The benefits of spices and spices

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The benefits of spices and spices
The benefits of spices and spices

Any cook knows what spices are for - they add flavor to insipid dishes. But did you know that they are also beneficial to he alth? Spices have been successfully used in medicine for thousands of years. No wonder they led to trade wars.

Benefits of herbs and spices

He alth benefits of spices

GINGER Helps relieve nausea, has a strong stimulating and tonic effect. And in combination with honey, ginger juice is an extremely effective remedy for colds and coughs. Add some grated ginger to baked goods, tea, meat and fish dishes.

CINNAMON Helps to absorb sugar more efficiently and lowers its level in the blood, stabilizes blood pressure. It has an antibacterial effect and is able to destroy even the bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. The aroma of cinnamon helps to improve mood and fight depression.

BLACK PEPPER Piperine, the substance in black pepper that makes it hot, increases enzyme activity and speeds up blood flow. This helps to improve digestion, appetite and better absorption of nutrients. It also has some analgesic properties - it alleviates stomach cramps, and has an antibacterial effect. Here are the benefits of spices for the body!

RED PEPPER Contains substances that can damage cancer cells. This effect of red pepper is explained by the content of the substance capsaicin in it, on the basis of which anti-cancer drugs are being developed. In addition, the use of this spice is that red pepper helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances that delay the flow of oxygen, which makes us feel tired and irritated.

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