A holiday without consequences

A holiday without consequences
A holiday without consequences

Safety during the holidays is not just boring. How to stay out of trouble?

Holiday without consequences

We will not scare you with the statistics of post-holiday injuries, but simply tell you how to avoid them and protect your loved ones from unpleasant surprises

If your kids are under 5-6 years old, or if you have pets in the house (who tend to knock over the tree), replace glass Christmas decorations with safe plastic or paper ones.

All candles must be mounted in high candlesticks and stand at a height inaccessible to children. It is optimal to use heating candles placed inside ceramic candle houses.

A high-quality Bengal candle should light up from one match, burn evenly. From its burning, fiery rain should not fall on the floor. Black, gray, silver candles can be used indoors, colored candles can only be used outdoors.

Flappers with confetti or serpentine can be used by children from 10-12 years old under adult supervision. They should be held at arm's length with the cord down at an angle of 45 degrees, away from you. Flappers should not be directed in the face of yourself or one of the guests, in the direction of lighting fixtures.

Firecrackers must not be disassembled, stored without packaging. Burning firecrackers cannot be held in hands for a long time. Manufacturers strictly forbid throwing them at people, animals, or placing them inside bottles or cans.

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