Dmitry Nagiyev: “I was born married”

Dmitry Nagiyev: “I was born married”
Dmitry Nagiyev: “I was born married”

In the near future, new films with the participation of Dmitry will be released: the drama "Savva Morozov", the international project "The Merry Widow", the 48-episode saga about Moscow "City of Temptations" and "Return of the Musketeers", where Nagiyev played one of the main roles.

Dmitry Nagiyev: “I was born married”

In the near future, new films with the participation of Dmitry will be released: the drama "Savva Morozov", the international project "The Merry Widow", the 48-episode saga about Moscow "City of Temptations" and "Return of the Musketeers", where Nagiyev played one of the main roles

DO: Dmitry, did you like to read The Three Musketeers as a child?

DN: I can't say that I liked reading this book, but I read it, which is not so bad anymore. And my perception of the book grew along with me. If at the age of 11-12 the leader for me, of course, was D'Artagnan, then over the years I kindled with tender love for Athos. And now, with the onset of adulthood (after all, it is known that a commander named old age comes to every Don Juan), I like Porthos more and more.

BEFORE: Did women impress you?

DN: The women in the Musketeers left no trace in my head. Maybe director Khilkevich spoiled my whole perception of women. Speaking with you, I caught myself imagining not Dumas at all, but the film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers." I do not remember a single phrase from Dumas, but I remember a lot of quotes from the film. This is a monstrous paradox.

BEFORE: Who did you play in Return of the Musketeers?

DN: Our film has a complex dramaturgy. As Alexander Anatolyevich Shirvindt said at a banquet in honor of the end of filming: “When they showed me the script, I didn’t think at all that it could be filmed.” The script is so authorial that if I retell it to you, then we will completely confuse the readers. Let's put it this way: I play the captain of the guards. Filming experience is not easy for me. There are two things I hate in movies - beard trimming and horseback riding. Before filming, I was the only one of the actors who said: “Can I ride a little less?” “Don't worry, you won't jump,” the director replied. And I never got off the horse again. Of course, I am a little flirtatious. Something like with the army: only going back in thought, you understand that it was a good time. And there are absolutely pleasant moments - this is communication with wonderful people. It is very important for me that people like Shirvindt and Boyarsky generally know who I am. And the fact that I spent several months with them in communication is just wonderful. Even my son captured some interaction with them.

BEFORE: Was your son with you during filming?

DN: He was present several times on the Moscow shoot. He could not devote much time to this, because he is studying.

BEFORE: We heard that your son has also started acting in films. Is this true?

DN: Yes. At the very least, it began to flicker somewhere. But this is just a flicker - very small roles.

BEFORE: Do you support him in any way?

DN: In a kind word, I don't do proteges.

BEFORE: Does he have your last name?

DN: Yes.

BEFORE: You never talk about your personal life, and because of this, there are a lot of rumors about you. Someone says that you are a convinced bachelor, and someone is sure that you have a family … Where is the truth?

DN: Over the past five years, journalists have written that I got divorced, but it was an absolute lie. I recently got divorced, less than six months have passed since then. I don't give interviews at all, but they do come up from time to time. Where? I do not know that. Let's put it this way: I don't remember my single state. I think I was already born married. Or rather, like this: I was not born alone. I was born in a couple. The Lord set me up with smart women. But I don't like talking about my personal life. Talk about your kids? That when the ruddy, blue-eyed baby was born, it was the brightest day of my life? It's vile. There are singers about whom everything is known - from the moment of conception to the moment of childbirth. I don't know a single song they sing, but I constantly see weddings, weddings, childbirth. I think that this information is interesting only for me and maybe even grandparents.

DO: Is it true that you are spoiled for female attention? And fans are on duty at your door?

DN: Well, what are you, I'm not Michael Jackson … I'm spoiled by female attention not immediately, not suddenly. In general, I have always loved to walk.

BEFORE: What does a man who likes to walk look for in marriage?

DN: I don't know what men look for in marriage, I know what they look for in a woman. It seems to me that this is primarily mutual understanding. When the moment of falling in love and attractiveness of the female body passes, mutual understanding either remains or not. The dry language of reason suggests that a community of interests becomes very important here. If this community does not exist, then there is nothing. It turned out that even Madonna and Demi Moore are being abandoned, to say nothing of ordinary women. We often live just with the mess.

BEFORE: Do you choose your sluts?

DN: Yes, we choose. And at the time of the choice, it seemed that this was the only guiding star that would shine all my life. But miracles don't happen. Although I love women and money the most.

BEFORE: What do you like to spend money on?

DN: It's a vicious circle: I make money, I spend… What do I like to spend on? On the woman you love, this is probably the rule in life. And something else related to housing. Probably, childhood complexes make themselves felt: when you grew up at 24 meters for four, this is already for life. From time to time I buy something from the living space. Although in the current situation, it may be necessary to suspend the accumulation process and start buying containers for sauerkraut - for the hungry years.

DO: Can you cook?

DN: I won't lie, the last time I cooked was even before I went down the subway, it was a long time ago. But since I am sitting in front of you full and ruddy, it means that at the very least I eat. Yesterday I was cooked by a chef in a Rostov hotel, the day before yesterday - in Krasnodar. I have such a life…

BEFORE: Do you like living like this?

DN: No. I would like to lie hand in hand with my beloved on a hundred-meter veranda overlooking the ocean. On your own veranda! For the postman to call twice, bringing me a salary. And twice a year to go to the shooting of blockbusters.

BEFORE: There was also a lot in the papers about how close you and your mom are. Is that not true either?

DN: I don't think my relationship with my mom is closer than you or anyone else's. We have good relations. And much of what my brother and I know, feel and are able to do, our mother gave us. Although dad is alive and well, and this is also a subtle and deep person. From him I have a sense of humor, appearance and some kind of male core.

BEFORE: Confess what your parents think of your screen image?

DN: Since they're not 20 years old, there must be something they don't like. When there was an unforgettable program "Windows", they had a hard time: rushing to move from work to the bus, from the bus to the house. They were guarded by girls and journalists. Today, parents have learned to separate the real me from what they see on the screen. They understand that somewhere I make money this way, somewhere I just missed, and somewhere it turned out not what I planned. I will not roll my eyes and say that I would like to play the young Bunin or Pushkin. This is a lie. I have not played enough that I am ready to play almost anywhere. Even Nemirovich-Danchenko said that if only the classics are staged in the theater, this is a dead theater. And now I see classics in our cinema, films about the war and the period of stagnation. Let's open the window and see that the world is much bigger than the T-34 tank and shouting: "I'm Brezhnev's daughter, let me go!".

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