Irina Pegova: “At home I am a woman and I never raise my voice”

Irina Pegova: “At home I am a woman and I never raise my voice”
Irina Pegova: “At home I am a woman and I never raise my voice”

In February, Irina Pegova can be seen in two films - "The Return of the Musketeers" directed by Yungvald-Khilkevich and the historical drama "Passengers" by Stanislav Govorukhin.

Irina Pegova: “At home I am a woman and I never raise my voice…”

In February, Irina Pegova can be seen in two films - "The Return of the Musketeers" directed by Yungvald-Khilkevich and the historical drama "Passengers" by Stanislav Govorukhin

TO: Irina, what makes you most happy in life?

IP: My main joys are connected with my family, with my husband and child. My daughter is still small, she will soon be three years old. And everything that is happening to her now gives me both joy and surprise. Every day some small discoveries! We started to learn English, and I am simply amazed by her ability to catch and pronounce English words. She dances, sings, draws, and watching her is a real pleasure. Her latest hobby is playing doctor, her daughter is now treating us all.

BEFORE: Do you manage to spend enough time with your daughter?

IP: Of course, I always take it with me, even on tour and filming. And we spend a lot of time together. Sometimes it happens that my husband (actor Dmitry Orlov - ed.) has one shoot, I have another. Last year, he left to shoot in March, and returned only in November. He was gone for nine months!

BEFORE: Did the daughter forget him during this time?

IP: Of course not. I think this is my mother's job - to make sure that the girl does not forget her father and knows why he should be appreciated and loved. We went to see him in Minsk and Anapa for one or two days, we saw each other almost every week. And, of course, we talked on the phone.

BEFORE: When are you and your husband at home, how do you spend your weekends?

IP: We wake up, and together we do exercises to the music, prepare breakfast. And be sure to go for a walk in the park, if the weather is good. Sometimes we just sit at home.

BEFORE: Do you get enough sleep?

IP: Pretty hard. I am a person who always yawns and wants to sleep. I have chronic sleep deprivation and I don't know what to do about it. It has been like this all my life, and it continues to this day, although now my daughter has grown up and there are no sleepless nights. But still I don’t get enough sleep, and my husband makes me rest, go to beauty salons so that I can relax.

DO: Does he make you? Do you hate going to beauty salons?

IP: Like it, of course. I have a great rest in the SPA, I can even fall asleep during the procedure. Most of all I love wraps - you can sleep and enjoy peace. I also love pedicures. In my opinion, all caring body treatments are very pleasant. And I also love it when they do my hair. To be honest, sometimes I go to the salon just to get my hair washed, because it's very nice. And, in general, a woman feels better when she has the opportunity to take care of herself. The woman blossoms at the same time.

BEFORE: Do you ever go on vacation without a baby?

IP: No, that didn't happen. Only twice I left without my daughter, these are trips related to work. There was no point in taking her to the Canary Islands with a transfer or to South Korea. These are very difficult flights. But together we visited Prague last Christmas and had a wonderful walk there. This is the most beautiful place! But our most pleasant trips are to my grandmother, to my homeland. My sister lives in the village there, her children, our grandmother…

BEFORE: This village is really called

Dead end or were you joking about your childhood?

IP: The village where I spent the summer is really called Dead End. But now it's in the past, there is practically nothing left - the village is destroyed. The forest was cut down, and an asph alt road was laid right through the village. Everyone who has the opportunity has left. We settled in a village called Gryaznaya (emphasis on the second syllable), near the Oka River. There we are building a piece of paradise for ourselves - a wooden house. And I hope we live there. This will be our retreat. Nature is the best place for me to relax.

BEFORE: When you are relaxing in the countryside, do you like to go to the forest - for mushrooms and berries?

IP: I love it very much, but this is rare for me, because usually we come to the village for a short time. I don't like it to become a duty. After all, it used to be like this: if you go to the forest, you should bring a bucket of raspberries or lingonberries, and that's it! You can’t take only half a bucket and walk through the village with it: it’s just a shame, people won’t understand. It weighed me down. And just like that, running with a glass into the raspberries is such a pleasure! Recently, I realized that space and fresh air are very important to me. I am a man who grew up in a village where there was water, mud, a pond and swamps. It is very important to me, I eat from it. I walked barefoot until the ground turned cold. I still really like to walk barefoot: if we go to the park, then I leave my shoes in the car. And at home we don't have any slippers. Sometimes even in the city I go out barefoot. Can you imagine how people look at me? If it was possible to walk barefoot in winter, I would do the same! The maximum approach to nature gives me strength, I feed and recharge from this. Even when I am in Moscow, it is enough for me to go outside with a child to restore my strength. I need space - sky, earth, snow…

DO: So the joys of the city are alien to you?

