6 tips for small repairs

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6 tips for small repairs
6 tips for small repairs

Whether your renovation was three or 10 years ago, our tips will help you freshen up your apartment without the help of a tired husband or son-in-law.

6 tips for small repairs

Whether your renovation was three or 10 years ago, our tips will help you freshen up your apartment without the help of a tired husband or son-in-law

Paste wallpaper

Corner, edge or joint of wallpaper peeled off? It is better to glue them with special glue for wallpaper joints, which, as a rule, consists of PVA and additives. It is sold in small tubes or jars, so it does not need to be diluted. To gently glue loose areas, spread a thin layer of glue on a sheet of white paper and run it along the inside of the peeled edges. Then press the wallpaper against the wall and blot with a dry cloth to avoid bloating. (We recommend Metylan glue, Kleo.)

Clean up the linoleum

Dark streaks and stains are good to clean with toothpaste (white) or an eraser. If this method does not work, use WD-40. Spray it with a towel, rub the stain, and then wash the surface with a soapy sponge.

Remove scratches on furniture

If the scratch is not deep and there is no change in the color of the surface, it is enough to wipe it with furniture polish. Larger scratches can be wiped off with a shoe polish that matches the color or a furniture marker. Deep scratches are removed with a retouching stained pencil, which is available in different colors. It leaves the wood structure visible while smoothing the wood surface. (We recommend Profix.)

Fix door squeak

The hinges can be lubricated with machine oil or plain Vaseline. But, usually, squeaking is a sign of hinge failure, so it is better to use WD-40 anti-corrosion agent. By the way, if your kids love transfer stickers, they are also easy to remove by spraying "WD-40" on and around the picture itself, wait a bit, and then gently scrape off.

Csmear windows

Replace tiles

If the tile in the bathroom is cracked, first carefully remove the seam along the perimeter of the damaged tile with a hammer and screwdriver (putting a screwdriver on the seam, tap it with a hammer). If the tile does not fall out completely, break it with a hammer, take out a few fragments, and then beat off the remaining ones. Remove all excess from the wall surface and clean with a brush from cement dust. Apply tile adhesive, then take two plastic crosses, insert them into the bottom corners and press down on the new tile. When the glue dries, fill the joints with grout. It is customary to buy tiles with a margin of 10%, but if you were not so far-sighted and there were no stocks left, try to find a similar one in the store. If you couldn’t find the same tile, you can use a decorative element (insert) that suits you in color and size. Keep in mind that tiles are only sold in boxes in stores, so you won’t be able to buy 1-2 pieces. Depending on the size of the tile, you will have to pay for 1.5-2 m2, that's how much is packed in one box.

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