Cellulite: a natural problem

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Cellulite: a natural problem
Cellulite: a natural problem

According to statistics, 85-90% of women suffer from cellulite. Many scientists consider changes in subcutaneous fat to be something like a female secondary sexual characteristic. Others see it as a disease. The 20th century taught us that cellulite is a deformity. What is cellulite?

Cellulite: a natural problem

According to statistics, 85-90% of women suffer from cellulite. Many scientists consider changes in subcutaneous fat to be something like a female secondary sexual characteristic. Others see it as a disease. The 20th century taught us that cellulite is a deformity. What is cellulite?

Why does orange peel appear?

"Cellulite" comes from the Latin Cellula - "cell" and it - "inflammation". But in the usual sense of the word for us, cellulite means adipose tissue that tends to retain fluid. Edema compresses neighboring areas of connective tissue, blood circulation and lymph circulation in this area worsens, fat cells gradually increase and form into peculiar tubercles. In advanced stages of cellulite, these bumps become painful and can become inflamed. It is believed that cellulite is a female problem. It is due to the peculiarities of the structure of the subcutaneous fat of a woman and the fact that the receptors of fat cells located in certain parts of the body (for example, in the thighs) respond specifically to female sex hormones. It's most likely a defense mechanism. The causes of cellulite lie in hereditary predisposition, weight gain, age-related changes (hormonal in particular), metabolic disorders, and poor lifestyle.

When does cellulite become a problem?

Cosmetologists distinguish three stages of cellulite. The first stage may well be considered normal. If, pinching the skin around the thigh, you see bumps, you have the first stage of cellulite. Such cellulite can be easily corrected. In the second stage, cellulite becomes more noticeable, and a vascular network may appear. The skin becomes more flabby. Fluid accumulates in fat cells and compresses the veins. Fat deposits become dense and noticeable. The third stage is determined by the fact that the affected skin becomes cool to the touch and painfully reacts to tweaks. At this stage, the connective tissue between the muscle and the skin is already formed, and such cellulite is difficult to treat. At this stage, cellulite is no longer just an aesthetic problem, it causes pain and can provoke internal disorders of the body.

Can you get rid of cellulite?

You can't change your female physiology and defeat cellulite once and for all. But with due attention, problem areas can look decent. Of course, the third stage of cellulite is very difficult to cure. And that is why you need to take care not to run your body to such an extent. And most importantly, love your body and take care of it!

Cellulite requires constant attention. Watch your diet: exclude chemical food additives. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It is better to replace meat with fish, and sweet rolls with whole grain bread. Go in for sports - any load on the "problem" areas will be useful (unless cellulite has entered the third stage). Regularly visit the sauna, do massage. Use anti-cellulite creams and honey masks. The active components of anti-cellulite products - vegetable and essential oils, extracts, vitamins, minerals - improve blood circulation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase metabolism in the skin and, as a result, relieve cell edema. Most of them are recommended to be supplemented with massage in order for the active ingredients to be better absorbed.

SPA against cellulite

There is hardly a more pleasant and effective way to deal with cellulite than visiting a spa. No wonder - after all, not only the latest achievements of science, but also the most ancient philosophy of beauty come to our aid. It is known that all he alth problems are rooted in the wrong lifestyle. In the eternal bustle, we forget about ourselves - we are a lot nervous, we sleep little and almost never go outside. SPA Palestra experts believe that any problem must be de alt with comprehensively. A carefully selected diet, massages and wraps with exotic herbs and fruits, with the latest technology - all this can work wonders, and in a very short time!


Any anti-cellulite course at SPA Palestra begins with the Detox program. Toxins and toxins enter our body every day - with artificially modified food, polluted air, tap water … All this pollutes the lymph, and one of the consequences of slagging in the body is the appearance of an "orange peel". Not all of us have the opportunity to get out into nature. That is why the methods of purification and restoration in the "extreme" conditions of the city were developed. SPA Palestra specialists select an individual cleansing course for each client: diets and herbal teas, as well as thalassotherapy programs. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are cleansed, and at the same time other functions of the body are normalized.


Thalassotherapy originated at the sea, and it is based on the positive impact of the sea climate on the body. Algae and mud help cleanse toxins. Sea s alt scrubs stimulate blood circulation. And moist and warm air opens the pores and enhances the effect of any procedures. It would seem, what can bring the best results? But at SPA Palestra, the classic thalassotherapy treatments were complemented by oriental massage and cleansing techniques. For example, the program "Tibetan Lunar Cleansing" allows you to achieve stunning results. The program is held on the full moon - the time of the highest activity of all living beings. On this day, all procedures (steaming, baths, Tibetan massage) will be more effective than ever. Moreover, the body is already prepared for such an impact - before the program, it is necessary to follow a special diet for 5 days. Another program that fights cellulite in a short time is Udvartanam Slim. The program is based on the ancient Ayurvedic science. The program is selected individually and consists of a bath with pollen from flowers, scrub with honey, s alt and fragrant spices, steaming and massage with herbal paste. All herbal preparations are personally brought from Asia by the head of SPA Palestra Evgeniya Linovich.

Science and technology

Mesotherapy (injections of special "vitamin cocktails") has proven effective in the fight against cellulite. SPA Palestra uses vitamin-homeopathic mixtures - they allow you to quickly restore blood circulation in the problem area. Hardware techniques help well against cellulite - myostimulation (electric currents cause muscles to contract intensively and thus enhance metabolic processes in adjacent tissues) and vacuum lymphatic drainage (with the help of a strong vacuum, fat capsules are broken and the skin is leveled).

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