The color of summer

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The color of summer
The color of summer

Summer is the time to get rid of dark colors and let more bright colors into your life.

Summer color

Black is slimming, navy blue is very practical, and gray goes with everything… But summer is the time to get rid of dark colors and let in as many bright colors as possible into your life


Turquoise is the color of inspiration. Turquoise is based on two colors - blue and yellow. The first of them has to rest and pacifies. The second is invigorating and energizing. And the turquoise color itself encourages creativity and enlivens. If it's overcast and you're in a bad mood, try wearing something turquoise.


Pink is one of the most feminine colors on the color spectrum. Delicate and sexy. Try to combine pink with red, the color of energy and passion, together they form a spicy combination and fill with a sense of harmony between two different elements.


If you still can't give up black completely, try diluting it with bright summer colors like raspberry. This catchy color, like an exquisite flower, attracts attention and attracts attention with its nobility - keep in mind that it is almost impossible to go unnoticed in it.


Blue for peace of mind. Baby blue is calmer than turquoise and less majestic than blue. This is the color of spiritual growth, awakening and at the same time inner peace. Blue will be a good therapy if you are upset, worried and need to relieve stress.


The combination of blue and yellow reminds of the sea, sky and sun. These colors harmoniously complement each other and create a feeling of happiness and bliss. Try them if you feel like wearing something bright and not too intrusive.

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