavement, on grass - roller wheels can slip and get out of control.
  • Even on hot days, it is better to dress your child in a tracksuit with long sleeves - in case of a fall, this will save the arms and legs from abrasions.
  • Don't skimp on baby protection.
  • Check the technical condition of the skates before each ride.


It would seem that it could be easier than a regular children's bike! But when choosing a vehicle for the first time in a child's life, parents have many questions.

At what age can a child start riding a bike?

In principle, a child can begin to ride from the moment he learned to walk. For this age, a tricycle with a high seat back and a special handle so that you yourself can push the bike if necessary is suitable. The bicycle develops coordination of movements and the child's ability to concentrate. From the age of 4, children are sent to the sports section, where they learn how to ride a bicycle.

How many wheels should the first bike have?

It is better to start riding on a two-wheeled bicycle with two additional wheels. When the child learns to balance, the extra wheels can be removed.

Is there a difference between boys' and girls' bikes?

Children's bikes for boys and girls usually differ only in color.

How is an adult bike different from a child's bike?

Adult bike differs from a child's in many ways: weight, wheel size, frame size, availability of additional equipment. Children's bikes are much lighter, easier to handle, and the components they are equipped with are designed specifically for small children, taking into account their height. Therefore, if you want your child to feel comfortable and get maximum pleasure while riding, choose a bike from the children's series - if the child is under 7 years old and from the teenage series - if he is from 7 to 14.

How to choose the right bike?

  • The most important rule: buying a bike is best with a child. He is the one to ride the bike. Give your child the opportunity to sit on a bike, ride - this will allow you and him to understand which bike will be comfortable, and it is worth choosing. We add that the country of origin is of great importance. Imported bicycles, as a rule, are lighter, more reliable and more thoughtful than domestic ones. are made of aluminum and are usually tested by children.
  • Many parents do not think about the safety of their children when buying a bicycle, which sometimes leads to very sad consequences. Therefore, when buying a bike, do not forget about the helmet.

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