My beloved daughter smokes

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My beloved daughter smokes
My beloved daughter smokes

Try to prevent smoking

My beloved daughter smokes!

My letter will be short and bitter. Our thirteen year old girl started smoking. Neither I nor my husband smoke. What to do with Masha? Punish? Exhort? I know that many parents choose this approach: smoke, but only at home, and not in the doorways. Others say the opposite: so that you don’t dare to smoke at home! I would like to say more radically: don't you dare smoke at all. Of course we will. So? Where is the guarantee that Masha will obey? How to punish her if she ignores our order?

Daria I., Novosibirsk

Everything starts at home. If parents smoke, then, most likely, growing children will also begin to smoke. However, in her letter, the reader writes that neither she nor her husband smoke, in this situation, most likely, it will be possible to cope with her daughter's bad habit in a short time. Smoking is easier to prevent than to fight it. But smoking prevention is a complex set of educational measures.

The first is an example of parents. Do not smoke around children. Don't offer them beer or even low alcohol.

Second - try to form the personality of your child in such a way that he believes in his strength, in his attractiveness, and knows how to defend his point of view. Such a child will not be afraid of the ridicule of peers, will not feel uncomfortable under the pressure of the team.

Third - the ability of parents to engage the child in productive activities: sports, hobby groups, going to the cinema or going to nature together with parents. A child who feels like an important and significant member of a team, a family, is relieved of the need to attract the attention of his parents by smoking, which will certainly cause them a storm of indignation, lead to misunderstanding and scandals in the family.

Fourth - the calm ability of parents to get along with the child's friends. Keep an eye on your child's friends and girlfriends. Inviting them into the house, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere for them, do not go to the other extreme - do not flirt with young people. Remind teens that you are an adult, that you are responsible for the order in the house and the safety of the younger generation.

Fifth, form a productive alliance with the parents of the child's closest or most significant friends. Coordinate with them a schedule in which your children will be either under their supervision or under yours. Invite them to take your child on a weekend hike. So children will have fun and communicate without losing the supervision of their elders.

Sixth - pocket money should be modest: for juice or ice cream. Target - for tickets to the cinema or to the exhibition. Honestly and directly say that there will be no pocket money and no independent walks during the week if the child smells of tobacco or alcohol.

Seventh - talk to your kids about the dangers of alcohol and nicotine.

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