Larisa Guzeeva: "Don't saw your men"

Larisa Guzeeva: "Don't saw your men"
Larisa Guzeeva: "Don't saw your men"

Larisa Guzeeva knows from her own experience how difficult it is to build strong family relationships.

Larisa Guzeeva: "Do not saw your men"

However, she managed to find her soul mate, and now she is helping hundreds of other people find family happiness in the Let's Get Married! on Channel One.

DO: Larisa, in the program “Let's Get Married!”, which you host on Channel One, an astrologer helps you choose the perfect couples. Do you think this is justified?

LG: I think so. After all, many people believe in horoscopes. And I admit that serious astrology has the right to exist, but I'm not interested. Well, I do not believe that hundreds of people born on Earth in one minute with me have the same character and fate.

DO: Have there been any mystical accidents in your life that made it clear that someone is leading you through life?

LG: These are not mystical accidents, but my guardian angel. Indeed, in so many difficult situations, he took me under his wing and pushed me to the exit.

BEFORE: Are you a fatalist?

LG: I believe in God, I go to church, but I think that God takes care of the safe. I try not to provoke fate, I live carefully and teach my children the same. These are the ancient rules: “Do not ask for trouble”, “Measure seven times - cut one”. We must listen to them. It is clear that at some point I lived only by instincts: the hormone went off scale! Fortunately, my mother was always nearby, who calmed me and returned me to Earth. And now I tell my children: “It’s hard for you to believe me, but try just because I have more experience!”

BEFORE: Do you believe that every person has a soul mate?

LG: No! This is a legend. Now people have begun to travel and halves have begun to be discovered all over the world - from Italy to Zimbabwe. And before these halves (and, it should be noted, very successful ones) were easily located in the same village. Half can always be customized. The main thing is to evaluate yourself adequately. The most unfortunate people who do not. They toil: "Ah, I'm so beautiful, why is Vanya next to me - not beautiful, not amazing and not sensitive?" Yes, because the girl wanted to get married so much that she looked at her chosen one with her eyes closed. Then she remembered. But he hasn't changed - what he was, he remained so. Therefore, I believe that the more "smart" a marriage is, the stronger it is.

Very often passion is mistaken for love, but passion inevitably passes, nothing can be done about it! If you connect your brains in a relationship, you can prolong this passion: do not pull your beloved husband, do not pull the blanket over yourself. If he is tired, let him lie in bed, eat, sprinkle crumbs. Just ignore it.

BEFORE: Has this wisdom come to you over the years?

LG: Thanks to my mom for the wise advice. She repeated to me from her youth: “Nothing destroys relationships like tediousness and nitpicking.” Before, when my life did not work out, I said: “Mom, stop teaching me! What do you understand! Twenty years of difference with my mother - it's oh-hoo! I was 16 and she was 36! It seemed that she was old and did not understand anything in this life. I thought: “Well, I definitely won’t be like my mother!” And now I look at myself and understand: I am her reflection.

BEFORE: Do you think a woman should take some steps herself or wait until Prince Charming finds and saves her?

LG: Do you think women sit and wait? Women are always, in all situations, the first to take steps. Even when a woman pretends that she does not look at a man, she will do everything so that he notices her. If in the subway a girl sees that the eyes of a young man have stopped on her, she will try to get off with him at the same stop, she will flicker in front of him on the escalator - if only he would come up to her. And the young man has the feeling that he did everything himself!

BEFORE: Still, many girls are taught by their mothers that they are princesses and should wait…

LG: Mothers can both make life easier for their daughters and ruin it a lot. This is nonsense when an ordinary girl with an ordinary appearance is being told that only Brad Pitt or Schumacher is worthy of her. I'm not saying that you need to complex it, but why say such nonsense? Do mothers really not understand that they are spoiling the life of their girl? And then these 50-year-old princesses sit, waiting for their Brad Pitt until the end of their lives - no one else suits them.

DO: Well, let's say a man is conquered, but how to keep him?

LG: I absolutely sincerely believe that for any person there is nothing more precious than his freedom. Therefore, the first rule in a relationship - do not climb "under the skin" of your partner. Do not ask him anything - neither about the past nor about the future. We all have a lot of skeletons in our closet, and we don't have to tell anyone about them. Leave your husband his territory. The more freedom you give him, the closer he will be to you.

I repeat in every show: “A man is like sand. If you squeeze it in your fist, it starts to get enough sleep through your fingers. And you open your palm - not a single grain of sand will go anywhere. Do not call you 48 times a day to your men! Do not send them moronic text messages, as you are taught in glossy magazines. Do not put stupid notes in your pocket: if a man works hard, it will not cause him anything but irritation!

A man needs comfort in the house when he comes. He worked all day to bring a salary, and even looked for where to cheat so that he could buy a vase as a gift for you by March 8th. So take pity on him! You see that after work he fell asleep with the remote control at the TV - cover and put a pillow, and do not wake up with anger that he snores and interferes with your life! Pity is synonymous with love.

BEFORE: And if a man doesn’t earn money for a vase, and he doesn’t give a damn about his family?

LG: If you don't give a damn, then you need to get a divorce. These need to be disposed of like decayed teeth. If you see that the prospects are zero, get a divorce without regrets. I went through all this firsthand. If he is an alcoholic and inspires you that he needs to be treated, if he is a drug addict, if he is just an idler, say “dosvidos” and put an end to it! These people chose their own colors and paint their lives on them.

It's different when you see that your husband is struggling, but he doesn't succeed. Well, life is like that - it does not work! Then help him, take half the burden on yourself. My husband and I lived in my two-room apartment for five years, slept together in the kitchen, and worked together to earn a new house. Why not? Is he my means of survival? No. But, if I saw that my husband lies around the clock with a cigarette and plays computer games from morning to night, I would just say "goodbye." And it's pointless to nag anyone. What for? Do you think he doesn’t look at himself in the mirror and say: “Oh, what I’m no!”? Yes, he knows everything about himself, he just feels so comfortable.

TO: Larisa, are you an optimist in life?

LG: I have always loved what I have. When I had a one-room apartment, I loved it. When I was earning three hundred dollars a month, I considered myself the richest and happiest. My children are always the best - despite the deuces and bad behavior. My husband is the youngest, handsome and promising, despite the fact that he weighs 110 kilograms. I have always, since my youth, sincerely loved what I have. I still think so, and I don’t care about everything else.

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