Clean my room bro

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Clean my room bro
Clean my room bro

Sharing household chores

Clean my room, brother!

We have two children, Lyuba is 14, and Vova is 6. Recently, we began to notice that Lyuba shirks household chores, entrusting them to Vova. He tells his brother to clean up her room, and for this he promises him all sorts of benefits: give him his computer game, allow him to play with the older guys. My wife and I are puzzled. On the one hand, both children seem perfectly satisfied with this agreement. On the other hand, it seems to us that Lyuba is exploiting her brother, showing her superiority over him, her power. What would you recommend?

Pavel K., Pskov

The most effective way to explain to children is the following: in the family, everyone has their own responsibilities. Mom and dad honestly distribute these responsibilities among the household and make sure that everyone contributes. Only parents can distribute responsibilities, because they are adults and know how to do it fairly, taking into account the age and abilities of everyone.

Remind Lyuba that you appreciate when she plays with her brother, that she sets a good example for him in how carefully and diligently she completes school assignments, how wonderfully she can tell fairy tales, how patiently she teaches Vova to sculpt funny figures from plasticine. But only parents, only adults can give tasks, encourage or punish. “Therefore, henceforth, please, do not delegate your tasks to Vova. Mom and I are sure that you are an honest and responsible girl and we will not have to repeat this request in the future.”

“Vova, if Lyuba promises you goodies, you don’t need to work for candy or a cartoon. Remember that only mom and dad have the right to give you a treat or turn on the TV, computer. For several weeks, strictly, but unobtrusively, see that Lyuba completes her tasks on her own, do not forget to praise her for a clean room, and praise Vova for completing her tasks. And one more thing: hazing is possible only when the most vulnerable person does not believe that the elders will treat him fairly and protect him. Therefore, listen to your children more carefully, reward them more generously for good deeds.

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