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You can find out where in your city there are free or inexpensive clubs, courses and sections in the departments of culture, sports and education.

While it's free!

You can find out where in your city there are free or inexpensive clubs, courses and sections in the departments of culture, sports and education


Moscow City Palace of Children's Creativity: + 7 (495) 939−8951

Children's School of Arts. S. Richter. Music and choreography: + 7 (495) 324-0174, 324-8014; Fine arts, aesthetic education: + 7 (495) 324−1016

SDUSHOR "Spartak" - ice hockey section: + 7 (495) 645−2063

FC "Atlant" - sports sections, including those for children with disabilities: st. Uralskaya, 19

St. Petersburg

City Palace of Youth Creativity - Anichkov Palace. More than 1000 clubs, laboratories, theaters, orchestras and studios: + 7 (812) 314-9555

SCYUSSHOR No. 1 in basketball - free classes for boys, annual trip to the sports camp: + 7 (921) 987−0129

School "B altic Coast" - sport climbing: + 7 (921) 967−1161


Krasnoyarsk Regional Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren: + 7 (391) 226−5853,

Krasnoyarsk City Palace of Culture: + 7 (391) 244−8408, 244−0732


Galaktika Extracurricular Activities Center: + 7 (383) 279−1571, 83 Dzerzhinsky Ave.

Center for extracurricular activities "Scarlet Sails": + 7 (383) 221−1955


Children's Creativity Center of the Krasnoarmeisky District: + 7 (8442) 64−1721

Avangard Culture and Leisure Center: + 7 (8442) 42−1946, Sports school №3 - rhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics, volleyball, basketball:

+ 7 (8442) 66−2338


Regional sports school of table tennis: + 7 (861) 262-58-46, st. Ordzhonikidze, 29/1

Complex "Jubilee" - handball, football, basketball, rugby, rhythmic gymnastics, shooting, chess, etc.: + 7 (861) 261−4780.

Popular games do not cost much, but entertain and develop

Online games

• Counter-Strike series

Action/FPS (first person shooter) games about the classic confrontation between terrorists and counter-terrorists. In the game, each participant chooses which team he will join.

• World of Warcraft

Thousands of characters of different races (from gnomes and dwarves to humans and elves) fight against each other. At the start of the game, the player chooses a race and creates their own character. The task is to complete quests (missions) and develop.

Offline games

• Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series games. Genre - Action. You can parachute from an airplane, fly over a village, and after landing, steal a car and go on missions. The plot of each game in the series is very twisted.

• The Sims series

The player creates a family for himself, equips his house and apartment, can get himself pets, go to work and even open his own business. Characters interact with each other, fall in love, grow old and die. If you don’t work, you won’t get money for food and home improvement, if you don’t feed the dog, he will get sick and possibly die.

• Need for Speed ​​Series

Classic Races released every year in early December. The player himself chooses which car to buy, he can tune it as he wants, if he has enough money. And they are earned for each race.

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