You probably don't like shopping?

IP: I love it very much! Although this is also rare. But in principle, shopping is a very pleasant time-

forward for every woman. Especially if you have money in your pocket. For me, it is much more pleasant to go shopping when you go to another city and there are no household chores. Then you calmly spend your free time, and do not take it away from your family. And to be honest, I like to buy something for a husband or a child. Picking up clothes for yourself is just a disaster! I have a few extra pounds that really bother me. I understand that I need to get rid of them, but I still can’t do it. There's a lot to give up, and I'm apparently not ready for that yet.

DO: Do “extra pounds” really bother you? We were sure that the standards 90-60-90 did not bother you at all

IP: I don't care about standards, because I understand very well that I will never have a size 44 and volumes of 90-60-90. But after giving birth, I recovered a little and began to notice that when I go up the stairs somewhere, it becomes difficult to breathe. So it's not good for he alth. But first of all, a woman needs to be comfortable with the weight that she has. Most likely, when I lose weight, you will not even notice the changes, but I will feel better. And now I have no motivation: my husband likes everything and the profession does not suffer … And I really like to eat delicious food - Japanese cuisine, Italian, I love seafood. I love everything that tastes good.

TO: Do you cook at home or does someone help you around the house?

IP: Of course I cook. I can do almost everything, I can only bake pies and cook cheesecakes. I love them, but for some reason I never get them.

BEFORE: Who makes your favorite syrniki?

IP: Mom or sister. First of all, I always ask: “Mom, cook cheesecakes for me!” Before, I didn’t know how to do anything at all, but when I got married, I learned. I did not cook for myself, it was not necessary. And then I had to learn. It happened that I cooked soups and poured out if it turned out tasteless. I really enjoy cooking when my family is with me. When my husband stands next to me and praises me. My daughter helps me. I allow her everything, even cutting with a knife, of course, under supervision. It's so nice when we're all together in the kitchen! It is clear that I simply do not allow my husband to do household chores.

DO: Are you keeping him out of the housework for principle reasons?

IP: Well, will he really wash the floors at home?! It is not right. But Dima is a great cook. Moreover, if it is very difficult for me to deviate from the recipe, then he invents new dishes, combines seemingly incompatible products - and it turns out very tasty. But these are rare moments in our lives.

TO: Do you enjoy your work?

IP: Of course! Especially when you're in a good movie. Now, after all, there are a lot of television films where the actors do not have a job, but solid giveaways - everyone is in a hurry, everything is filmed in one take. I really like to work where no one is in a hurry, everything is done conscientiously, every scene is carefully considered. You rest and your heart rejoices. These are the cases when you get real pleasure-

action from filming. In February, two such films are just released - "Passengers" by Stanislav Govorukhin and "Return of the Musketeers" by Yungvald-Khilkevich.

BEFORE: Tell me who you played in the movie

Return of the Musketeers?

IP: I played the daughter of Porthos. My heroine spent several years in a convent. She has a very lively character, and her parents sent her away from sin to a monastery so that she would calm down a bit. She is a real child, her mood can change five times in a minute. Of course I like her. She is like her daddy: she loves to eat delicious food, to fight… Considering that I am a very active person, we have something in common.

BEFORE: Do you get as emotional as your character when you lose your temper?

IP: If I'm losing my temper, it's only because of work-related issues. It's always out of the family. I am not angry with my daughter, but I carry out educational work with an absolutely cold heart. I'm just talking strictly so that the information reaches her. Maybe I used to lose my temper more often, but now everything has changed. I grew up and became a mother. What a scream! There shouldn't be any screaming. At home I am a woman, but a woman is like water, she must smooth and reconcile everything, have cunning. I am the keeper of the hearth and must protect everyone, how can you lose your temper? A woman was created for this: to keep a family, give birth to children, take care of them.

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