Andrey Chernyshev

Andrey Chernyshev
Andrey Chernyshev

Now he's in great demand. Acts in films, plays in entreprises, fights in the "star ring". The actor has a lot of plans, but Andrei does not like to share them.

Andrey Chernyshev

Now he's in great demand. Acts in films, plays in entreprises, fights in the "star ring". The actor has a lot of plans, but Andrei does not like to share them

TO: Andrew, are you superstitious?

AH: No. My plan is to shoot. But whether they will start or not is another question. It’s just that it’s happened to me more than once: after a few days it seems to be removed, then suddenly something changes. That's why I swore off talking about projects that have not yet begun. And as for whether I'm a superstitious person or not … Once I was very superstitious, I believed in completely stupid signs. If a woman is driving, I had to hold on to the button. Before entering the stage in a certain place it was necessary to knock. In fact, this is nonsense, of course, it all depends on you anyway. And now I wouldn't call myself superstitious.

BEFORE: Maybe just more confident?

AH: Maybe. I have matured. Maybe that's why I don't talk now about what hasn't happened yet.

BEFORE: Do you have non-work plans for December?

AC: I hope that, as always, at the end of December I will go to Kyiv, New Year's meeting with my parents. And what else … Yes, you should buy some winter shoes, otherwise it’s cold.

BEFORE: Haven't you done it yet?

AH: Just don't have time to go shopping. If it appears, then you can’t find anything, but you can only buy what I don’t want. So I ended up in this situation. It happens, by the way, and vice versa. So I thought I needed a suit. Actually, I don’t wear costumes, but it was necessary here - they called me to an official event. I chose for a long time, I bought it. A very expensive suit, Dolce and Gabbana. But I didn't have to wear it. Now it hangs in my closet, and I think: why did I buy it?

BEFORE: Maybe it will still be useful for the wedding?

AC: I have a tuxedo for the wedding.

BEFORE: Is going to the store boring or exciting for you?

AC: It's a great pleasure for me to look forward to this hike. That is, if I'm going to the store, then I have a free day, a day off. But, to tell the truth, it takes me an hour and a half, no more. If I don’t buy a thing right away, that’s it - I’m immediately overwhelmed by doubts, I’m already starting to get nervous. I suffer, I wander around the store: I rush to buy, then I move away from the counter. And, as a rule, I leave empty-handed.

BEFORE: We hope that you will still buy shoes before the New Year. Admit it, over the past ten years, how many times have your parents not waited for you for the holiday?

AH: Not once in the last 35 years.

BEFORE: But you're only 35. So this is a tradition that is unshakable?

AH: Yes. A couple of times my parents came to me in Moscow when I couldn't take time off from Lenkom. And so - yes, I constantly go to Kyiv for the New Year. Now I am, as they say, a free artist, I do not serve in the theater, so I can plan my personal time. You understand, I spend all my time here, in Moscow, with friends. And I think that I can still spend two days a year - January 1 and my birthday - with my parents.

BEFORE: And if for a lot of money they offer to host a New Year's corporate holiday?

AC: They offered me, I refused. They didn't offer me a million dollars. Yes, a lot of money, but I will still earn it.

BEFORE: Do you still rent an apartment in Moscow or have you already got your own meters?

AH: No, I'm filming. Housing is expensive now. And yet, if you buy an apartment, then you need to live there, and not just invest. Therefore, you need to buy an apartment in a place where you would like to live. So far, according to my financial situation, I have not come across such an option.

TO: Is there any amount you would donate a New Year trip to Kyiv for?

AH: A million dollars. I think my parents will understand me, they will say: “Of course, son, you will come next time.”

BEFORE: Nine hundred thousand won't do?

AC: Well, let's bargain… Of course, money is a necessary thing. Well, as without them, they give freedom. Then comfort is very important to me, which is impossible without money. But I don't prioritize them.

BEFORE: Andrey, how do you usually celebrate the New Year at your parents' house?

AC: Quite standard: we sit down at the table, turn on the TV. As in childhood - everything is calm and quiet. Dad tried to somehow diversify our holiday, he bought some fireworks. But no one came out to launch them into the street.

DO: Tell me, when the King of the Ring project was going on, was your mother very worried about you? Called, asked why you need it?

AC: No, it didn't happen, my parents support me in everything. Moreover, I try not to make any stupid, rash decisions. And, by the way, they liked the way I showed myself on the project. Of course, after each fight we called up, my mother always asked me about my well-being. True, it is worth noting that I was very lucky - after the fights themselves, I had no injuries. Bruises, a broken nose, a mended head - all this only happened in training. As they say, hard to learn - easy to fight.

BEFORE: But this is a big risk for an actor who, as they say, works as a face…

AC: You know, I try to do what interests me in life. I'm interested in being an actor. Not for my face to be seen, but because I'm interested in understanding - in the characters, through the role - in myself. I am interested in boxing, I have always loved this sport. And it was the only chance in my life to box. If not for the project, I would never have entered the ring. So I had to endure.

BEFORE: Are you the kind of man who doesn't like doctors?

AC: And who, tell me, likes to get sick? But if it happens, then the doctor for you is a king and a god, you catch his every word. This one noticed a phenomenon: when you come to the hospital, it becomes easier already.

BEFORE: If you were injured in the ring, would you trust the doctor you play on General Medicine?

AH: Of course! Because he is a talented doctor, indeed his vocation is to treat people, and he understands all his responsibility. He loves people, empathizes with them. And plus, it works. True, it's probably better not to get even with such a talented one.

DO: How do you feel about getting into the pages of the yellow press, which married you to your partner in the series Anna Snatkina?

AC: You know, in the spring I starred in the movie "Bitch" with Nastya Tsvetaeva. In the film, I played a boxer, then, when the King of the Ring project began, she came and cheered for me. They wrote that I had an affair with her. Now they write that with Anya Snatkina. Well, I’m very happy about this … Now, by the way, I was going to interview you, two girls came up to me, took an autograph and asked me to say hello to Anya Snatkina, being completely sure that I would see her tonight. I am very glad that people react this way. This means that we are doing our job well. As for my personal life, I immediately warn you: I try not to discuss it.

TO: Your right. Therefore, the question will be the most innocent: when will you get married?

AC: Oh, I don't know what will happen in December, and you ask when you will get married. No, you can’t guess here, everything should turn out naturally. Because love, romance, even a serious feeling is one thing. And the family is somewhat different.

BEFORE: At 35, are you ready to start a family?

AH: I think so. Although I believe that it happened not so long ago.

BEFORE: What's stopping you? Like in a store: everything is wrong?

AH: No way. It just has to work out by itself. How soon, I can't guess. But, like any normal unmarried man, I think about it all the time.

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