How to fall asleep if you woke up at night

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How to fall asleep if you woke up at night
How to fall asleep if you woke up at night

In the old days it was believed that in a dream you can create the future. Scientists largely agree with this: sleep renews and replenishes strength. And by the way we sleep, you can guess whether we will be able to maintain youth and beauty.

Secrets of restful sleep. How to sleep and wake up refreshed?

How to sleep properly: set your biological clock

We spend at least a third of our lives sleeping, and yet we often miss it. It has been proven that women are almost twice as likely as men to suffer from sleep disorders. The key to solving the problem is in the right rhythm of life.

Watch the sleep patterns of preschool children - the same natural rhythms are subject to the life of an adult (it's just that most of us do not have the opportunity to follow them). Usually by the middle of the day there is a desire to take a nap. Scientists claim that a 15-minute daytime sleep makes it easy to cope with fatigue and restore energy. Such a short siesta is much more beneficial than a long "sleep" on the weekend.

How many hours do we need to sleep? For most, 7-8 hours is usually enough, but some manage to get enough sleep in a shorter time. Most importantly, try to go to sleep and wake up around the same time each day. The body will get used to this rhythm.

Surround yourself with tranquility

  1. Disorder does not allow us to relax. Therefore, try to ensure that everything in the bedroom is always in its place and nothing reminds of work - neither clothes, nor a computer, nor work papers.
  2. Never settle relationships or solve problems in bed. This place should be free from any stress.
  3. Be sure to ventilate the room you sleep in. Ideally, the temperature in the bedroom should be around 16 degrees.
  4. Turn off your bedroom phone every night and put your phone on silent.
  5. Too bright colors of bed linen and walls can cause anxiety and frighten off fragile sleep. Therefore, try to decorate the bedroom in a neutral color scheme - in soft lilac, pink and cream shades.
  6. Bright light, just like harsh sounds, should not disturb the peace of the room where you sleep. However, quiet music and TV are the most common sleep aid for many.
  7. Scents of lavender, cinnamon, rose and vanilla have a calming effect. How to sleep properly? Light scented candles and incense burners in the bedroom. And let this smell be associated with you only with comfort.

How to go to bed the right way: prepare your body for rest

  1. Keep your figure: being overweight can cause sleep problems, breathing difficulties and night sweats.
  2. Try to be outside every day. Research has proven that sunshine and fresh air promote sound sleep.
  3. Don't forget about exercise. Even a 20-minute charge is enough to stimulate the body. Light fatigue will set in after about 5 hours. So the ideal time for the gym is 5-6 pm.
  4. If there is no way to find time for exercise during the day, an evening walk or light housework before bed can replace them.
  5. Can't get rid of muscle tension? Try this yogic exercise: lie on your back, legs slightly apart, feel the whole body. When you feel tension, slightly tighten and relax these muscles again. Imagine your body weightless.

Skip the late dinner

  1. Caffeine increases anxiety levels and has a stimulating effect. This effect can last up to several hours. Therefore, after dinner, try not to drink tea, coffee or cocoa.
  2. Alcohol has a calming effect at first, but does not promote sound sleep. In addition, alcohol has a diuretic effect and not only makes us get up at night once again, but also contributes to dehydration. Therefore, in order to avoid the appearance of wrinkles, you should not abuse alcohol.
  3. Cheese, potatoes, meat, nuts - too heavy food for an evening meal. It is better to give preference to fruit, grain bread or a glass of warm milk.
  4. Brew a soothing herbal blend of valerian, mint, yarrow and thyme. Drink one hour before bedtime.
  5. Avoid too spicy or s alty food 4-5 hours before bedtime - it not only has a stimulating effect, but also provokes significant fluid retention in the body and, as a result, morning swelling on the face and body.
  6. Green vegetables, seeds and chocolate promote relaxation and induce a sense of calm. But try not to eat at night as a habit. sleep

Follow evening beauty rituals

  1. Cleanse your face before you go to bed - dirt and oil secreted by the skin at night makes it difficult to breathe and renew the epidermis. This can lead to inflammatory reactions and edema on the skin. So be sure to use cleansing milk and toner before bed.
  2. The skin becomes especially sensitive to the active ingredients of creams between midnight and 4 am. So be sure to use an anti-aging or moisturizing night cream before bed.
  3. Do not apply too much cream - this can cause morning swelling or irritation on the face.
  4. A warm bath relaxes the muscles and helps to calm down after a hard day. And a few drops of lavender or rose aromatic oil prepare us for sleep. Massage your face from the nose, chin and middle of the forehead to the temples. Apply cream to face and neck.
  5. Massage your shoulders and lower back. Rub your body with a warm towel. All this will help you calm down and tune in to sleep. Do not ignore the nightly beauty rituals. Cleansing the skin and applying cream should become certain signals and set you up for relaxation.

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