Summer school

Summer school
Summer school

Does your child need summer classes? Turn your study load into fun!

Summer school

Children after the end of the school year need a good rest. Fresh air, physical activity, water and sun are necessary for the body to recuperate after hard work. Even if for some reason summer classes are mandatory, take a break for 2-3 weeks, absolutely free from the study load

It is unlikely that a child will take with pleasure the news that in the summer it is necessary to write dictations in the Russian language or solve math problems. Think over or even better agree with your son or daughter about the time of the classes. Of course, when all the neighbor boys and girls go swimming in the lake or play football, it is very difficult to make a child sit down for textbooks. Choose a time when the restriction of freedom will be the least noticeable. Classes must be systematic! If a child knows that every day or every other day after breakfast 30-40 minutes (no more) should work with a book, he will quickly accept this regimen and will easily tune in to work. It is impossible to punish a child by solving additional problems, this will not give anything positive - only disgust for the subject. It is not necessary to increase the duration of classes, if it is agreed in advance. Do not overdo it! Children should spend their summers knowing that they are resting a lot and learning a little, not the other way around.

How to combine business with pleasure

Rest is rest, and even training sessions for children in the summer should have a summer character. With the help of fantasy and little tricks, solving boring educational problems can be turned into an exciting creative activity, and such mental gymnastics will only be a joy for younger students. Use elements of the so-called pointless story learning when a story or event becomes the basis for a variety of activities. For example, a Saturday picnic is a great opportunity to practice mathematics: calculate how many cutlery you need for guests, add and subtract, divide and multiply the number of products, etc. guests, draw it, and a story about impressions will be a good lesson in speech development. Picking mushrooms, going to the river, an excursion - everything can be presented in the form of math problems, exercises in Russian and foreign languages ​​and other subjects.

Children perform such tasks much more interesting and enjoyable, and the benefits are no less than from the examples in the textbook. True, it’s a sin to complain about educational literature: the “Funny Lessons” series is now available in all major subjects, so you can simply arm yourself with entertainingly and excitingly written textbooks and workbooks.

To be useful…

According to experts, there are benefits only from those activities that are well organized and thought out. If you are studying with a child on your own, first consult with a subject teacher. Depending on the purpose of the classes and the specifics of the subject, you need to select the necessary material and draw up a curriculum for classes with a child in the summer. Now there is a huge number of teaching aids for all ages and levels of preparedness, designed for independent work. But you need to know what exactly your son or daughter needs, otherwise all attempts to teach are doomed to failure.


  • Summer activities with children should cover the necessary minimum, really feasible for the child. Do not overload your son or daughter with lessons - the physical and emotional he alth of the child is much more important.
  • Children will remember historical dates and events much better if they are backed up with "live pictures": films, episodes from books, entertaining stories.
  • Make a herbarium - this is not only useful for studying botany, but also contributes to the overall development of the child.
  • Hang a “bulletin board” above your desk with math formulas and spelling rules you need to work on in large print.
  • Attach small leaves to the items in the country, on one side of which these items will be named in a foreign language, on the other side a translation will be written - this makes words easier and more durable to remember.

P.S. Try to look at the state of things realistically: you cannot learn in a short time what has been studied for a long time. A child who has not rested over the summer will not be able to evenly distribute forces in the next school year and will constantly be in the position of catching up.

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