Yulia Vysotskaya "The main thing is to be together"

Yulia Vysotskaya "The main thing is to be together"
Yulia Vysotskaya "The main thing is to be together"

Julia has released a new book about a he althy lifestyle "Eat, run, live!" for the New Year holidays. She is sure that this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to look their best!

Julia Vysotskaya "The main thing is to be together"

New Year in the family of Yulia Vysotskaya can take place anywhere: at a large table in a country house, in the forest, in the mountains, by the ocean. The main thing is to be together, to be in a good mood and in great shape! By the New Year holidays, Yulia Vysotskaya is releasing a new book on a he althy lifestyle, Eat, Run, Live! She is sure that this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to look their best for the New Year!

BEFORE: Is the New Year a special holiday for you?

YUV: On the one hand, of course, on the eve of the holidays, I am captured by a wave of positive emotions that comes from everywhere. But it's probably just a herd feeling. On the other hand, we can arrange a holiday for ourselves every day. Therefore, the New Year is not something supernatural, causing joyful shivers in all family members, or the expectation of some wonderful gifts that were not available throughout the year.

BEFORE: What was this holiday like in your childhood?

YUV: I think he was like all the kids in the Soviet era. The set table, an obligatory part of the program, was the switched on TV, on which the New Year's "Spark" was shown. But the main thing was to have time to write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, pour the ashes into a glass of champagne and quickly drink its contents. Well, when I grew up, it was either student feasts, or I worked part-time as the Snow Maiden.

DO: Many stars prefer to work at corporate parties this night over a family feast. Where do you usually celebrate the New Year?

YUV: No one in our family sings or dances, so there can be no corporate parties. But we really do not have any specific traditions in celebrating the New Year. With pleasure we can be at this time either somewhere on the ocean, or in the forest, in the mountains. Do you know what my favorite memory of celebrating the New Year is? Andrey Sergeevich and I are walking along some abandoned snowy road and drinking champagne from a bottle. It was in Italy, on the night from 2000 to 2001. We then went skiing. And that's when this horror came, this melancholy called "New Year's Eve in a hotel restaurant" … When women put on some incredible dresses, tiaras, we wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. As soon as Manya fell asleep, my husband and I went to the forest…

BEFORE: But how do you prepare for the holiday? Do you have a must-have Christmas to-do list?

YUV: I make sure to send gifts to all the people I love. And I do it not in a stereotyped way, but personally. These are gifts with some, so to speak, personal details: I will bake their favorite cookies for someone, caramelize nuts for someone. Marusya and I distribute all this into bags, tie it with ribbons … But, you know, I really want to be in good shape on this day. It's nice for everyone to look good on New Year's Eve - like on your birthday. I start to get myself in shape slowly, gradually, in advance. And the body is rebuilt to a new rhythm painlessly. He resists gastronomic deprivation only for the first three or four days. And then with gratitude accepts everything that you offer him. For those who need additional incentives to become more beautiful, I advise you to go shopping, try on new things. And also, look through fashion magazines and dream up what outfit will suit. This is a very good incentive to give up sweets and starchy foods.

TO: Tell me, are you decorating the Christmas tree alive?

SE: Absolutely. And even if we leave, the Christmas tree remains in the house, and when we return, we throw it away almost withered. We have quite a lot of Christmas decorations, I bring them from different countries of the world, and they are all very interesting, special. But we have one rule - I decorate the Christmas tree alone, without children. They will kill all the toys and quarrel, quarrel over who will help better and more. In addition, the most grandiose surprise for children is when in the morning they see an already decorated, beautiful Christmas tree. Love it very much.

BEFORE: What's on the festive table this year?

SE: What will be served at the hotel will be. We are flying to the Maldives. But for me personally, the most important thing is to have good champagne. Here's the truth. For some reason, it is customary all over the world for the New Year's table to burst with prepared dishes, and after the holiday itself, for another four days, you could eat up all the remaining delicacies. And now, they say, sales around the world are falling, people do not want to spend money on unnecessary purchases. Sorry, but that's probably for the best. It is good to cook, albeit in a small amount, but really tasty, favorite dishes. You don't need a whole lot. The guests themselves will say thank you later when they feel light and free in the morning.

DO: Do you “check” with horoscopes when preparing for the New Year: what clothes to meet, what must be on the table?

YUV: Well, no, I think it's more interesting in childhood. My Manya, for example, is now fond of it. Last year it was necessary for all the pigs to lay. Toys, of course. That's what my daughter did.

BEFORE: The feast begins with the farewell of the old year. What will you thank the passing year for?

YUV: Here, without any exaggeration, I will tell you that I say thank you for every day. And I can thank the outgoing year for the fact that there was work (I managed to star in the film The Nutcracker, I am releasing the book Eat, Run, Live!), for the fact that there was happiness, for visiting new places. Yes for everything!

TO: Can you share Yulia Vysotskaya's New Year's recipe with our readers?

YUV: I think you can't talk about one recipe from Yulia Vysotskaya, you need to make a competent menu. It is wrong to cross herring, chicken and pork in one evening. I'm sure the most winning feast is fish. Simply because it is a lighter food. Don't get too carried away with desserts. It is better to leave the sweet for five o'clock on January 1, when everyone comes to their senses. That's when you can drink tea with feeling, really, with the arrangement.

TO: Do your kids believe in Santa Claus?

SE: I have no idea, they seem to believe. We honestly try to play the game that Santa Claus exists: we write letters in which we ask for gifts, send them to Lapland. But I will tell you this: as a child, I always knew that there was no Santa Claus. As always, she knew where babies came from. Clever children themselves come to such things sooner or later. And I do not think that this will be a disappointment for the child.

DO: So what will Santa Claus, in whom your children still believe, give them this year?

SE: It's so hard to give presents these days. Because in principle, modern children have everything. Although I just limit my children terribly. And how my husband does it - he often takes bags of toys out of the house and sends them to the orphanage. And then, you know, today everything is very accessible, so children ask for gifts not original, but some boring ones. "Sing what do you want for your birthday?" - "Spiderman". Well, longing! Sometimes, however, they ask for a dog. But this year they definitely won't get it - we'll be in the Maldives.

BEFORE: Do you turn on the TV tonight?

SE: No, never.

DO: So you won't make a wish while the chiming clock is playing?

SEW: Oh no! Not under the chimes, of course, but this is a tradition that I brought to my family from my childhood once and for all. You need to write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, pour it into a glass of champagne and drink it. The most interesting thing is that Andrey Sergeevich has been doing the same thing for several years now. So we love to make a wish. But my main desire is for us to be together. That's when it's the real New Year.

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