"Beauty and the Beast" - Magic in three acts

"Beauty and the Beast" - Magic in three acts
"Beauty and the Beast" - Magic in three acts

A long corridor with many rooms. People dressed in wonderful underpants, with nets on their heads and pillows on their stomachs. Someone is in a hurry, running, and someone just stands, leaning against the wall. Flashy costumes can make you blind…

"Beauty and the Beast" - Magic in three acts

A long corridor with many rooms. People dressed in weird underpants with nets on their heads and pillows on their stomachs.

Someone is in a hurry, running, and someone just stands leaning against the wall. Flashy costumes can make you blind…


behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the famous musical, everything is as mysterious as it is on stage. There are many costumes along the long walls: here is Belle's dress, embroidered with sparkling stones and beads, 16 kg of dazzling beauty - how does she move around the stage in it? And here is Lumiere's suit and his candle hands. Nearby is a huge dress in the form of a chest of drawers, wheels are attached below - you climb into it and push it with your whole body. Mrs. Chayton's costume really looks like a teapot. There is also a chair of a strange shape - especially for the actress playing this role. You can't sit down on any chair in such a teapot dress - so the organizers made sure that the actress could rest between scenes. But what really strikes is the abundance of wigs - there are more than 120 of them! Racks, racks, and on them it's like an army of heads froze in anticipation of their owners.

The dressing rooms are full of hustle and bustle… Girls with pretzels on top of their heads, handsome Gaston straightening his chic sideburns. And here he is - the Beast! The actor playing this role is assisted by three assistants to put on the stage costume and put on makeup. This whole process takes 2 hours. The transformation is incredible, all these hair, fangs and horns - he seemed to be born with them.

And here is a table on wheels, and a child's head in the form of a teacup sticks out of it - a character named Chip. This role is played alternately by five children. Before each performance, they rehearse their text with a speech teacher.

An hour before the start of the performance, the actors begin to sing. Their beautiful and strong voices seem to vibrate and shake the air in every corner of the theatre.

30 minutes left before the performance. The clatter of children's feet and the rumble of a joyful audience can already be heard in the foyer. The actors put on the last marafet, standing by the mirrors in their dressing rooms. On the stage, hidden behind the curtains, everything has long been ready for miracles. A huge well, as if built from real stones, looks so impressive that the question arises: how will they deliver it to the stage? There is also a huge tower, no less than three meters high, in which the Beast keeps a magic rose. Below, along the entire stage, there are rails along which all these structures move.

On a cold winter night, an old woman asks the Prince, who lives in a huge castle, to let her sleep. To thank him, she has nothing but a flower. But the selfish and heartless Prince rejects the gift and drives the old woman away. The old woman, who turns out to be a powerful sorceress, punishes the stubborn young man by turning him into a hideous monster and his servants into things. This spell will last until someone loves it.

The backstage opens, and at the same moment the audience is carried away to another world. The village house that appears in the very first scene seems to be real. Belle appears with a book in her hands, her strange inventor father and Gaston, seeking Belle's hand. There are smiles on the faces of the audience.

Scenery easily replace each other. Here we are already in a dense winter forest surrounded by wolves. Music is played by an orchestra of 15 musicians, wolves are rushing about in a crazy dance …

And a minute later we are already in an old castle, dozens of revived household items and furniture appear before us. The costumes are worked out in such detail that there are no questions about who is in front of you - a teapot or a watch. Fragile actresses performing the cymbal dance seem to easily carry these same cymbals with a diameter of 2 m and a weight of 13 kg.

The voices of the actors are most striking: operatic - Mrs. Chest of drawers, impudently insistent with incredible energy - Gaston, gentle, but sonorous, like the ringing of a bell - beauty Belle, the hoarse and slightly frightening voice of the Beast.

Special effects (of which there are about forty in the performance) naturally participate in the plot. In the scene when the household and servants, turned into furniture and household utensils, arrange a festive dinner for Belle, volleys of golden serpentine fly into the hall and fiery fountains are lit. The hands of Lumiere (the chamberlain turned into a candelabra) are two giant candles with flashing flames that are lit from a gas cylinder attached to the back of the artist.

And, of course, the most amazing sight occurs in the final scene: the petals fly from the magic rose when the Beast, thanks to the love of the beautiful Belle, turns into a handsome prince.


in the hearts of the audience

Applause, laughter, smiles, delight in children's eyes. More than ten times the actors are called for an encore. From the back rows, a friendly “THANK YOU!” is heard. The audience does not want to disperse, they stand and applaud … Nobody is in a hurry to quickly get to the wardrobe until a queue has formed there. Everyone wants to show their gratitude for the unforgettable spectacle, to pay respect to the talents of the actors. They will take away from here in their hearts not only a wonderful and festive mood, but also the love that you begin to believe in, no matter what.

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