How to photograph children the right way

How to photograph children the right way
How to photograph children the right way

A few simple tips will help you take great pictures that will decorate the family album.

How to photograph children the right way

There is a camera in almost every family. Of course, in the child's photo album there should be pictures taken by a professional photographer, but this is only a small part, all other photos, as a rule, are taken by parents. A few useful and fairly simple tips will allow you to take great pictures that will decorate your family album

One year old baby

It is difficult to photograph a baby well, but it is quite possible if you follow a few simple rules. Do not wear dark clothes on the baby, light colors are preferable. Focus on funny dimples or big eyes.

  • Spread a blanket in neutral tones, bright colors are distracting. It is desirable that the child be near the window - good lighting will make the picture more expressive.
  • Don't worry about baby's posture, the more natural the better, and if you attract him with sound, he will turn and smile.
  • Maximum zoom. The child must fill the entire frame.

Hidden cam

If you suddenly find that you have too many staged shots, get your camera ready and seize the moment. The beauty of these pictures is that the children are not posing, they do not even notice that they are being photographed.

  • Catch the moment when kids are doing something, like painting on the floor with paint or eating cake.
  • Pull up the zoom to be as far away from children as possible and not distract them.
  • Wait for an expressive moment, call the children and shoot immediately.
  • Take a lot of shots to choose the best ones later.

Holiday photo

No holiday is complete without photography. As a rule, holiday photos are at least a few staged shots, and therefore, you can prepare in advance. Think about how to dress the children. If the child has put on a new outfit, then give him time to get used to it and feel comfortable, otherwise discomfort and tightness will definitely be reflected in the picture. Try not to overload the frame with festive details.

  • Make sure children's faces are evenly lit.
  • Ask the children to stand in front of a festive background, such as near a Christmas tree with gifts. The children should be facing the lens the same way so everyone is in focus and the composition of the frame is filled evenly.
  • Place your camera on a tripod or any platform, such as a stack of books. This is important because without a flash, any movement can result in blurry shots. Start shooting.
  • Funny shot in costume

    If you decide to take a picture of a child in a costume at the holiday, the photographing scheme will be somewhat different:

    • Let the child admire yourself, spin in front of the mirror
    • Turn on nice music, create a playful mood
    • Call the child and when he turns, shoot.


    To make a successful photo on the street, you must take into account the weather conditions.

    • For outdoor shooting, a cloudy day with soft diffused light is preferable to avoid unnecessary shadows and squinting eyes.
    • Include the bright details of life in the frame, but do not forget that you are still photographing children, and not what is around. Children should occupy the center of the photo.
    • Shoot from your knee or sit down so that the lens is at the height of the child.
    • If you are photographing children on a sunny day, then do not forget that you can not photograph against the sun. To prevent shadows from appearing under the children's eyes, the sun should be at the right or left shoulder of the photographer. If there are shadows, turn on the flash, it will highlight the face and soften the shadows.


    Tip: If your child doesn't want to be photographed, don't force them or you may discourage them altogether. A bad mood or fear will definitely be reflected in the picture. Look at family albums together, show yourself once again as a child and tell us how these pictures are dear to you now and how it would be a shame if you, like your son or daughter, did not like to be photographed. Let the child hold the camera in his hands, some children, especially toddlers, are simply afraid of the lens, because they do not understand what it is. Older children can be allowed to take some pictures of themselves.

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