Where to find love after 35

Where to find love after 35
Where to find love after 35

Where can you find love? The secrets are revealed by our expert - an experienced matchmaker, director of the dating service and writer Roza Syabitova

Where to find love after 35

Where do people find their love

To be honest: by and large, it is not so important where and how you prefer to get acquainted. What really matters is the impression you make. A pleasant, self-confident person is more likely to strike up an acquaintance in line at the dentist than an arrogant and critical one at a prestigious party.

Where to find true love? I will briefly talk about the pros and cons of different ways of dating.

With the help of friends

Pros. Recommendations will help you feel confident because your friend or friends know this person. You have the opportunity to prepare for an acquaintance and look your best.

Cons. It can feel like our friends, worried about our personal lives, are pointing out that we are not all right. And if a potential partner did not suit us, there is a feeling of guilt that we did not live up to their expectations. In addition, it is possible that friends do not know how to keep secrets, and this comes out sideways to us. And finally, there can be additional complications when breaking up a relationship.

In restaurants, nightclubs and bars

Pros. You look good.

Cons. These places are designed primarily to accommodate people for consumption. Therefore, there is a chance that there is simply too much to eat and drink … And (I do not want to sound boring) it is unlikely that a decent man will meet a woman for a serious relationship in places like this.

Shops, supermarkets

Pros. The products and things a man buys can tell a lot about him. You can always find an excuse to approach. Even in the supermarket you can find true love.

Cons. A person comes to such places to buy food and things, not to make acquaintances. And your intentions to meet may be misunderstood. Finally, you don't always look your best.

Dating agencies

Pros. You will have detailed information about a potential partner, and self-respecting agencies check it. A good service should have a psychologist who will make you his psychological portrait, determine how compatible you are, and give useful recommendations.

Cons. As a rule, a small “active” database, many men with low incomes and / or in a state of psychological stress (just divorced), with complexes and not capable of self-acquaintance.

Exhibitions, competitions, festivals, etc

Pros. Large selection, you can meet people with common interests, there are topics for dating.

Cons. It has been noticed that men do not like to get acquainted in a crowd. It is not easy for them to talk to a woman in any place where there are a lot of people.


Pros. Large selection and high speed, no strict rules, refusal looks less painful than in real life. You can present yourself in a more favorable light with the help of good photos and a correctly completed application form. Many can find their first love here.

Cons. A woman is too quickly emotionally attached to her partner, more precisely, to his virtual image. In addition, a lot of painstaking work: to look at many candidates, send letters to them, delete profiles and replenish your folders with profiles again. And finally, some obsess over finding the perfect partner and turn down real people.

How to behave on a first date


So much depends on the first date! Therefore, you need to take care of all the details. When choosing clothes, I advise you to consider the following rules.

  1. Relevance. If you know where the first date will be, think about how to look appropriate. Don't dress for a picnic like you would in an expensive restaurant: you will scare the man away!
  2. Comfort and confidence. Your appearance must be in harmony with your inner world, demeanor. Don't wear things that you haven't worn before. Otherwise, you may find unpleasant surprises that can ruin the date. For example, the hem of the dress will stick or ride up, the seam will disperse from a wide step. Never wear untested shoes on a date. And yet, you should not take my advice as a call to wear the usual well-worn trouser suit or comfortable, trampled sneakers.
  3. Nothing "too much". With all the seriousness of the preparation and thoughtfulness of your outfit, it should not leave the impression of many hours of effort, even if they were. What does it mean to "look too much"? Being dressed is very fashionable. This is worth doing only if your man understands fashion and this is important to him. Most likely, your companion simply will not notice and will not appreciate your fashionable outfit. Or he will decide that you are obsessed with rags. Another "too" - very frank and emphasized sexy clothes. But you don't have to be completely casual, otherwise the man will decide that a date with him means nothing to you.
  4. No extreme. Hairstyle can be any shape, but without extreme colors and shapes. Make-up and manicure - natural shades. If you know what exactly a man likes about you, you can use this when choosing an outfit for a first date. So, if a man marked a photo, the color of your outfit on it, then you already represent the “general direction” of his taste preferences.

How to start a conversation and what to talk about?

Communication is the stage of collecting information. The first conversation, as a rule, follows a certain scenario, in which the same blanks are used. They are not new, and everyone knows them: “What do you do?”, “Where do you study?”, “What are your hobbies?” etc.

Don't be critical, demanding originality from a man. By interrupting him, you deprive the interlocutor of the opportunity to move on to something more meaningful. To “open the door, not slam it,” support a man, and he will gladly step back from the generally accepted scenario.

Men love compliments, try to find one. Maybe he has a nice tie or sweater. Or tell him that he is a determined man who can walk up and talk to a woman so easily. In a conversation, react to his remarks not just politely, but with liveliness - a man is pleased to see that you care about him.

And one more important tip on how to find love. Finally learn to respond with dignity and respond to men's compliments. Be sensitive to his compliments and thank the man for being able to find the right words to express his feelings: “You know how your compliment cheered me up!” or “Thank you for your kind words!” How to flirt correctly, read here.

Why do so many men disappear after their first date?

A woman needs to learn not to make mistakes that can turn a perfectly started date into a nightmare. The most frequent claims of men:

  • consumer attitude. If it seems to you that it is not noticeable, then it is not.
  • doesn't listen to you, doesn't keep up the conversation, or only cares about telling his own story.
  • talks too much about his past relationships. It doesn't matter how you rate it
  • chooses topics that are too serious (worries about tragic events in life) or plans for the future (desire to get married or have children).
  • chooses topics that are too serious (worries about tragic events in life) or plans for the future (desire to get married or have children).

How to find love?

After a successful first date, call the man and thank him for a wonderful evening. And do not be afraid that you will lose your attractiveness, the man will be happy to hear from you. But don't go overboard with asking for a second date. Just say thank you and let him know that you would be glad to see him again. Your call can put an end to his doubts and hesitation.

If you did everything right, made an impression, sent the right signals and liked the man, he will definitely call and make a second date.

You will know that he likes you if:

  1. He will ask you about your family and work. Be interested in the latest events in your life.
  2. He will show that he remembers what you talked about earlier.
  3. He always finds time to talk to you to get to know you better.

You should keep looking for the man of your dreams if:

  • you can't manage to plan a date or he offers to meet at the last minute
  • he's more than 15 minutes late for a date, doesn't apologize or doesn't show up at all
  • he shows no interest in you or does everything to get away as soon as possible
  • he does not answer your questions, gets irritated, becomes categorical in his statements
  • offers you to pay for yourself
  • at the end of a date he invites you to continue it at his house or persistently asks you, your refusal is offended or becomes rude

Now you know where to find love! Good luck!

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