The bedroom you dream of

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The bedroom you dream of
The bedroom you dream of

To make dreams come true, it is not necessary to make expensive repairs and buy expensive furniture. We will tell you what is worth spending money on and what you can save on.

The bedroom you dream of

To make dreams come true, it is not necessary to make expensive repairs and buy expensive furniture. We will tell you what is worth spending money on and what you can save on

Bedroom is a place for love

Bedroom is a place to relax

The bedroom is where you start and end your day. This is the room where you spend about a third of your life. The bedroom is your personal territory, so it should match your character, temperament and mood. In the bedroom, you can not adhere to strict style rules. Feel free to embody your desires, ideas and fantasies. Don't forget just one thing. The atmosphere in the bedroom should above all be comfortable and harmonious.


According to experienced decorators, most people, when they are going to change their bedroom, dream of several things: comfortable and pleasant lighting in which you can read without disturbing each other, a personal nightstand or table where you can put a glass of water or glasses, and of course a luxurious bed!

1 Start by choosing colors, materials, textures and objects that make you feel calm, secure and at peace.

2 Consider lighting the room. Don't make the overhead light in the bedroom too bright. Better choose an interesting lighting solution next to the bed.

3 Forget the old rule that all furniture in a room should only be of the same color and the same type of wood. Combinations of wood textures will make the room more interesting and add personality.

4 If you spend a lot of time in the bedroom, be sure to equip a place (besides the bed) where you can sit quietly, read, talk on the phone. It can be a cozy armchair - in the corner of the room or near the window - with a small table, cabinet and soft lighting.

Don't forget!

• Even the best color scheme will not make up for the unpleasant impression of clutter, stacked books, poor lighting and cold floors.

• If the room has a low ceiling, you can paint it the same color as the walls, but a few shades lighter. He will appear taller.

• In a narrow bedroom where there is not enough space for a large bed with a headboard, you can paint in a different color or paste over with wallpaper a section of the wall that will imitate the headboard. This simple but very effective trick will help you save 15-20 cm.

Bedroom is a place for love

1 Extra pillows

The more pillows of different shapes, the more pleasant. Try mixing different fabrics to feel comfortable in more than just the light.

2 Additional lighting

Of course, flickering candles are the best option for a romantic setting. However, one does not always want to wait for the moment when the candles burn out. So think of a soft night light with a lampshade. Particularly convenient are those equipped with dimmers that allow you to reduce the lighting as much as possible.

3 Buy the most expensive underwear you can afford. When buying a set, choose a weave strength of at least 250 threads. You may not have luxurious furniture, but bed linen should be of high quality and beautiful. (By the way, it is the quality of bed linen that distinguishes an ordinary hotel from a good one). Having bought expensive underwear, you will feel and appreciate this difference more than once.

4 Turn on the music A soothing beautiful melody always sets the right mood. If there is no time to pick up romantic tracks, tune in to Radio Relax, where pleasant music always sounds. Don't turn your bedroom into a video room. Of course, many of you will never pass up the opportunity to watch TV before bed, but tangled wires make a terrible impression and can ruin any interior.

5 Emphasize Place candelabra candles, a colored glass lamp, or a houseplant in front of a mirror.

Design Tips

Trisha Guild, creative director and founder of the well-known English brand Designers Guild, represented in Russia by Interia, answered our questions.

• How to create a cozy bedroom when there is little space in the room?

The most hackneyed way to enlarge a space is to avoid any bright colors and textures. But I think that these elements just create a sense of depth and give individuality. I would advise making the floor and ceiling neutral. Use a lot of white in the setting. This will enlarge and balance the space. Use texture, such as a soft bedspread, pillows, and rug.

• What colors are ideal for bedrooms?

Color is a very individual and emotional thing, I really believe and believe that there are no definite rules, there is only your personal choice.

• How to avoid mixing styles and bad taste? On the contrary, I love eclecticism: I like both modern and antique, wallpaper and paint, combinations of different textures and fabrics. Do not display everything in your bedroom at once, but change its appearance from time to time. Change the pillows or re-upholster the painting.

By the way: decorate your bedroom in soft peach tones. Experts say that this color suits most women: it gives them a feminine fresh look, improves skin tone, emphasizes blush and youth.

Bedroom is a place to relax

1 Don't turn your bedroom into an office and never work in bed!

Move your computer to another room. Before going to bed, you do not need to think and worry about work, especially in a place that is intended for relaxation.

2 Don't get carried away with bright colors

It has long been known that different color shades can affect our feelings, moods and behavior in different ways. Therefore, in the bedrooms it is customary to adhere to the cold range. In any case, try to minimize bright colors that excite and tone. Save bright accessories for other rooms.

3 Curtain the windows

Choose dark blackout curtains or use blinds. Even weak daylight can disturb you and disturb your sleep. This is especially true for those people who work the night shift and have to rest during the day.

4 Adjust lighting

If you can't fall asleep in total darkness and need some light to sleep comfortably, add a pair of dimmable nightlights to dim the light as much as possible.

5 Take care of the silence

Check that interior doors and floorboards don't creak, cabinet doors don't slam, and water taps don't flow. If you need to get up at night or early in the morning, do not wake your loved ones.

6 Use air purifiers and humidifiers: dust and especially dry air in the room can interrupt sleep and make morning awakening unpleasant. The quiet buzzing of appliances will help you fall asleep.

7 Clean your room

Chaotic environment, dirt and dust in the bedroom - this is an additional stress for you. Sleep well, knowing that everything is in its place. Don't think that contemplation of things scattered on the floor will calm you down before going to bed.

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